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Chapter 29: The Return of the Prewett Twins

It was just a few minutes after lunch had ended and Severus was sitting in Lucius' office with Lucius, Arthur and Molly Weasley with the two eighteen year old twins that had been revealed to be the brother's of Molly everyone was lead to believe had been killed back in 1978 when they were twenty-two years old.

"As you figured out, Severus, the twins want to return to their real selves." Lucius said.

"Yes, I did figure that out. I also understand perfectly why they would want to." Severus said as he looked at the twins. "Shall we get started? I know that you four will have other things to talk about after this is done."

"Yes, please. This is strange and enough as it is." 'Fred' said.

"We are hoping that things will make more sense afterwards." 'George' said.

"Well, let's see then. Please stand and move apart." Severus said.

The twins stood and did as Severus told them. 'George' moved a bit more away from his twin while Severus worked on removing the spells on him first.

After a few minutes, 'Fred' started to change as the spells were removed one by one. He grew taller until he was six feet tall. His shoulders widened a little, but mostly become tighter with muscle. His red hair darkened a few shades as it grew longer. When it stopped, it was a just a little shorter than Lucius'. Fabian Prewett looked to be in his mid thirties just like how Lucius looked much younger than his actual age. Fabian opened his blue eyes and blinked, then he looked around the office and stopped once he saw Molly. He moved and pulled his sister into a tight hug.

"Thank you for everything, Molly." Fabian said, his voice a bit deeper, but still having a tone in it that reminded those that knew them of the 'Weasley' Twins. "You have been a great Mum to us and we will never forget it."

'George' moved and nodded to Severus letting him know that he was ready as well. Soon Gideon Prewett was back to looking as he should, exactly like his twin brother. Once Gideon was finished changing, he also looked around the room and once landed on Molly like Fabian, he moved and hugged his sister.

"We couldn't be happier that you and Arthur are the two that raised us again." Gideon said.

While Gideon hugged Molly, Fabian moved and gave Arthur a hug also.

"You were a good Father to us, Arthur." Fabian said. "We thank you so much."

Fabian let go of Arthur and moved over to Lucius' desk while Gideon also hugged Arthur.

"I have to thank you, Lucius. I know that you really didn't do too much, but I doubt that it would have come out that we were really Fabian and Gideon Prewett when it did if you hadn't done a few of the things that you had." Fabian said and shook Lucius' hand.

"I knew that things would change after Harry told me that he was my nephew, but this wasn't really what I had in mind. I am thankful that I had helped you two and your family out at least a bit." Lucius said.

"There isn't anyone else that would have been able to do half as good in this spot as you have, Lucius." Gideon said. "I would say that Fabian and I will be here if you need our help at all."

"Just give us a call." Fabian said. "But now, we have a lot to talk about with Molly and Arthur."

"Oh and Severus, we couldn't have asked for a better Potion's Professor the second time around." Gideon said. "You actually know what you are talking about and trying to teach."

"You have been a great inspiration to us this second time around." Fabian said.

Severus also shook the two elder men's hands. He remembered them when he had been at Hogwarts and thought that they were quite cool for Gryffindors. He had also been surprised at just how much they had known about potions and spells. They were nothing like most of the other Gryffindors he had met.

Once back home in the Burrow with Molly and Arthur, Fabian and Gideon walked into the kitchen as they all knew Molly was going to make tea and plate up some biscuits. Gideon saw the clock and the hands on it.

"You are going to have to do a few changes to our hands on your clock, Molly." Gideon said as he sat down.

"I know. I don't know if I should be happy about it or sad. I feel as if I lost two sons, but gained my brothers back." Molly said as she sat cups and a plate of biscuits on the table.

"How about look at it as a bit of both, Molly." Fabian said. "Unknown to anyone we had been your sons for eighteen years, but are really your brothers."

"Molly, I think that it's safe to say for us both that we know that you will still treat us like your sons at times. Personally, I don't mind." Gideon said.

"You did it before, but now I think that you will be even more like a second Mum to us. It will just remind us of how much you love us."

"Oh, you two!" Molly said as she threw her arms around both men's necks in a tight hug as tears started to fall down her face.

Arthur just smiled. He knew that things will be a little odd for a little while, but with how both Fabian and Gideon were already use to how their sister liked to Mother everyone, they knew that she would still continue to Mother them and still think of them as her sons, even if she knew that they were her brothers. Arthur was also glad that Fabian and Gideon knew when to joke and when not to. He thought that if him and Molly had really had twin sons like Fabian and Gideon, this is how they would have ended up like when they got older.

Molly had finally calmed down and was now sitting beside Arthur with her own cup of tea, talking with her brothers. She had been telling them of what they had done with their stuff from their flat. It turned out that she didn't get rid of anything.

"Every time I tried to go through it, I would start crying again. So, I had moved it all to my personal vault." Molly said.

"Oh, Molly." Arthur said.

"I'm sorry, Arthur. I should have told you." Molly said.

"This is great." Fabian said. "I know that I was worried about what happened to some of our stuff."

"Yeah, me too. We should go take a look at it and decide on what to do with it." Gideon said. "Though I am not too sure if we want our clothes anymore."

"Oh, Merlin no, so out of style!" Fabian said.

"You know, this finally answers why we never got your vaults." Molly said looking thoughtful.

Fabian and Gideon looked at each other and high fived.

"This is even better news." Both Fabian and Gideon said at the same time.

The two brother's then got up and hugged Molly together, surprising her.

"Molly, a trip to Gringotts is a must!" Gideon said.

"We have a sister, brother in-law and nephews to spoil." Fabian said.

"Don't forget niece also." Gideon said.

Fabian laughed. "Never. Ginny has a mean Bat-boogy Hex for a fifteen year old."