Chapter 1 of birds of a father a harry potter and moon acre crossover

Here I am in the country-side after a series of unfortunate events .It all started when my father died ,who had a rather nasty habit with gambling and borrowing money . Then we heard we became penniless because he was in so much dept we had to ask his brother Benjamin for money and a place to stay . Uncle Benjamin agreed to help pay and gave us a place to call home .

My sister , Maria , and Mrs. Heliotrope were doing 'classical French needle point '. I have learned that if you do needle point on a bumpy round as they are doing, you will end up with pricked fingers . So I got the idea of writing down our adventures at Moonacre, how long this will last it beyond me but I thought it was a rather good idea because I could send it to my friends at Hogwarts .

Now your proudly wondering what Hogwarts is .Hogwarts is a school for witches and wizards and I beings a muggle born witch ,only one in my family , went there. After my father died I desired to drop out and give my sister moral support .When my friends found out they were rather sad because it was going to be our last year , but they said they would take notes to send to me so I could carrie on with my studies . Unfortunately me not being 17 until December and it being may I can't study till then. As a parting gift from my friends they gave me a talking owl who said its name was Luna . Luna was a snowy white owl and was rather protective of me .Luna also didn't like the fact that maria and Mrs. Heliotrope didn't know I was a witch so she couldn't talk in front of them . I felt guilty not telling them but they might think im an evil or a lunatic like most muggles do .

If I am writing in this journal I guess you should know about me , other than the stuff I already told you .My full name is Annabelle Sparrow Merryweather .i have reddish brown straight hair that gets tangled 5 minutes after I brush it , I take after my dads side while my sister takes after my sister . I have a pale complexion with honey brown eyes . I was a seeker in quittage ,so naturally I love to fly. My favorite color is purple . My patronus is a blue wolf like animal no one can identify ,only Dumbledore he wouldn't tell me . I am horribly clumsy and can't swim. i am short and am insecure about my height . I also fence , and am quit good . I have a trust issues . I am very close to my sister and will do anything for her . I am a proud Gryffindor and always will be . I have a pet owl named Luna.

Currently I am trying to get luna to be quit because she will not quit squawking .

"luna ,shh when we get to uncle Benjamin's 's ill let you out okay girl ," I whisper and pet her trough her cage ,which she cant stand .

"Annabelle , will you get that bird to be quite ," said Mrs. Heliotrope , she isn't mean but she isn't a travel type person .

"sorry ,she just doesn't like her cage ," I said and smile sheepishly "hows the needle point going "

"worderfully ," said mrs. Heliotrope making a rose .

"horrible, I can't make the ears look normal ," said maria making a rabbit .

"well don't look at me I can't make anything in this route ," I say

"hey look were stopping ," said Maria sticking her head out the window . I follow her lead and poke my head out the other window ,only to be grabbed by a pair of hands . I hear Maria scream . I cant grab my wand as its in my trunk , I know not smart but I didn't have anywhere else to put it . I yell for digweed but he doesn't hear,shoot! Then luna somehow got out her cage and started clawing the hands that grabbed me , thatta girl! The person who grabbed me let got and hugged his hand to his chest as luns grabs his bowler hat and flings it to the ground . I pull myself back into the carrege as the bandits fall off the carriage to avoid being clawed by luna or scratched by Maria's needle .Finally digweed comes back and caries us away from the bandents .

" well that was scary ," said Maria and I nodded as we petted Luna . When we pulled to a stop I saw that we were in front of a huge manor , it was coverd in dead plants , some of the tiest on the roof were gone and the paint was peeling . In its time it must have been butiful , I wonder what happened . I step out first with lunas cage in one hand , her on my shoulder fixing her feathers.

"welcome to moon acre ," said a man younger that father with black hair .

" it's a pleaser to meet you ,uncle " said maria her hand ready to shake his but he didn't move to shake it .

"thank you for letting us stay here ," I said and fought the urge to bow for some reason .

"sir Benjamin, what a journey we've had , on the way here we were attacked by bandits ." mrs. Heliotrope said but was quit off by uncle .

"Madam, please, I'll hear your fascinating story some other time, if I may," he said turning into the house , motioning for us to follow ,I turn to maria to see her making a sour face at his retreating back . she look at me as I giggled and she joined but we grabbed hands and ran after uncle with luna flying above my head . We enter a parlor with some comfy looking chairs with a fireplace but my attention was on the dog with the red eyes , it must one of those magical dogs I saw in hogsmade one time . I wonder if he knows it's a magical dog I can practically feel magic coming off it . I put my hand out for it to smell it and the dog licks it .i drop to my knees and start petting it

"annabelle what are doing ," said Maria in a whisper .

""His name is Wrolf," said uncle a slight smile on my face " there are those who find him alarming "

I mentally roll my eyes their , mrs. Heliotrope and Maria.

"he can kill in a incent," he said and I froze wide eyed , hearing gasp behind me "But Annabelle and Maria are both Merryweathers. He very probably will not harm you."

"come I will show you your rooms ," he said with wrolf at his feet , we follow him down many halls and stairs until he stops .

"Mrs. Heliotrope , your room is right over there to the right ," said uncle

"come girls I'm sure your room are close to mine ," said Mrs. Heliotrope

"no the girls room is in the tower ," he said maria looked ready to protest but I looked unchanged because I was used to not having her around because of Hogwarts but it took time to get like that .

"but uncle ,I –" started Maria

"maybe you should see your room before you shove your noise up at it ," he said and took off again and we slowly followed .we went up a stairs and into a small parlor with a portate of a pretty raven haired lady . Before I knew it uncle was halfway down the stairs

"goodnight uncle ," we say but Maria rolled her eyes . I nudge her and there her two doors one maria size one mine ,each with our names on the doors . I walk up the staires and into the room and gasp .

it was beautiful

The floor war a pretty dark cherry wood . the walls had murals of a garden at twilight with different stages of the moon as the molding at the top . there was a desk in a hidden curved little like ,the size of a umbrella closet ,but the chair was a sliver swing and a small empty bookshelf built into the wall above the desk . the desk had new quills and in a box in one of the drawers there was ink of every color , fresh parchment and anything ekes you would need . on the legs and draws of the desk there was fairies ,shells animals and flowers carved into a beautiful dark wood . there was a huge wardrobe that had all my dresses in it and some pants to fly in . there was a vanity with all the necessities on it . the bed was shaped in a rose for the back bored and the petals as the side tables .There was a silver stand for luna that had silver vines climbing the post . The most amazing part of the room was the silving with stars that looked like the real thing .

"do you think ill get to hunt tomorrow ," asked luna

"I don't know but I think I will explore the grounds al little tomarrow and thank you for earlier ," I said

" no problem but you better get dressed and soon ," she said .

By the time I got changed in my night gown and unpacked it was late and I fell asleep the minute I hit the pillow dreaming of the adventures I would have here