Chapter 2: Many Shocks

Albus Dumbledore was enjoying one of his many sweets as he sat at his desk in his office, thinking of what could possibly happen this year. But what was about to come to his office was about to surprise him. Albus was about to find out that he didn't know Harry Potter as much as he thought he did.

Harry knocked on the door of the headmaster's office and was told to enter. Harry dropped a few of the masks he had put on to walked through the school to the office and stepped into the small room.

Albus looked up to see Harry walk into the office and sit in one of the chairs in front of his desk.

"Harry, what can I do for you this evening?" Albus asked.

"Professor, I want to be resorted." Harry said, straight to the point.

Severus turned and sat down in his chair. He thought of all that he had just learned about Harry Potter and what happened between them. He knew he shouldn't have gone and kissed Harry at all, but he just didn't care and it seemed that neither did Harry.


Severus looked at Draco and noticed that he was a lot calmer then he was earlier. He then thought again about what Harry had told Draco.

"Yes, Draco." Severus said.

"He's more than either of us thought, isn't he?" Draco asked.

"That he is. How are feeling now after what Harry told us?" Severus asked.

"After he explained that he wasn't attracted to anyone else but you, I found that it made sense. Harry has showed some interest in Cho Chang, but now I think it was another of his games. What would everyone think of him if he showed no interest in anyone?" Draco said.

"Yes, I have noticed that. It is possible it was another game. Even if it is no one's business whom Harry Potter is or isn't interested in, they will still stick their noses in it anyways. But what I asked, is how you feel now that you know that there is no chance for with Harry." Severus said.

Draco actually smiled. "I think I knew that was the case all along, but refused to see it for the truth. I actually think we would be better friends. If Harry would actually like to be my friend that is."

Severus let his mouth turn up in a slight smile. If Harry did want to be friends with Draco, then just maybe Harry could keep him from becoming a toy of the Dark Lord's.

"Sev?" Draco said snapping Severus from his musings once more.

"Yes, Draco?"

"You do know that if Harry could be good enough at playing even Dumbledore to believe he was the Golden Gryffindor, then it wouldn't be hard for him to hide that anything has happened between you. But I hope you are careful he is sixteen." Draco said.

"I know, Draco. I believe I have very little to worry about. Harry's only remaining relatives are repulsive Muggles and have no… respectful option or right to tell what he does in our world. I do understand the situation, Draco and have no intention on it going anywhere I don't want it to." Severus said.

Draco nodded. He knew that Severus was saying that he had no intention on anyone finding out about Harry and himself. Draco also knew that with both Harry and Severus playing everyone in believing that they hated each other, that it would be amazing if someone did find out without from the two men themselves.

Harry knew that he had shocked Dumbledore and relished in the fact. Harry made a note to himself to show Severus the memory of it.

"Is there something wrong with the other Gryffindors, Harry?" Dumbledore asked.

"No, there isn't. I am just tired of having to act different from who I really am. For my last two years, I want to be the real Harry Potter. The one that only select people have had the chance to see." Harry said.

"This is your final choice?" Dumbledore asked.

"Yes. I have thought about this a lot and I want it to happen." Harry said.

"Very well." Dumbledore said. "I will need to call all the heads of house to see the resorting."

"Of course." Harry said. "Please, do go on. It is getting pretty late and I have some reading I need to finish up before bed."

Harry noticed the odd look in Dumbledore's eyes when he said that. He knew that Dumbledore had never heard Harry say anything like it in the five years he had been in the school. Harry knew that he was going to have a lot of fun this year surprising the unsuspecting professors and students.

Severus turned to his fireplace from his liquor cabinet at the sound of the Headmaster's voice.

"Yes, Albus." Severus said.

"Can you please come to my office, Severus? A student has asked for a resorting." Dumbledore said.

"A student not happy with their house is it." Severus sneered.

Harry wasn't joking. Severus thought to himself, but said. "I will be right there Albus."

"Good." Dumbledore said and was gone from the fire.

When Severus walked into Dumbledore's office five minutes later, he saw that McGonagall, Flitwick and Sprout were already in the room talking to the student that asked for the resorting, Harry Potter. Seeing Harry, Severus slipped back into character and sneered at Harry.

"It's Potter that wants to be resorted? Oh, you have got to be kidding me." Severus said.

"Severus." Dumbledore said.

"No, its fine, Professor." Harry said. "I expected that kind of reaction from Professor Snape. I expect nothing less. After all he has reminded me since my first potions class that I am just like my father. I do know better than to hope that with this resorting that he will finally see that I am very little like my father. I am not that stupid. But I do know that I can be surprised."

Every one of the professors had noticed that Harry had actually called Severus Professor, instead of his usual un-respectful use of his last name.

"Have you actually learned the meaning of respect, Potter?" Severus said.

"Actually, Professor. I always known it, but showing that I respected you wouldn't fit in with the character I had come up with. Why would the Golden Gryffindor respect Professor Snape?" Harry said.

Severus glared at Harry, but was saved from answering by Dumbledore.

"Why don't we go on and do the resorting and start on moving Harry." Dumbledore said.

