King of Snipers-Sogeking

Syrup Town was a nice, quiet town. By day, everyone was as friendly as possible. It was as if nobody could do anything wrong. The people did there work-weather it was school or financial-with no big problems. All in all, it was a peaceful town where almost nothing could go wrong. There was almost no crimes, no environmental problems, pretty normal and quiet. It was a Mary-Sue worthy town.

However, at night, it was a completely different story. Shady characters crawled out at night from Syrup Village's criminal underbelly. There were criminals of all kinds: Thieves, Murderers, you name it! They ranged from E-Rank Petty Crooks to S-Rank Outlaws. Their methods ranged from having great weaponry skills-whatever weapon they use-or great amount of power from a dark item known as a Devil Fruit. A very rare and powerful food that tastes like shit and grants the eater a random ability.

There are police that deal with these criminals. The Syrup Town Police Force-The STPF- do try to maintain the Criminal Activity, however the Police Grunts-the ones that do most of the work-are mostly successful at stopping E-Rank criminals, and that is usually 50% of the times. The STPFs that our higher rank and skill only help those who can help them; meaning that they only help people that can pay them and aren't to shy to admit that. Some people actually rise up and try to do something about this, but they are instantly labeled as 'Criminals' by the STPF and some of the people in the village, but that is until they see the good they do instead of the hideous lies that the SVPF spreads to make them seem villainous. However you look at it, weather they're Vigilantes, Anti-Heroes, and to some extent Bounty Hunters, they are the real defence against criminals.

Our story officially beings at down-town Syrup Village, where 5 robbers are robbing the bank. There were five robbers: four of them had sacks filled with money and a gun in each hand. The last one had a hostage and a gun aimed at her forehead. The police had come not too long ago and were pointing there pistols at the robbers.

"Freeze! In the name of the Syrup Village Police Force, your all under arrest!" the commander of the small squad of police men ordered. The light from the squad cars shown on them to show the five robbers were wearing all black and had ski masks over there faces. The one with the hostage pressed the gun against the woman's head more, making her whimper more. "Release the hostage!"

"I will...once we get a good 5 miles from here!" the robber told them. "Of course, we could splatter her across the street." he threatened, the hostage's eyes bugged out. Without any other choice, the police men put their rifles down. "That's what I'm talking about. Let's go guys!" the man shouted as he dragged the woman closer to the police to pass them while the other four robbers walked behind him. Two of them aimed their guns at the police while the other two aimed at the hostage. "Ha! See? Nothing can stop us!" the leader laughed to his men.

"Metallic Star!" shouted an unknown voice as the leader of the rouges fell over almost instantly, dropping his gun and releasing his hostage who immediately ran to a hiding place.

"What hit me?" the robber said groggilly as he picked up something next to him. It was a small ball that seemed to be made out of lead. "Is this what hit me?" he shouted, rubbing the back of his head.

"Who shot that?" one of the robbers shouted frantically.

"That's not one of ours." a police man said, quickly grabbing his rifle.

"Sir!" another one shouted to the commander. "It came from over there!" he shouted, pointing his light to in the direction as to where the small ball was shot. Looking up, the robbers saw a figure that surprised them and creeped them out.

The figure stood with his arms folded across his chest as he stood their, looking down to the police and robbers. He had somesort of yellow mask over his face with a long nose coming out of it. He wore a brown overalls, brown shoes, a red cape, and had bandages around his arms. The man gave an ominous and freaky vibe to him.

"Hey! You aren't a Police Man! You have no right meddling in our work! Who are you!" the commander shouted, aiming his rifle at the man who seemed unfazed.

"That's some way to greet a hero of justice." the man said to them. "But, if you must know, then I'll tell." he said, grabbing some sort of staff out of nowhere. "I am the King of Snipers...Sogeking!" he announced. "I am the protector for those that need it! I am the hero for the hero less! I am-"

"Under arrest for meddling with Police Business!" the commander shouted as the other police men were loading the robbers into the back of the truck. "Turn yourself in or be shot at!" he ordered. The figure, known as Sogeking, chuckled at him. "What is so funny?"

"I am a hero who helpe you capture criminals and rescued a inoscent bystander, and this is how you deem me? A criminal?" he says, completely calm. "And besides. I am the King of Snipers, born from Sniper Island. Do you honstly think you can capture me?" he asked, his hand slipping into a bag that was slung over his shoulder.

"You cannot out run the SVPF! All troops, fire at will!" the commander shouted as he and the other soldiers aimed their rifles at Sogeking. At this, some sweat rolled down the side of his masked face.

"Smoke Star!" he shouted as he grabbed something from his back, armed it onto it into the staff and shot it at the Police Men as a cloud of smoke covered the police.

"What was that?" a random police mans shouted.

"Was that a slingshot?" another shouted, trying to find his way through the smoke.

"Impossible!" the commander shouted, "No slingshot could shoot something that fast!" he shouted, still blinded by the smoke.

Back with Sogeking, he was running for his life. Jumping over rooves to get away from the police.

(What are you doing?) a random voice asked him. The voice sounded alot like his. (You shouldn't be running! You should stand and fight!)

"Shut up you!" he shouted at the voice. "Get out of my head! We have no time to deal with Police. We have to get home!"

(Ah, but Usopp, don't you know the strength you have? You could have defeated them easy!) the voice shouted in his head.

"What makes you say that?" the man, now known as Usopp, shouted at the voice.

(Because I, Sogeking, am a part of you!) the voice shouted before finally shutting up as Usopp removed the mask and entered through a window.

"I need to get some sleep." the tired boy said. He was around 17 of age and had tan skin and black curly hair.

And so, the epic chronical of Sogeking is born! Before this story goes any further, I must ask you people a question. What is the best pairing for Usopp? Before you bomb me with answers, go to my profile and vote on my poll! Episode Preview!

As our story officially officially begins, we see into the life of our main hero's-Usopp's-life and his struggles with his alter-ego Sogeking. But when things turn sour when the school is attacked, how will he save the day?