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Knocking On An Open Door

Chapter 6.

I followed Godric to the bedroom, staring at his ass the entire way there.

I must be the most perverted mostly-virgin on the planet.

Grimmjow's leaning against a giant bureau, arms crossed over his chest, smirking at us as I keep staring at him, than back to Godric, then to the massively giant white bed that dominates the room.

I panic. I'm freaked. I think it's a normal reaction.

Godric looks at me and he knows, "It's okay. It's okay if you just want to watch for right now."

"This is moving really fast."

"I know. I'm sorry," Godric replies, squeezing my hand before leading me to a comfortable looking dark brown leather reclining chair. I sit down. I feel much better. Grounded.

"Or we don't have to do this right now. We could put our clothes back on," Godric says with a smile. It's sincere: it's so sincere it makes me close my eyes and take a deep breath.

"Well I…I kinda wanna…see," I stutter out, my ears positively burning.

"Unh, how am I supposed 'ta keep my hands off 'im when he blushes like that?" Grimmjow growls, one of his hands beginning to stroke his stiffening cock, "Fuckin' impossible…"

"And what about me?" Godric asks, raising a perfect eyebrow, "I think it's time to collect on that wager, dear heart."

Grimmjow's eyes narrow slightly before he grins, "Yeah? Ya wanna fuck me?"

"I know it's rare, but…Ichigo has me…very…possessive at the moment," Godric intones, approaching Grimmjow and running his hands down Grimmjow's sides.

"What wager?" I ask, my eyes glued to their every movement. If it was some kind of bet about me sleeping with them, murder might be on the menu tonight instead of hanky panky.

"Jus' a lil' gambling: I fucking hate horses. Shoulda' known better," Grimmjow said, leaning into Godric and nipping his bottom lip.

"Do you play poker, Ichigo?" Godric asked conversationally as he pushed his twin brother rather aggressively onto the bed.

I swallowed my saliva to avoid choking, "N-no."

"Good. Never play against Grimm. He'll rob you blind," Godric said, climbing over Grimmjow's body until he was straddling him, "and then he'll make you strip."

"Bonus round for fucking," Grimmjow laughed, his hands grabbing at Godric's firm ass.

I had to swallow my saliva again and put my hands over my crotch. Thank Kami I had had enough sense to wear loose mesh basketball shorts or I'd be in a world of pain right about now.

"I think that's enough talk for now, Grimmjow," Godric husked lowly, engaging his twin in a searing kiss.

"You love it when I'm loud," Grimmjow said, rolling and reversing their positions so quickly it made my head spin.

Effectively having his twin pinned, Grimmjow lowered his mouth to Godric's neck, immediately beginning a hectic assault on his flesh.

"Grimm…" Godric mewled, obviously fighting his twin's aggressive advances, "It was my turn…"

"Shut up," Grimmjow rumbled, the muscles of his back taught as he slowly began to grind himself against his twin, "Yer gonna love it."

Godric moaned into his brother's mouth, his hands tugging on those messy blue locks, his powerful legs wrapping around Grimmjow's hips like a vice.

"I'm gonna pass out," I announced, feeling like my eyes were going to roll into the back of my head.

Would it be dangerous to pass out with a boner? Would it still be there when I regained consciousness?

I palmed my erection through my shorts, biting my bottom lip to keep myself in check.

I couldn't pass out. No no no. Not until I'd seen EVERYTHING. They'd barely begun, by the looks of it.

So when the front door chimed, I thought I was dreaming.

Grimmjow sat up, growling in irritation, "You gotta be fuckin' shittin' me."

The doorbell chimed again, followed by hurried pounding.

"Are you expecting guests, Grimmjow?" Godric said, his voice a wet dream wrapped in acid.

Grimmjow started ranting in German, reluctantly kissed Godric one more time before getting out of the bed and walking out of the bedroom as naked as the day he was born.

My eyes widened, "He's gonna answer the door like that?"

Godric smirked at me, running a hand through his dragging blue locks. He looked like he'd been fucking all day but nothing had even happened yet.

Made me shudder to think what he'd look like after actually getting to a couple rounds of fucking.

"He's an idiot," Godric said, sliding out of the bed to put on loose-fitting white pants and slip on a white tank top. I heard loud voices at the door: Grimmjow and some other man saying something, followed by trilling laughter of a woman.

Godric approached me at the chair and dipped his head to give me a peck on the lips, "but he's our idiot."

Our idiot. I like that.

We left the bedroom quickly, entering the living room area just as an insanely tall skinny man with long black hair sauntered into the room followed by Grimmjow who looked to be fighting off a big chested girl with green hair.

The spoon man lit a cigarette before plopping onto the couch and staring at me, his slit eyes tracking over my body over and over again before he smiled a giant piano toothed grin.

"Alright alright, I missed you too, now get offa me," Grimmjow cackled, putting the big boobed girl in a headlock. She squealed and squealed before barking something in German and he released her, letting her go.

She was a fucking bombshell. This woman was hot, scorching, with legs that went for months, not just days, especially in the fashionable gold wedges that had to have been eight inches tall. She had to be a model. She was dressed in what looked like a trench coat dress, her bracelets alone probably costing more then my entire college tuition. Her big grey eyes focused on Godric and she squealed again, launching herself at him and giving him a big hug and a kiss on the cheek.

It deflated me. Seeing her with not just Grimmjow but Godric too was like a punch to the stomach.

Was this the girl Grimmjow was talking to on the phone? Bitch Tits?

Was she fucking both of them, or just Grimmjow? Was she fucking spoon guy too?

"Got any sake?" the spoon man said, nearly done with his cigarette. I could tell by his clothes that he had money to burn and wasn't someone to be messed with. It was weird seeing a guy with such long, gorgeous black hair wearing a tailored black suit and tie, but it worked for him. His hair was pulled back in a halfsie. When he had looked at me, his eyes were so brown they looked black, a single white scar running vertically down one cheek.

Yakuza. Had to be yakuza.


What had I gotten myself into?

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