Chapter 9

"it'll all be over soon " I whispered . I guess it will all be for the best when I give the ultimate sacrifice . Everything will be happy and good again and it will just moke me when maria and robin get closer . Maria would be good for him I guess she is a breath of fresh air , and she is human unlike me . I was not good enough for robin im just a nasty ,vile and evil witch like all the fairytales say , the witch never gets the happy ending everyone knows that .

"Annabelle , are you okay ," I heard someone next to me ask .

"yeah why ," I said but notice my voice is my crying voice . I look up to see Maria chasing after wrolf and robin looking down at me concerned .

" you know I am sorry ," he said " you were the closest thing I had to a best friend ,"

"what about your little group that you the ring leader of ," I ask

" well they all have best friends already and don't really share , but we really close too ,"

"oh ," I said and whipped and tears .

"do you forgive me ," he ask

"I don't think I can, you broke my heart ," I said and left him there but I didn't hear him come after me . I caught up with Maria and she looks worried .

"wrolf ," she calls but he doesn't come , I sensed danger .

"Maria get behind me ," I tell her and get in fighting position , and look around and hear an eco of a bark , wrolfs bark .

"wrolf ," Maria whimpers .

"WROLF ," she yells and runs after him leaving me by myself

"robin ," I ask and somebody grabs me from behind and I hid my wand in my sleave .

" let me go ," I try to say but a hand was over my mouth , I was carried through the woods and I saw robin and his dad talking and some of their clan taunting wrolf as he tries to get out a hole

"WROLF ," I yell and all eyes are fixed on me .

"oh look its our little moon princess , its time to end this once and for all ," said robins father taking out a knife , and slowly advancing to me . I struggle to get out of the men's grip but eventually I get free and I point my wand in the air and yell

"Accio fireblot,"I yell but start to get worried because it isn't coming fast enough .

"oh your little spell didn't work ," he whispered tauntingly in my ear .

"Annabelle run ," robin yells. I see my firebolt over the horizon I just have to grab it , but as I go to grab it robins dad trys to stab me in the heart but got my arm , making me fall to the ground broom and wand still in hand . I looked at my arm and wince its so deep I can see a bit of bone . I look up and see robins father slowly walking to me he bends down and smiles evilly before stabbing me but I roll away and grab my broom . I mount my broom and robin tells me he'll catch up later and to find Maria , I nod my head and flew up and to where I last saw Maria. I find her but see that robins father is already there . he has her in a head lock and she is screaming .I flew to the ground and pull up at the last second before jumping off . I'm about to break out a can of whoop-ass .

"LEAVE HER ALONE ," I yell at him and he sneers . then a gun gunshot goes off , no !

"or you'll do what ," he sneers and Maria bits his hand and grabs mine and I wince as she grabs my arm that was now covered in blood , she looks down and gasp and runs into someone .Making me fall down cradling my arm .

"HOW COULD YOU BETRAY ME LIKE THAT , " She yelled and pushed robin but he whispered something to her before running to his dad ,putting a knife to his throat .When robin did this his dads eyes widened in shock .

"I will not let you take their life ," he said and his father sneered

"put the knife down boy ," he growled

"father please , you have to listen to what they have to say ," robin said and I tried to stop the blood flow but it was getting worse , I was starting to feel light headed .

"traitor , you are nothing to me now " his father growled and robin spun around and picked me up and told Maria to run .

"ILL KNOW WHERE TO FIND YOU ," he yelled to our retreating backs .

"Annabelle , are you okay ," he asked me as he ran with me in his arms

"I feel really light headed and my arms hurt really bad," I whisper and buried my head in his jacket .

"MOVE MARIA THERE RIGHT BEHIND US ," he yelled and ran faster until we got to the tree and he sled down with me still in his arms .

"I think I can walk now robin," I said

"you sure , you've lost a lot of blood ," he said unsure whietither to let me walk or not ,

"yeah," I said and followed maria .

"oh look at this ," Maria whispered pointing to a door .she pushed it open and we walked into a small living space but roots have grown over everything . I started looking and haven't found anything .

"were are they Maria" wounded aloud ,

"look Maria , like the ones in our bedrooms ," I say pointing to a hours . she walks over and pulls and out ravels a hidden exit , robin drops down to see were it leads and I say a quick spell to heal my arm , it burns for a second but I'm still a little weak but its healed . I look back o see maria holing the pearls , smiling.

