Max was frantic. He had not meant to be late picking up his sister but he had ben assigned detention after school. By the time he had gotten to where he was supposed to meet his Dani she was gone. He ran through the town of Salem desperate to find her. Their parents were expecting them home by 4 and it was almost that time. He went towards their home but stopped himself.

'Don't be stupid,' he thought. 'How am I going to explain to mom and dad that Dani isn't with me. They would kill me.'

"I hate this place," Max shouted angrily.

He took off again. He wasn't going to go home until he found her. A million thoughts raced through his mind as he continued his frantic search. What if someone had taken her? What if she was hurt? What if she was stuck somewhere and had no way to call for help? He blamed himself for this. If only he hadn't made that stupid comment to his English teacher. That was what got him detention. So what if he didn't believe in that stupid tale about the Sanderson Sisters. Halloween was created by the candy company. Everyone knew that.

He hadn't gotten the detention though for saying that. It was for calling his English teacher an idiot. Well not exactly. He had told her to stop being an idiot. He chuckled softly to himself as he remembered the look on her face when he said that. It had been priceless. He would do it again if he could but he was going to be in enough trouble already if his parents found out he recieved a detention.

Salem yawned and stretched. It had been a few days since his stomach had been this full and his mind was at ease. Well almost. He could see Binx looking at him intently and he knew the fellow feline would most likely ask him more about why he was turned into a cat. Salem braced himself as Binx leapt down from the rafters. Instead of stopping to talk Binx made a beeline for the door, mewing a greeting to Salem as he passed.