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Chapter 30: Intermission - A Night of Strange Dreams

Lucius sat up in bed and looked at the clock to see that it was three-thirty in the morning. Knowing that he wasn't about to get back to sleep after the dream he had just had, he got up and got dressed. Once done, he went down to the kitchen for some tea.

Upon walking into the kitchen, Lucius saw that he wasn't the only one that hadn't been able to sleep that night. Severus sat at the table by the fireplace with a cup of tea in his hands and a hot almost full pot in front of him. Lucius walked over to the table and sat down. As he did, a cup appeared on the table for him, brought over by one of the House-Elves working in the kitchen at that time.

"What has you up this early?" Severus asked.

"Very disturbing dream. It wasn't a nightmare or anything, but it made sure that I wouldn't be able to get back to sleep." Lucius said. "What about you?"

"Same reason really, but mine was actually quite freaky to say the least." Severus said. "What was yours about?"

"I hope that you aren't going to eat any time soon."

Severus snorted. "Forget it. I couldn't eat anything anyways. Not after mine."

"Narcissa was in it." Lucius said. "She was trying to get me to going her and Riddle."

Severus was giving Lucius a look that said that he didn't get what was so disturbing.

"In bed." Lucius said and enjoyed seeing the disgusted look appear on Severus' face. "What was yours about?"

"Dumbledore and very strangely Sirius Black." Severus said. "Dumbledore was trying to kill me and Black kept saving me. In my dream, he also kept trying to tell me that we lived together."

Lucius' eyebrow went up at that. He didn't get just what Severus found disturbing about his dream.

"We shared a bedroom and bed, Lucius." Severus said in disgust.

Lucius understood then. As long as he had known the dark eyed man, Lucius knew that Severus had never been attracted to anyone. It may have seemed that he liked Ayden, but that was just because Ayden was his best friend and they had spent a lot of time together. Ayden had known Severus the best for quite a while. It wasn't until he had come to talk to Severus the night that Harry had come to tell him that Ayden was his sister, that he had found out that Severus was finally interested in someone.

For some reason, there are witches and wizards that are only attracted to one person. It had been unknown for the longest time why it happened, but now they had the reason. It really had to do with their magic and power. For that reason the couples were called Magical Life Mates.

For someone like Severus, even if a lot of people didn't know it, he was quite powerful. Really he had more power than Lucius did. Harry was the same way. It turned out that the person that wizards like Severus and Harry were attracted to grounded their power and made it easier for them to control as they got older.

Severus and Harry wouldn't do anything to seal their bond until after Harry was finished Hogwarts. Knowing Severus, Lucius thought that he would most likely wait until they were bonded to complete their bond. But that fact didn't bother Lucius much at all seeing as he knew that the Mates magic and power would combine and that would most of the time end up in pregnancy.

So in knowing that small fact about Severus, Lucius understood why something like Severus' dream where he was with someone other than his Magical Life Mate, was so disturbing for Severus.

"I can't decide on which one is worse." Lucius said. "They are both equally disgusting."

Just a few seconds before, the kitchen door opened. The person had just happen to walk in, in time to hear just what Lucius was talking about.

"How about mine?" Harry said as he walked over to the table.

"Surely your dream couldn't have been worse." Severus said.

"Try having Riddle chase you around like he has me since I was eleven trying to get you to bond with him and then having Dumbledore join in and the two fighting over who should get you." Harry said. "Oh and they are doing this all while they are both naked."

Both Severus and Lucius turned a bit green at that thought.

"Okay, I think that was worse." Lucius said.

"I agree."

"I am glad that you had that dream and not me."

"Oh, gee, thanks, Uncle." Harry said.

"What? Would you rather have Narcissa and Riddle trying to convince you to join them in bed?" Lucius asked.

"Or have Dumbledore trying to kill you only to have Black continue to save you only to find out that shared a bedroom and a bed?" Severus asked.

Harry gave both men disgusted looks. "Have you both noticed that all that is common without dreams is sex?"

Lucius looked thoughtful. "I can't really blame myself seeing as I haven't had sex in longer than I want to admit. For you two, well, thinking about it isn't a surprise. You both have finally found your Mate. In Severus' case, it has been at least twenty-one years that he has been waiting. Of course sex would be on your minds. And Harry being sixteen, sex is always on the mind at that age. I know it was on mine at that age."

"Can we please stop talking about this?" Severus asked. "I was trying to forget my dream not have it seared into my memory never to leave me alone."

Lucius snorted. "Of course. I don't really want to talk about sex with you and my nephew anyways."

"Thank you. I don't want to talk about sex with you either, not that you would be of any help." Severus said. "I don't need to know how to please a woman, not that you have done that in a long time. Merlin knows that Narcissa isn't a woman."

Harry snorted. It was always amusing to listen to Severus and his Uncle tease each other back and forth. They always picked on each other about something, but they both knew that it wasn't meant to be mean or hurtful. Harry knew that by what Severus was saying about Narcissa, that his uncle actually agreed with and didn't think that Narcissa should be included in the women that Lucius had has sex with.

"Now you know why sex has been on my mind for so long." Lucius said. "If only I had divorced Narcissa a long time ago. Then I may have a wife now that I actually care about and like."

"I thought we were going to stop talking about sex?" Harry said.

Severus snorted. "Good luck on that, Harry. What Lucius needs is a woman. That would be the only thing stopping him from talking about sex."

"That would only because I would be in bed with a woman right now." Lucius said.

At that Harry groaned. "I hope that you find one soon then, Uncle. I doubt that I could take much more of hearing you talk about sex."

"Now you know what I have had to deal with for almost twenty years." Severus said.

At that, Lucius picked up the napkin by his hand and threw it at Severus.

"Shut up, Severus." Lucius said.

That only got Harry laughing. No one would believe just how amusing it was to watch Lucius Malfoy actually being playful and joking around. They would think that there was something wrong.