"the pearls ," said robin but our joyful moment was ruined by some of the de noir clan , robin runs to lock the door but it wont hold for long . I run to the other exit ans start to crawl I only faintly hear the door close. I could barly see my hand in frount of my face

"its dark in here," whispers robin and I roll my eyes

"really because , I can everything in vivid color ," I say sarcasticly , and he smiles

"I see your feeling better," he said

"moon pearls please we need your help . show us the way ," I hear maira say ffrom far ahead of us and the moon pearls lights up and somehow maria knows where to go.i hear a thud and look to see robin holding his head .

"smooth robin ," I say laughing

"well not all of us are shourt like you ," hje mutters

"im not short ," I say

"oh yeah you're the tallest person I know ," he says rolling his eyes

"you two shhh ," maria sayd to us harshly and I hold up my hands in surrender as she walks a little faster . I feel robins eyes on my back and I turn around and smile . I wait for his to be next to me and I kiss his cheek , and blush .

"what was that for ," he said touching his cheek " I though you hated me "

"it was for not leaving me behind , and I don't hate you ," I whisper so maria doesn't hear

"but I though that you didn't forgive me because I broke your heart or something ," he whisperd

"you did but I forgive you ," I said and smiled up at him and felt him grab my hand and squeses it ,but doesn't let go .

Im going to miss all this when I sacrifice myself , robin and my friends and family . I haven't even had kids or gotten married yet .i know I have to though , but my life was finaaly turning around and I wish one of us didn't have to die .

"we're lost ," robin said impatiently but we ignore him .

" maria ,' he says again , and unintally squishes my hand but I don't mind .

"robin , Annabelle hurry up ," she says and then gasped.

"don't you see shes showing us the way ," maria says and runs out a door that was overlooked .

"uncle stop ," I yell seeing him and robins father fighting .

"father , look we found the pearls , and Maria nodded and pushed ou the pearls .

"GIVE ME THE PEARLS GIRL ," de noir yells.

"thouse damn pearls , they've brought us nothing but heart ache .

"no uncle , it is not the pearls but the greed in our hearts that bring us this misery ," maria says , kind of like yoda .

"stop father ," I hear lovedays voice from the entrance , we all turn to look at her .

"why is there so much hatred in your heart ," loveday says

"my daughter ,"

"don't you want to be freed of this darkness imprisoning you ," loveday ask her father .

"is is he ," he replied pointing to my uncle .Love day grabs their hands and pulls uncles and they join hands and she grabs the pearls and puts them on both of their hands so if one pulls away they will fall.

"look the 5,000 moon , the cures is coming and is you can sacrifice your pride , then we can save us , the whole valley ," Maria said

"after you ," said uncle

"no, after you ," says cour de noir , and Maria pushes down their hands and grabs the pearls with disgust and grabs my hand away from robins .

"we must do this ourselves ," she said and walked to the cliff side . I was afraid of heights ! After I put away my fears I hold up the moon wand and the same time as Maria .

"at the 5000 moon , I Maria Merryweather ," she stares

" and I Annabelle Merryweather remove the cures from the valley that darkens this valley ," I continue

"take back what is yours ,' she yells and we throw the wand and the pearls into the sea but they come flying back to me .

"Maria , you know what has to happen now ," I say and she nods and hugs me trying to hold back tears . " reamber I love you and tell everyone the same ," I tell her and she nods and steps back and walks to uncle .i brake the strand of pearls and throw them and the wand but the just attach themselves to my dress .That was my last hope , I take a step closer to the edge look back and meet everyone's eyes , but when my eyes land on robin's , I wish this wouldn't have to happen , but wishing wasn't a possibility in this case .i walk as close to the edge without falling off and jump to the waiting seas below me . I hear my family ( friends too ) yelling , and running to the edge.

I whip the pearls off my dress and the fall to the ocean floor and I point the wand up and say with the only air I had .

"i wish the cures was over , by Merlin I use the life wish ," I say using the oldest and most unused magic of all , the life wish . The life wish was something that with all your heart and energy you had to use but it was still a 50 50 chance .i felt my lungs begging for air as I blacked out . I felt my soul being ripped away from my body . I had finally giving up and I let my soul leave my body .

Ill miss you all