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Story 5: Unbegun

Rido gathered a lot of vampires to attack Cross Academy.

The HA president stealthily connected with the vampire council for his own benefits.

Ichiru's life was in danger as he's staying near Rido, looking for a chance to revenge for Shizuka.

Things were in a big chaos.

"Could you leave with me, Zero?" Kaname asked.

"I can't ignore everyone's expectations. I can't abandon my life mission as a hunter."

A day later, Kaname left Cross Academy with Yuuki.

A year later, the peace treaty between vampires and humans were signed.

A week after that, Kaname and Yuuki got married. Zero received an invitation card to their wedding. He sent a gift, but didn't attend.

Thirty years later, Yagari died, Zero succeeded his position as the HA president.

Two hundred years later, Zero passed away. He had never been in a romantic relationship in his whole life. A single bed at the corner of his small room was where he'd slept every night. A few shirts in an old wardrobe, all of his belongings were kept in a simple, obsolete cabinet.

They found a closed envelope which recipient was Kaname Kuran under the Kaname & Yuuki wedding invitation card, and sent it to him.

Ink had been faded, paper discolored. After being written for two hundred and thirty years, the late hunter's first love letter finally reached the hand of the person he loved.

"Kaname, I couldn't promise to you on that day because I wasn't sure if I would survive. Now we have turned the idea of peaceful co-existence into reality. My hunter mission has been fulfilled. The rest of my life belongs to you. Please come to pick me up! I'm waiting."


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