"Found him."

Gabriel whispered as he took in a deep breath. He looked both at his brother and at Sam Winchester before nodding. Castiel took the white ash blade in his hands, his knuckles white. He would kill the ones responsible for taking Dean away, he would make sure of that. His blue eyes sparked with rage as Gabriel touched both men's foreheads before vanishing from the Motel room.

Sam's eyebrows rose as they stood facing Pavilo's Diner, the stone standing proudly. People were eating outside enjoying their meals, quite oblivious to the three men who had just appeared out of thin air.

"This is a Diner!" Sam ranted not believing why the archangel had brought them here.

"You humans are really dull aren't you Sammy boy," Gabriel sighed as he materialized a chocolate lollipop, popping it into his mouth. Sam found himself staring at the archangel as he sucked at the sweet candy. Gabriel raised his eyes as Sam turned a bright shade of pink.

"Where is Dean Gabriel?" Castiel spoke, his voice low and dangerous.

"You can't see it Cassie? Oh boy you both are so troublesome!" Gabriel grabbed both men by the shoulders and hugged them close. Sam felt himself blush at the close contact with the archangel.

"Now look kiddies and be amazed," Gabriel chuckled, the lollipop moving inside his cheeks. Sam gasped as the top half of the Diner suddenly glowed red, almost as if there was some sort of barrier above. Castiel narrowed his eyes. Why hadn't he noticed before when both Sam and Dean had first arrived in Evergreen?

"They have created a double reality inside the Diner. We need to break in and save Dean." Castiel made a move forward, but his brother hugged him close, not allowing him to advance.

"Relax little bro. No need to rush into things. Besides," Gabriel narrowed his hazel eyes, "Dean is..."

"I need to go." Castiel said simply, again trying to break out of his brothers grip.

"Yes Cassie, I know." Gabriel sighed and released his angelic brother, " Just be careful. Sammy boy and I will go look for the Takers. Their scent is quite strong." Sam felt his heart skip a beat as Gabriel hands slowly slid of his shoulders. Castiel nodded and handed the weapon over to his brother.

"Be careful bro. Somethings not quite right..." Gabriel gave Castiel one last warning and both he and Sam vanished. Castiel turned his attention towards the Diner. If he wanted to he could bring the entire building crashing down. He didn't care for the humans inside or the ones sitting around and talking pointless chatter. The only one that mattered was Dean. Castiel took a deep breath and vanished his wings fluttering softly. He did not notice the slight movement that the flowers made, as they moved their red heads as if sensing the angel's Grace.

Dean felt himself slipping between the conscious and the unconscious. His arms stung like sharp pins and needles and his back felt sticky. His mouth was becoming painfully sore due to the ball gag that the bastard had left. He tried with the last bit of strength that he had, to try and remove his hands from the chains that bound him. Nothing. Dean hung his head; his heart broken, his body beaten.


The man's head painfully rose, his muscles screaming with every movement. Castiel's eyes were wide taking in the sight of Dean Winchester. Naked , bloody and chained the man looked completely defeated. Castiel felt his heart cry out with hot anguish. He took a step towards his Dean, the man he had sworn to protect. Suddenly the room chilled. Castiel stopped dead in his tracks as the First appeared beside Dean in a soft cloud of dark smoke.

"Ah I see that you came for my toy?" The First Taker ran a long white finger across Dean's neck. Castiel growled in warning.

"Oh you don't like me touching him do you? You see, you probably would have taken him away from me, if my little friends hadn't warned me..." The First sighed, red eyes burning bright in the cold stone room. Castiel glanced at the open window. The vines which housed the red flowers known as the Blood Buds were crawling inside. Castiel took a step back.

"You see Dean is mine now. You threw him away." The First hissed as he stroked the side of Dean's chest. The man looked at Castiel, his green eyes hollow. Castiel tried to keep his voice neutral.

"I didn't-"

" You threw him away. You don't really love him do you. After all how can an angel love anyone? Dean is all alone," purred the First, his fingers inching towards the man's hips. Dean tried to listen but he was starting to drift out. He could only utter a soft muffled whimper as the Soul Taker's finger raked his flesh.

"Dean is not alone." Castiel said his eyes trying to keep watch on both the dangerous man and the slowly creeping vines. He quickly gazed into Dean's eyes to let him know that he would never again let him go, no matter what, " I will never let Dean Winchester go. We share a bond that cannot be broken."

"You share a bond? Oh how touching. But," The First smiled cruelly as he placed a finger over Dean's opening, "you let that go. You broke this man's heart. He doesn't feel anything anymore."

Castiel felt his heart sink. He tried to ignore the Taker's words but they stung never the less.

"I made a selfish mistake." Castiel said his eyes blazing as the Taker inserted a slender finger into his man. Castiel watched with hate as the man slipped in a second finger, causing a strangled growl to escape through the Hunters lips.

