Carlisle POV

There was chaos everywhere. How the hell did I let this happen? Everything was flawless. From the moment I was informed of James' situation, I was able to convince him to go against Edward Masen. It was almost too perfect to be good. I guess it was. My ace was an unexpected find. Isabella Swan. When we found her in the mansion, I was shocked, even repulsed of what he was doing to her. I recognized her as a missing person from a few months ago. The only child of the Chief of Police from Forks. Good student, good daughter, a real good girl. The typical girl next door. It took me a while to convince her to tell me her story. From the moment she was kidnapped, to when she was sold to Edward Masen, and finally becoming Masen's sex slave. This woman has been through so much, it's heartbreaking.

Everything was set. With the help of my trusted partner Agent Hale, things were suppose to be flawless. On our way to the court room, Isabella or Bella as she preferred, started feeling nauseated. She was trembling. She began panicking. She asked if we could have a stop over before we enter the city to regroup and compose her self. I thought it was a great idea so I agreed. I decided to give the same courtesy to Brandon's and Whitlock's group. On our way to the warehouse, Agent Hale was holding Bella's hands for comfort. I thought it was sweet the way they bonded together and has become really close. Bella really needed a friend right now. Or so I Thought.

When we reached the warehouse, everything just went to hell. We were under fire left and right. I saw Agent Hale taking Bella for cover so I didn't worry about them too much. Before I knew it, there were two guns being pointed at my head. As I was being tied by my own handcuffed I notice the man wearing a sharp suit in front of us. It's him. The devil himself. Edward Anthony Masen. Son of Elizabeth Marie Volturi and Edward Anthony Masen Sr. The evil spawn. I've always dreamt of meeting him face to face. Of course I would have preferred him on his knees and me with a gun. Not the other way around. Not him staring at me with that arrogant smirk all over his face. From the corners of my eyes I can see Brandon, Whitlock and James in the same position as I am. The warehouse was full of armed men. We were completely overpowered. And Then I saw Rose hugging Bella walking towards Masen. The men parted clearing a path for them. As soon as they reached Masen, Bella kneeled in front of him in a submissive position while looking up to him adoringly. Masen stroked the apple of her cheek with a pleased smile and I could hear Bella sigh in contentment. Rose then approached James. James stuttered like a fool and called her name. I was shocked at this. I didn't even know he was acquainted with her. Then Rose angrily called him a traitor and pistol whipped him to unconsciousness. I didn't know what to think.

"You seem so confuse Carlisle." Rose finally acknowledging me and my perplexed expression.

"Allow me to explain Rose." Masen interrupted while helping Bella on her feet. He walked towards me and stared, and then doing the same to Brandon and Whitlock, then back to me. Smiling that evil smile again that gives me the shivers.

"Let me introduce you to my dear sister, Rosalie Masen, or as you know her as Agent Rosalie Hale." Masen finished with a proud smile.

My face must have shown the pain I was feeling of this deception because Masen started laughing and told me to "lighten up".

He then proceeded to explain to me everything about her older sister being their mole in the agency. Of them planting Isabella for us to find. They knew of my dealings with Flannigan thanks to Hale. On how Rose have been feeding Bella instruction of what to do and what to say. It was all a set up. To get to James. And we all fell for it. Bella was the perfect person to do the job. The pity we felt for her situation and adding her innocent looks. We were played. Turned into perfect fools.

James started stirring. They didn't wait for him be completely awaken and prompt him up on his knees violently. Masen expressed his feelings of disappointment towards James and Bella telling him basically to feed James to the worms.

"It pains me that you didn't feel that I am not worthy of your loyalty James. Your father worked so hard for you and your family and look at what you did. Do you want to see real loyalty James?" asked Edward.

He gave his gun to Bella and asked her in his most soothing voice "Isabella my pet, while you are alive they always have a card against me. They know how I love you dearly. Will you end your life to keep me safe?" asked Edward while Bella's look of adoration never faltered.

