Together. Forever.

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Asakura starts off one stanza, switches to Sayo response, then Sayo writes, with Asakura response, and so on.
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Together. Forever.

When my hand brushes yours

My heart skips a beat.

I fear what you would say…

Say if I told you how I feel.

Because you are my Angel, my invisible Angel

I wish you would notice me.

Notice how I look at you.

Once our hands meet, they quickly fall apart

I wish you would love me

Love me the way I felt about you.

I wish

That you would love me too

I remember that night.

The night where our hearts came together.

I remember the tears that we shed.

I remember the pain that we felt.

Yet I remember the joy that spread into us.

I wish you would remember that too.

I remember the night when my angel came to me.

I remember the feelings that occurred when the words

'I love you' slipped out.

Scared, anguish took me.

I did, I did love you so.

My angel, my invisible angel

I wish you would

My angel, invisible angel

Love me too.

Yet imagine our surprise.

When she said… I love you to.

So that's us.

Together forever.

Asakura placed her finishing touches on the poem. Her, no, their poem. She looked up at the ghost she loved so much. Sayo had the smile on her face, the smile that she reserved for only Asakura. Only Asakura had seen that smile for the past six months. It was her special smile. Asakura had often wondered what would have happened if she hadn't noticed the poem had dropped, or if she hadn't chased after Sayo that day. But….. she was with the one being she loved more than herself. And she didn't care one bit.

"Kazumi?" Sayo asked Asakura, smiling.

"What Sayo?" Asakura asked, adding the finishing touches for their poems to be published in the school newspaper.

"Will we be together still in sixty years?" Asakura stopped what she was doing. Smiling at the ghost's pure innocence, and heartwarming love, she turned, ready to give her answer.

"Even though we can't touch, or kiss, or have any relationship past what we feel in our hearts, we will. And mark my words. We will always be together. Even death can take us apart." She kissed where the Ghost's lips would have been. If she had any. However the symbolism was not lost on Sayo, who blushed at that gesture.

"Yes… together forever."
Asakura smiled. "Of course My angel. My…. Visible angel"

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