Chapter 10

I felt myself being shaken, I was really cold. I also felt water falling on my face and I heard sobbing in the background .

"Annabelle please wake up ," said a male voice and I heard maira sobbing

"its all my fault I should have done it instead ," she said in-between sobs. I slowly open my eyes and see a bunch of bleary figures , I close my eyes again from not having a drop of energy left in me . I felt my body being picked up in a gentle hug

"oh thank god ," I heard robin say . I open my eyes to see im in robins lap and every one was staring at me .

"what happened and why am I so tired ," I mutter and mairea hugs me .

"we saved the valley , but you missed the unicorn and wrolf but hes a lion now ," maria said grinning and explained as I regained my energy . When I was well enough to stand and put my weight on uncle , who turned out to be a sweet guy , I turned to robin and grinned .

"were you worried robin ," I ask and he rolls his eyes and says .

"no , anyone could have done that ," he mutter but was obviously lying , earning him a smack upside the head from love day.

"you were almost as bad as Maria ," she said s and we both blush .i look over to see uncle hugging love day .

" please forgive my stubborn pride ," he said and kneeled down on one knee " love day will –"

He started but was cut off by one of the men that were chasing us earlier

"I shall finish them now ," he said pointing a gun at me and anther at Maria but our beloved yet strange nanny came behind him and started beating him with a old umbrella skeleton eventually making him run away .

"that would be the search party sir ," Digweed said looking at the de noirs .

"girls I'm here , I'm here to save you ," she said running to us with open arms with were filled in a millisecond .

"thank you ," we say hugging her .

"oh is there to be a wedding ,
" she ask cutting of uncle yet again and love day looks down at uncle . Digweed walked over to her and muttered something and pointed to him and after a few unreachoisable words sounds , they were holding hands . I felt my hand being with the perfect match , and I look up to see robin grinning at me , I rested my head on his shoulder grinning like a fool .

"well there we are then nothing to be done ," uncle said and I grabbed robins hat and put it on my head , making him laugh . This is one of the best monuments ever . im making a file in my brain for it to be placed in .