The Wandering Samurai of Minbar

By: Charles Bridges

A Rerouni Kenshin and Babylon 5 Crossover

This story is fan made I don't own the rights to Rurouni Kenshin or Babylon 5.

Preface: After the death of Kenshin Himura on Earth an unknown light appears in the night sky. Afterwards samples of the ashes that remain of the famous man-slayer of the Imperialists are taken from an Urn in Kaoru's home. The mysterious light then vanishes above Earth. The purpose of this act remains unknown. Only an ancient race that took the ashes and the alien responsible fully understands why. Our story takes place just before Dukhat's death and the Earth Minbari War.

Chapter 1:

Kosh's Bodyguard

Aboard a Minbari Cruiser in the private quarters of Dukhat in orbit around Minbar he meets with Kosh after a meeting of the Grey Council where Lehnon spoke of the fulfillment of the prophecy.

"So now it starts" said Dukhat. The Vorlon says nothing but then he notices an unusual alien standing by him. He never met a species like him before but he knows that the Grey Council is becoming increasingly interested in his species but Dukhat understands that soon the two peoples will meet and the encounter will decide the fate of the galaxy. "The alien beside you, is that a Human?" and the Human gives an innocent smile saying, "I am indeed a Human my name is Kenshin Himura I am pleased to meet you, please regard me favorably".

Dukhat was astonished by his fluent Minbar sense no Human has ever visited his world before. He asks, "Have you visited my world before?" Kenshin responds I have been in the service of the Vorlons for a long time. When I am not needed I am a wanderer among the stars learning of many peoples and their languages that I have."

Then Dukhat notices the weapon at his side, "Do you always travel with a weapon even when there is no threat?" Kenshin explains "I am a bodyguard for now for Mr. Kosh that I am, but if you are worried that I will cause trouble because of the stories you have heard of my race then you may lay those fears to rest. Once long ago I was a man-slayer but I have sworn an oath to never slay another life ever again I have."

Dukhat was pleased by what he heard replying,"I am happy to hear that, I hope the rest of your race is the same as you". Kenshin responded, "I am afraid that is the reason why we are here Mr. Dukhat we have heard about the Grey Council's meeting with the head of the Anla'shak we have also heard of your visit to Zaha'dum". Dukhat responded,"I don't understand" Kosh responds, "Understanding is a three edged sword". Just as Ducat was going to speak Kosh interrupts him saying "When the time comes, you must not open the gun ports!" Dukhat says, " but it has always been our tradition to show strength as a sign of respect" Kenshin responds, " Mr. Dukhat, you don't understand, when a swordsman draws his sword it is to spill blood." Dukhat submits in understanding," I think I understand upon departure I will instruct my vessel to do nothing without my consent". Kenshin responds, "Let us hope that your meeting with my race goes well and does not end in disaster we will speak more about this later". Dukhat was surprised by what Kenshin said because it meant that the Vorlons had planned to join the expedition.

"We will be honored to have you with us during the voyage" said Dukhat.

Kenshin Responded, "It is important that no one knows of my existence on your ship it is, if the encounter indeed goes badly then the knowledge of my presence may cause mistrust among your people." Ducat bowed in agreement, "Vary well, you may stay in my quarters for the duration of the journey" Kenshin responds "Good when the time comes I will arrive on board your Cruiser until then, we will be watching".

Aboard a Minbari cruiser hours before the fateful encounter with a fleet of Earth Alliance warships.

Dukhat, Kosh and Kenshin meet in a private room "We are almost there, that we are" said Kenshin. Dukhat replies, "Kenshin, I have a favor to ask of you and Kosh." Kosh responds, "She is ready". Kenshin adds to Kosh's approval "Although I have not yet met with her Kosh tells me that your apprentice is a strong willed woman with a destiny, she does". Dukhat asks "Will you protect her when she needs you the most". Kenshin bows and replies, "I give you my word when the time comes and she needs my help I will not hesitate to help her". Dukhat in gratitude says, "Thank you my friend if only our warrior caste was more like you".

Hours Later:

A series of loud sounds and crashes interrupts Kenshin's rest. "Kosh, WHATS HAPPENED!" Kenshin shouts. Kosh replies, "They didn't listen". Kenshin concluded, "Then the war we have been trying to prevent has started". Kenshin grabs Dukhat's cloak to disguise himself but Kosh stops him, "NO! It is not time yet, be patient Deleen will come you must hide when she arrives wait until I summon you". Kenshin replies, "I understand then we will wait that we will". Then a voice from the other side of the door cries out "SOUL HUNTERS ARE BREAKING INTO THE SHIP! STOP THEM BEFORE THEY GET TO DUKHAT'S BODY". Kenshin respond's "KOSH I CAN'T ALLOW THIS", Kosh replies "Put this on" Kenshin realizing it's a changeling outfit he puts it on and the image of a warrior appears in Kenshin's place. Kosh says only a single word, "Go". Kenshin dash's to where Dukhat's body is to find Soul Hunters fighting their way to the fallen leader's body as deleen protects him. Kenshin draws his sword and attacks the first Soul Hunter with The Dragon Hammer Slash knocking the soul hunter into a nearby wall. Kenshin speaks to them saying " I will not allow you to take his soul". One of them spoke," You have no right to stop us we are trying to save Dukhat to preserve his soul" Kenshin interrupted "You will go back the way you came". Then he readies his sword to make another attack. Kenshin cries out "SA RYU SEN!". The Minbari sit in awe as with one swipe of his sword a gust of wind forms inside the ship to repel the soul hunters back into their ships. The soul hunters retreat dragging one of their own back as he tries desperately to get to Dukhat but it was too late and the great leader is dead.

At that moment the ship jumps into hyperspace to hunt down the humans responsible for attacking them and killing Dukhat. Kenshin walks over to Deleen and says to her "We need to talk now". Deleen, realizing she doesn't know this warrior and he didn't call her by her title of Sa'tai she asks him in suspicion "who are you?" Kenshin responds "Who I am is not important you only need to know that I was a friend of your master and you must stop this war before it gets worse". Deleen responds with anger "THEY KILLED MY MASTER AND YOUR FRIEND AND YOU WANT ME TO STOP" Kenshin then removed the changeling outfit to reveal himself" Deleen saw that he was a human with a cross-shaped scar on his left cheek. Baffled as to how he got onboard without being discovered she realized that before the attack Dukhat brought onboard environmental equipment. Deleen asks Kenshin "Are you with the Vorlon" Kenshin replies "I am, I am Kenshin Himura Ms Deleen when it is time we will meet again" Kenshin puts his changeling outfit back on and walks away sheathing his sword.