"Release him." The angels voice echoed throughout the room causing the First Taker to flinch and the vines to shrink back. Castiel was enraged, his blue eyes glowing. The First slipped out his fingers and backed off, his hands up in the air.

"Fine you can have him..." The First whined, his red eyes widening. Castiel stepped towards Dean and was about to release him.

"Just kidding!" The First Soul Taker laughed, the temperature dropping in the room. The fiery haired man leaped towards Castiel his eyes narrowed, his nostrils flared. Castiel blocked the attack, bringing his fist up against the man's face. The First Taker growled, surprised at the angel's strength. When they had fought previous the angel was weaker, his Grace not as strong. The First cursed slightly but knew he could take on an angel. After all the only thing that could kill him was the Holy Wood which it seems the angel did not have.

"It seems as though I need to fight you with my true strength so we can make this...o a f air fight." The First Soul Taker laughed as he brought his hand up to cup his bruised cheek. Castiel watched in dread as the man began to shift, his body altering to form a tall muscular white entity. The figure had no face; no eyes, no nose. It was taller than any human Castiel had seen, deep black claw like hands ran a line across it's jaw. A large cold smile broke out, revealing a deathly white grin that spread to either side of the entities face.

"Surprised? Well let's begin shall we!" The First leaped forwards bringing down its clawed hands, aiming for the angel's chest. Castiel stepped out of the way, barely missing the razor sharp fingers. Castiel roared with fury as he landed a solid blow to the Taker's back. The First stumbled, stunned by the ferociousness of the attack. Castiel then kicked with all his might at the being, relishing in the solid crack of bone. Blow after blow, Castiel smashed into the figure on the floor, breaking every bone the angel could find. The First Soul Taker roared in agony as the angel ripped, tore and beat at every inch he could manage.

"Never. NEVER touch what is mine again." Castiel landed one more brutal hit before stepping over the shaking figure lying on the stone. He strode over to Dean who's green eyes were trying to focus on the man in now slicing through the chains. Castiel tore the gag from his Dean's mouth and lifted the man in his arms.


"Hush Dean. Do not talk." Castiel muttered feeling how cold the Hunter's flesh was to the touch.

"Cas- I love you-" Dean coughed reaching his hand up towards the angel, trying to tell Castiel what he was feeling in those three words; hurt, pain, possessivness, eagerness, sorrow, lust, and love. Castiel felt his heart leap in his chest. Almost forgetting how to breath the angel brought his lips down upon the man's with a force so strong Dean cried out in pain.

"I love you to Dean. Always-" Castiel could feel tears stream down his vessels face, knowing what it was like to love someone to such an extent.

"Well that's touching."

Castiel spun around, careful not the bump the naked man in his arms. The First was spitting black blood unto the floor as a horrifying sound of bones popping back into place echoed throughout the room. Before Castiel could respond vines of red Blood Buds wrapped around his arms, torso, and legs with surprising force and speed. Castiel was rooted to the spot helpless as Dean was lifted out of his arms by the First who had managed to limp over. Castiel tried to speak but the vines were enclosing around his throat, choking the air flow. He grimaced at the flowers who were looking at him. The flowers petals opened fully revealing rows upon rows of sharp needle like fangs that created a deep circle of hurt.

"You see, these flowers were my creation. I call them Blood Buds for a reason." The First laughed as he held up Dean who was a rag doll, his muscles refusing to listen. Castiel felt the flowers dip onto his flesh and latch on, sucking up the blood slowly from his vessels body. Castiel watched horrified as the white entity brought down his mouth upon the Hunters and kissed him, a deep sensual kiss. As the First pulled away, blood was staining his lips.

"You are a rotten bastard." Dean chocked as he managed a small smile. His green eyes were a blazing forest fire as he bit the entity on its cold hard lips. The entity slowly licked the blood from his lips his hand grasping Dean's chin painfully.

"Ah so like you Dean Winchester, always so violent. Take a look at your precious angel. Watch as the blood is drained from his body."

Dean could only watch helplessly as the flowers drank from various parts on the angels body. Dean hissed in fear and rage wanting to help his angel, to try and protect him.

"This is truly entertaining. But let's take it up a notch shall we?" The First laughed as Dean shivered.

"No." Dean moaned as the cold white hands gripped at his cock. The black nails dragged on his tender flesh, drawing drops of blood. The First drew in a shaky breath, breathing in the rage and hurt that emanated from Dean's soul. It smelled so devious. Dean cried out as a long sharp finger was inserted inside with the opposite hand.

"That's right cry out for me Dean. I will ride you so hard you will be begging at my feet!" Dean screamed as the entity slammed in an extra two fingers. Dean felt fresh blood ooze down his legs as the being began to pump Dean's cock with fast hard thrusts. Dean grunted trying to ignore the searing pain that was now erupting from his anus as the entity began fingering his hole without mercy.

"Dean-" Castiel managed to let a throaty growl emanate from his mouth. There was only one thing he could do. Castiel closed his eyes and called out.