Author Note:

Characters Alex Nightshade, Yuki Fīrudo and Akemi are Made by Me

Nomad Orken By gandalf42

Victor Cross and Akiko Taji by Siamra

Calthrop Giles and Chi Mori by Jashinist Puppeteer 461

Kazahima Mifune by ZxZ Fic Hunter

Lilith by SableWeiss

Jeff Sheelal by darkmachines

Anyway this is a little bit before the Gandalf42's Madness arc basically I am making a little bit of Back story. For every character tell me if you have any problems or if you like it. My First attempt at a fic so Flaming is Welcome. Now To the Story. Also I don't Own Bleach yet…. If I did You would see a lot of New Characters

I Redid the first chapter and went into more detail on the fight between Mifune and Victor.

Chapter 2: The Begining Of The End The First War

As Nomad was walking to the training grounds he past a bloody Mifune as he felt the faltering reiatsu of Victor. He knew Mifune was blood thirsty but attacking a comrade that was out of the question. He than saw a little medic walking down the hall. She had black hair and looked about fifteen years old. Nomad called her over and as she came he said "I have a special task for you. First go find Victor and heal him as best you can. Second go and meet Alex Nightshade as he is coming back in about an hour according to his portal activity. When you see him Tell him I want his presence. That's all." She occasionally nodded as he spoke and when he finished she began to take her leave. Nomad simply began to wonder what she was because her reiatsu was different. He shrugged it off as he went to locate Mifune. He than turned on his heel and searched at the infirmary. The infirmary was the first place he looked and as he walked in he saw an unconscious Mifune with his arm being set back into place. As he then shoed away the nurse who was healing him. As he neared the unconscious body of Mifune he smiled evilly as he began to take an alternate form of 'healing'.

45 Minutes Later

Alex and Akemi appeared in the Headquarters. Not soon after arriving he walked into a girl who appeared to be in a rush. He helped her pick up her materials that she dropped and instinctively he asked "What's your name?" She smiled a small smile and said "Yuki Fīrudo and you are?" he looked at her and thought a minute before saying "Alex Nightshade" he then looked at her again noticing that she had a face of shock. As she came out of the shock she said with a hint of sadness "Nomad-Sama called for you." He simply frowns and replies with "That person still wants to see me. Damn How many times do I have to ignore him for him to get the message? Anyway Bye Yuki." He then walks away not noticing that Akemi had left.


Mifune wakes up to see that he can't move. He than yells out as he sees the cloak of The head viper exit the door closing with a slam. A nurse comes to heal him as he is being healed he goes unconscious due to the pain of of the bones moving back into place. As time passes he would regain consciousness. Akemi walked in looking for a room he could stay in after chatting awhile with the nurse he notices the body lying on the cot and laughs as the second nurse is trying to patch him up. He was glad he wasnt on the gurney and for the first time he smiled since he was betrayed by Aizen. A memory Flashes before his eyes.

"You lost Now Finish the Job" Akemi winced as Grimmjow pounced on him only to be stopped by another Espada The one who initially introduced him to Aizen. He sighed as he took a breath seeing who it was "Cirruci-dono"

The Memory Fades away as a little messenger similar to the soul society's Hell Butterfly comes to him and orders him to go to the Throne room.

For Future Reference All Kitsune info will be handed in bit by bit. But here is all you get right now.