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Characters Alex Nightshade and Akemi are Made by Me

Nomad Orken By gandalf42

Victor Cross and Akiko Taji by Siamra

Calthrop Giles and Chi Mori by Jashinist Puppeteer 461

Kazahima Mifune by ZxZ Fic Hunter

Lilith by SableWeiss

Jeff Sheelal by darkmachines

Anyway this is a little bit before the Gandalf42's Madness arc basically I am making a little bit of Back story. For every character tell me if you have any problems or if you like it. My First attempt at a fic so Flaming is Welcome. Now To the Story. Also I don't Own Bleach yet…. If I did You would see a lot of New Characters

Chapter 1: Glaring Eye Forces An Introduction

A man is sitting on his throne. He is thinking heavily on something when suddenly there is a knock at the door behind him. He says "Enter" as he says this and a black male comes in his Black Wakizashi at his side slightly hidden by his Shinigami robes. He is relatively tall for the age he looks. His arm is bandaged loosely. His hair is thin black cornrows. He says "Nomad-Sama You wanted to see me." The black male is lost in his thought of what it could be as he stays at the door afraid of his leader's wrath. As he is waiting there nomad clears his throat and begins "Alex Nightshade It is time for you to choose a Viper or risk losing your position. Now get one and don't return until you do! Is That Clear!" Alex knew this was going to happen and says under his Breath "Crystal" Nomad looks back at Alex and glares at him. A shiver runs down Alex's Spine as he is about to leave Nomad says "Nightshade After you Return I will make sure you get a suitable punishment for your Blatant Disrespect. Now Leave My Presence Until you have a Viper."Nightshade Leaves and Nomad mutters "Lazy Bastard" He then begins planning his next Invasion.

Alex Storms out of there in a blur his Shunpo barely visible to most. He is stopped by two on his way out His Equal in Rank Kazahima Mifune and the Viper Akiko Taji. He looks up and says "Move Mifune" Mifune simply smiles and says "Spotlight is that any way to treat an equal." Knowing that 'Spotlight' would piss him off. He readies his hand at his sword. Alex says "Shut The Hell Up Bastard. I don't Have Time to Deal with you Now Move!" he then looks over and says to Akiko and says "And Take Blueberry here with you" He then Pushes through Mifune and stabs the air with his now drawn zanpakuto. Turning it like a key he opens a portal to the Realm of the living. As he enters the portal closes behind him and he finds himself at a battlefield. He smiles before shunpoing away sensing the strongest non shinigami reiatsu. He heads towards it to find a Hispanic male sitting there. There was a fragment of a hollow mask covering most of his mouth and neck. As he appears the arrancar turns around and attacks Alex. Alex dodges the Brash attack but gets a cut on his Arm. As this happens the arrancar continues his rash attacks making shallow cuts in Alex's Robes before having his blade caught mid swing. Alex would than say to him "For one so powerful you fight like a little girl. Wait. Scratch that…. I know little girls who fight better than you." He would than punch The Arrancar in the gut and say "Do You want Strength. If So say your Name and follow Me" Alex than opens a portal back to HQ and hears "Akemi" before entering said portal and Returning.


Mifune frowns before heading off to find someone to fight. He looks down and says "Akiko Lets go find Victor." he begins to walk he would be damned if he didn't get his fight for the day. He lets Akiko lead before seeing victor for himself and saying "Hey Bastard Let's Get a Fight going." A smile appearing on his face longing for the rush of the fight and blood to be spilt. Victor would look at Mifune and say "Fine" Mifune would smile his usual smile. In his head he was thinking 'Shall I end this one quickly?' he dismissed the thought saying to himself that I will play around with him before I go in to kill him. As he thought this Victor sweat dropped seeing the stalkerish type smile come up onMifune's face. He then would begin to walk towards the training grounds knowing that once Mifune came out of his thoughts he would follow and attack.

As he got to the door of the Training area he would hear footsteps. He draws his own zanpakuto in preparation. As the being behind him slashes at his shoulder he blocks and turns around. Attacking his attacker who like he predicted was Mifune. As Mifune Attacked again Victor sent a kick to Mifune's abdomen. The kick slammed into him while Victor was impaled through the would than mutter "Damn" as his shoulder became immobile. Mifune would send a few more slashes his way. His leg got cut by one of the slashes and as such he was slowed considerably. There was a trail of blood leading to where he was standing.

[during the battle] Calthrop and Chi Mori were watching the battle from what Chi Mori though was an unsafe distance but as a viper she couldn't argue with a direct order from the Cobra known as Calthrop. She watched as the Reiatsu they were emitting was immense. She felt her knees wobble from the pressure. [Now Back to the battle.]

Victor began to take the offensive as he did this he would block with Sköll the long sword being supported by his left hand. A slight trickle of blood left his hand as the blade dug in. while Mifune smashed his sword into the long sword again Victor sends a kick to Mifune's Abdomen sending him back before he switches his stance and takes a slash at Mifune's neck. He misses and catches the Shoulder of Mifune. Mifune would than wince as the blade plows through his bones breaking them. Victor was surprised when Mifune began to use Shunpo. Suddenly he felt a sword plunge into his own shoulder and a little whisper say "An Eye for an eye" as the blade was whitdrawn from his shoulder he would hear Mifune say "Or in this case an arm for an arm" Victor would turn around and laugh as his reiatsu began to for a blade of darkness behind Mifune. He than says "Nice match but I have to end this" He than lets the now fully formed sword of darkness plunge into Mifune who just realized what he was doing and as he beganto turn around the sword impales his lungs. Victor would than walk away as Mifune mutters "I aint Done yet. Faiā ikari" a net than surrounds Victor while fire begins to rise from the ground. Victor falls and Mifune begins to rise. Barely breathing Mifune begins to leave.

Mifune was done with this fight Victor was as good as dead now. But He had to admit Victor did keep up with him for the most part. He would mutter "Nice Match" as he went to get healing for himself and Victor if he woke up.. His Blood lust was satisfied… For now.

End of First Chapter. Anyway Thanks to all the information you gave me once again Flaming Welcome. And If you have a neutral OC send a review Till next time I am Spotlight and I approve this Story

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