Author's Note:(Blah, blah) usually Usopp's thoughts, but occasionally someone else.
(Blah, blah) Sogeking's thoughts.
"Blah, blah" someone is talking over a radio or Den Den Mushi.

Do Or Die Part 2-Master Plan

It was 7 in the afternoon as people all gathered around. On the top of City Hall, Kuro stood, his trademark cat claws to Banchina's terrified neck as a deadly look was upon his face. He stood behind the woman so if any Policeman tried to shoot him down, they might hit Banchina. Not like it would matter. Kuro would simply slit the woman's throat and run.

He looked like an insane person, and Kuro was willing to admit he might have, but he would soon have the last laugh. Once Sogeking, or should he say Usopp, come as instructed and removes his mask. They'll know his true identity and arrest him. Kuro would kill his mother before his eyes and run away. The plan was too perfect.

"How hard is it?" Kuro asked Banchina, "Your son being an outlaw and all."

"Shut up!" Banchina hissed, "Your a crazy man Kuro!"

"Oh, am I?" Kuro asked, "Haven't you ever seen Usopp beaten and battered? Haven't you ever asked yourself why?" Kuro tempted. In all honesty, she did wonder that and she always wanted to know why her son wouldn't tell her. outlaw? Her Usopp? "And when he takes off his mask, you'll see him. As a no good, lying insect." Banchina was now quiet. "What's wrong?" Kuro taunted.

"...Even if Usopp is an outlaw," Banchina began, "I know my boy would never do anything wrong." (He's too much like his father that way.)

Kuro was about to say something when he saw something, or someone, standing on top of a fountain. It was him! Sogeking! Policeman aimed their rifles at the unarmed sniper, only to hear Kuro.

"Do not shoot just yet or the woman dies now!" Kuro exclaimed. All eyes widened as the men dropped their weapons.

"Well, well Sogeking. You sure have the reputation. After all, carrying weapons, assault, property damage, you're quite the ruffian." Kuro mocked, "But you and I both know that under that silly mask is nothing but the cowardly liar of Syrup Town, Usopp."

Mummers and whispers were heard throughout the crowd. Claims of absurdity and insanity were echoed. Could you blame them? Usopp was the 'cowardly liar' for a reason. Kuro laughed.

"Yes people, Usopp is indeed Sogeking. How is it you people don't see? Look at the nose!" Kuro pointed out, "Who else in this town have noses like this?" Everyone began murmuring again. Was he right? "Now then Usopp, reveal yourself and remove your mask!" Kuro commanded.

Sogeking nodded as his hand reached for his mask, about to reveal himself. But just as his hand touched, he vanished. He just vanished! He literally disappeared in thin air, leaving everyone shocked.

"A mirage?" Kuro exclaimed in astonishment.

"Thunderbolt Tempo!" before anyone could determine who said that or what was happening, the guards were hit with bolts of lightning, knocking them out. Kuro saw there were thunder clouds hovering above the guards. Where did those come from?

"Negative Horrors!" another voice cried, as ghost flew towards more guards that weren't hit by lightning and knocking out the remaining guards in feeling of ultimate depression. Where did those come from? He's been had!

"Was this a trick?" Kuro exclaimed, "Well then! You must not care for-"


Before Kuro could finish and end Banchina's life, an explosion occurred on the side of his face, knocking him over as he pushed Banchina forward, causing the woman to fall to her death.

Er...supposed death. As Banchina fell, she landed right on top of...a reindeer? It was Chopper! Before she could analyze the situation, Chopper took off running, leaving a fuming Kuro.

"You won't escape me!" Kuro cried as he jumped and got ready to chase Chopper down.

"Fire Bird Star!" cried a voice as a bird made of flames soared towards the mid-air Kuro. Kuro swiftly dodged the burning attack as he landed on his feet. Kuro looked up to see a building far away from City Hall, but was even larger. He squinted his eyes to see...Sogeking! He had shot that from such a distance?

(What kind of slingshot is that?) Kuro exclaimed as he heard the sounds of guns cocking. He turned to see himself surrounded by Policemen.

"'Black Cat' Kuro! You're under arrest!" more Policemen exclaimed. Kuro was wondering where did these come from and where did the reindeer go. Before he could possibly think further he crouched down.

"Stealth Walk!" he cried as he ran off, to get far, far away from here. If he stayed, he risked getting hit by one of Sogeking's attacks, not to mention getting filled with lead from the Policemen. (I can't believe this! I am being forced to run! I was out smarted by a...lowly insect!) he thought as he ran, ducked, and dodged bullets.


Chopper ran as fast as he could as he cut corners, ran through alleys, and jumped over a fence or two as he made it to Banchina's house. He had to make sure he wasn't followed or the plan would be ruined. When he finally made it to the backyard, Banchina slowly got off, still in shock from...everything.

"Chopper...what just happened?" Banchina asked him as the reindeer turned back to his Brain Point.

"We should wait for the others to get here." Chopper told her.

And wait they did on the coach. As minutes turned to hours, Nami had entered the room, feeling the awkward tension. You could slice it with a butcher knife was how thick it was. It took a few more minutes, but Perona made her way in as well, Kaya behind her. Kaya walked more slowly though. And then, in nothing but his normal clothes, Usopp walked in.

And then...they talked. Usopp began telling him how became an outlaw. He wanted to help people who couldn't help themselves. He didn't know why, he just didn't want people getting mugged or kidnapped. He didn't plan for all of this. He explained how he saved Kaya and Nami, helped Chopper, and made a...partnership with Perona. He told her about all the fights he had gotten into: Miss Merry Christmas, Kuro, Perona, Buchi, Sham, Kuro...again, Nami (too some extent), Chew, Arlong with Nami, and now Kuro once more.

When it was all over, Banchina looked pail as she looked at Usopp.

" are an outlaw...all of you?" she asked. They all slowly nodded...well, Nami, Perona, Chopper, and Usopp did. "...I should have known." she muttered.

"Well mom, I only did it to keep people safe." Usopp justified.

"But what about your own safety?" Banchina shouted, tears going down her face, "I don't want to lose my son!"

"You won't!" Usopp cried as he hugged his mother, the two crying their eyes out.

"They must be related..." Nami sweat dropped, "But at least everything OK."

Kaya nodded in agreement with a smile. Kuro had probably run out of town! All the secrets were out! What could possibly be wrong now? And it was Summer!

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