"If that is your wish Master." Bella answered without batting an eyelash.

"Then do it my Pet. Do it now." Edward commanded.

And without hesitation Bella pointed the gun under her chin and squeezed the trigger. I couldn't help myself and I yelled stop. She kept trying but nothing happened. Tears welled up her eyes and started sobbing hard.

"Master, master please forgive me, I failed you." She cried as she kneeled in front of him and hugging and kissing his feet,

For the second time today I saw that smile on Masen's face. He maybe a monster but deep inside he actually have feelings for Isabella.

"No my Pet. You didn't fail me at all. You showed your loyalty to me without hesitation, and for that I love and adore you even more." Edward proclaimed and then he pulled Bella to her feet and proceeded to kiss her passionately.

"Truly Master?" asked Bella pleadingly while gasping for breathe after the kiss.

"Yes my Pet." Edward cooed.

I couldn't believe my eyes. This is so surreal. I feel like I've stepped into the Twilight Zone. I couldn't help myself with my outburst.

"You monster!" I shouted.

What I didn't expect was Bella's look. She looked at me with so much hatred and passion that I flinched.

"You don't get to call Master that! DON'T YOU DARE!" she yelled and is about to pounce me but was stopped by Masen's arms.

"Now my Pet, control yourself. He will be taken care off soon enough." Masen told her.

"Yes Master." Bella answered with contrition.

"You can make it up to me though." Masen said with that evil look back in his eyes again.

"Yes Master, anything you asked." Bella answered excitedly.

"My Pet, so eager to please her Master." Bella responded with enthusiastic nod. "Very well then….."

"James has disappointed me so much. He broke my heart with his traitorous behavior. He stole and lied not only to me but the entire family. I would love to torture him but because I respect his father so much I think a quick death will suffice. Do you think that's fair my Pet?" asked Masen

"If you think that's best Master." smiled Bella

"Would you mind doing it for me my Pet. Kill James for your Master?" asked Masen while rubbing his lips along Bella's jaw.

"Yes Master. If it will make you happy. I would gladly do it. Anything for you Master." answered Bella with resolve.

Quietly, Edward Masen took the empty gun from Bella's hand and replaced it with a new one.

"Then do it my Love." Masen commanded with a firm face and stoic face.

Without delay Bella pointed the gun on James head and pulled the trigger. No if's or buts. James' blood and brain are scattered all over the place, most of it on me since I was kneeling right beside him.

"Did I do well Master?" asked Bella, eager for Masen's approval.

"Yes my Pet. You were glorious. I've never seen you so beautiful. You my Love are my Angel of Death." Edward Masen cooed…infinitely pleased with his slave's complete submission.

Bella sighed contently against Edward's chest with her arms around his waist. Edward returned her affection with an equally loving embrace. And then he looked at us, me the longest.

"I'm really sorry Agent Cullen. I do not wish to kill you and your colleagues. But I'm sure you could understand the necessities of it. It really is shameful. You are very good with your job. Unfortunately, I am better. Thank you for taking care of my Isabella. She really is precious to me." And then he turn to Rose, "will you take care of them Rose?" He asked his sister with a kind smile. Rose smiled the same adoring smile for his brother and nodded. "Just make it quick sis. They don't deserve to suffer." Edward finished. "Of course." Rose replied. And with that Edward Masen walked away with Isabella in tow.

As I watched them disappear, I took the time to evaluate my life. Suddenly I feel so tired. This job has taken away at least half of my life already. Esme, my first wife left me because of it. My second, Carmen, left me for the same reasons. That's why I've stopped looking for companionship a long time ago. I guess this is the end. I could have accomplished much more. But I know now that's impossible. I have no more time. I heard to pops on my left but chose to ignore it. I have only one regret if I must admit. I regret treating Esme the way I did. She was my first and true love. If only I could have done better. If only…


The End