"Yes, I have a lot to do before bed." Harry said.

'I will have to congratulate Harry on his acting skills later.' Severus thought to himself.

Dumbledore turned and took the sorting hat down off its shelf. Everyone in the room knew that the hat had been listening to what was going on in the office, along with all the portraits of the past headmasters and mistresses.

"So you are going to finally let me put you were you rightfully belong, Harry Potter?" The sorting hat said.

Harry laughed. "Of course. I did tell you that there was a reason I wouldn't go there in the first place, but I'm tired of being someone I'm not. I don't care what anyone thinks of me."

"Very well, put me on and let me see if you should still be where I wanted to put you five years ago." The sorting hat said.

Harry reached out for the hat and put it on his head. It still fell low on his head, but not as low as it did in his first year.

"Ah, yes. Let's see now. As I said before you have a nice thirst to prove yourself, lots of courage and talent. You certainly won't fit in with the Ravenclaws or Hufflepuffs. Gryffindor is out of the question, so that only leaves Slytherin. You are certainly cunning enough, especially having fooled everyone for five years. So that is where you will go, Mr Potter. Right were you belong." The hat said in his ear.

"I know that. Will you just go on, please. I want to see how Severus will react to this." Harry said.

"Very Well, Mr. Potter. I will keep your secrets. I know you have found out a lot of them this year, but you still have some to find. Good luck, Mr. Potter." The sorting hat said to Harry.

Harry took the hat off and put it on the desk in front of him. He watched, as the hat seemed to look at Dumbledore.

"Harry Potter belongs in Slytherin, were I had tried to put him five years before, Headmaster." The hat said to the whole room.

"Very well." Dumbledore said.

"You have got to be kidding me. Harry Potter was to be in my house since first year?" Severus said.

The hat turned to Severus. "Yes, Professor. But Mr. Potter wouldn't let me place him were he should be. He said that it was for a reason, which I cannot tell. If you want to know, ask Harry Potter himself. Now if you don't need me anymore this evening, Albus. I believe I deserve to sleep."

Dumbledore picked up the hat and placed it back on the shelf once more. He turned and looked at Harry.

"I believe that you need a change of robes, Harry." Dumbledore said.

"Oh, no need, Professor. I already knew that the hat was going to put me in Slytherin. We had a little argument when I was waiting in here in my second year after the second attack on a student by the Basilisk. The hat didn't much care for having put me in the wrong house. Then in my forth year the hat told me that it still thought I should be placed in my right house. It wasn't until my Fifth after Sirius fell that I told it the reasoning for me to be in a different house and it understood. I then told it that I was going to stop my games this coming year. Actually, I had come up with that idea after the day Montague showed up inside a toilet on the forth floor, but I knew that it would be better to wait for this year." Harry said.

As soon as Severus heard about Montague, he knew exactly what Harry meant. He was saying that after he saw what his father had been like as a teen, he changed his mind and made the choice that he wasn't going to pretend to be something he wasn't anymore.

"I see." Dumbledore said. "Minerva, could you arrange for Harry's trunk to be moved into his new room?"

"Certainly, Albus." Minerva said and then left the office.

"Thank you for coming, Filius and Pomona." Dumbledore said. "Now the only thing left is for Harry's room to be arranged and his classes."

"Which I do believe is my job." Severus said.

"Of course, Severus." Dumbledore said.

"Then if you are finished, Albus, I do have potions for the hospital wing to finish up." Severus said.

"Oh, go on, my boy. Good night, Harry. I hope you find Slytherin your home like Gryffindor couldn't be." Dumbledore said.

"Thank you, Professor." Harry said. "I know we both have things to do before we both retire for the night, so let's get this done."

"My thoughts exactly." Severus said and turned to walk out the door.

"Severus, I will let Harry be excused from classes tomorrow if he needs it." Dumbledore said before Severus stepped out of the door.

"I will keep that in mind." Severus said.

Harry followed Severus out the door and threw the castle to the dungeons. As soon as Harry saw they weren't going towards the potions classroom or Severus' office he could only think of one other place they would go. The other choice wouldn't make much sense quite yet.

Severus whispered the password and a door appeared in the blank wall they were standing in front of. Severus pushed open the door and allowed Harry to go in first. What Harry found in the living room, didn't surprise him one bit. It was full of warm browns and reds. Black was the primary colour used. In front of the huge fireplace on the wall across from him sat two black leather armchairs and a matching couch. Harry itched to read the books that lined the walls, but he knew that he wouldn't touch them unless Severus said he could.

Severus walked past Harry and sat down. Harry followed and sat down on the couch across from Severus.

"So, that explains what you said earlier to Draco and I." Severus said.

"Yes. I have always been a snake in lions clothing." Harry said.

Severus' eyebrow went up. "I will have to admit that you hid it well from everyone. You do have good acting skills, I admit."

Harry smiled. "Thank you. But I do believe it would be good to talk about my classes and where I am to sleep."

"Yes, let's get that done first. Then I would like to hear of the games you have been playing for five years." Severus said.

"You just want to find out how much I played everyone. Well, Severus, I think you will like to hear about that, so I will tell you." Harry said.