Wandering Samarai of Babylon 5

Chapter 3

The Cross-shaped Scar

Disclaimer: I do not own the rights to Babylon 5 or Rurouni Kenshin and Samarai X this is purely fanmade.

Years of war had passed. The human race keeps fighting and grows evermore desperate. There was no way the humans could win but with every small victory Earth bought itself more time until one day time ran out.

Inside Dukhat's sanctuary Kenshin looks out the window and looks at the stars recounting the tortured memories of being a manslayer. Kosh stands by his side as if silently telling his friend that the only ones who can stop this is the Minbarri themselves. " So the final battle has arrived" said Kenshin. Kosh responds " The story has not yet ended". Then Deleen enters the room troubled. Kenshin refuses to look at her but gives her an acknowledgement. Deleen says to him " I am so sorry for what has happened I tried to stop it but now the war has taken a mind of its own". Unable to call him her friend feeling unworthy of that gift she bows her head in sadness.

Kenshin began to speak, " I was just like you long ago before you were ever born". Then Deleen's attention to Kenshin was fixed " How can you, you have made a vow to never harm another life. There is so much blood on my hands as if the skies clouded and it rained blood". " You were not the only one that caused the rain to bleed" Kenshin replied. In that moment the memory of a woman Kenshin once loved appeared in his mind. " There is a story behind the scar on my face that I will tell you in hope that you may still save your soul before it is forever lost to darkness" Deleen sat down and Kenshin stood before her showing the scar. " When the Vorlons restored my body it was complete but one part of me was missing this scar so I put the scar back on" Deleen listened more attentively to Kenshins story trying to show some of her Religious caste respect as she realizes that Kenshin is more then just a Samarai of his own warrior caste he is a seeker that began his journey in a time she had not lived on the world that whose fate is now in her hands.

" My story began when I was only a boy. My parents had died and I was taken as a slave I had no real family there but three woman who acted as my guardians. Then a group of bandits came and began to slaughter everyone. I wanted to protect the three woman who were taking care of me but they stopped me saying to me that their fates have been decided but mine had not. One by one they all died to protect me the last one to die told me that I must live. Thats when my master Sejiro Hiko came and rescued me. He then said that I may hate these murderers but that hate will not bring them back. He came back later after I had buried everyone. I couldn't make a decent tombstone so I gave them ugly rocks with no tribute for them. So he gave them saki for me. He then asked for my name and he renamed me Kenshin. Thats when my training started in Hiten Mitsuruki swordsmenship. As I learned more my skills became noticeable by a rebel group who recruited me to be an assassin. In my arrogance I foolishly became a manslayer forever staining my hands with blood. Something not even the Vorlons, as powerful as they are, could never take away.

The first principle of Hiten Mitsuruki is " a sword swung in my name is to prevent the shedding of innocent blood", back then I thought that meant that to fight a war for the cause of changing Japan to being a country where the innocent and defenceless would be protected was just and right, I did know until much later that what he was really saying that the only purpose for a swordsmen was to kill and that a swordsmen that believes he is fighting a just cause is the most arrogant and foolish murderer of them all. " Deleen interrupted and said " it sounded like Sejiro Hiko wanted you to avoid making the same mistakes he made" Kenshin agreed and then continued, " That he did and if only I had understood that the most traumatic moment of my life would never have occured. One day I killed a politician who worked for the Shogunate along with his bodyguards. He wasn't at all a competent swordsmen but his passion to live had him strike a blow on my face. He wasn't trying to fight for honour but rather so he can be with his beloved. Whom he called to in his last words. I thought if I left a flower on his body it would give his soul some comfort that things would be alright, but that was a selfdelusion. Just another sign of my arrogance disguised as kindness.

Afterwards I discovered a traitor was in our ranks after me and several imperialist rebels were ambushed. One such ambush led me to a woman who make me realize my foolishness, Tomo. At first were spoke briefly but after awhile we connected so much that our leader wanted her to stay with me as my "sheath" believing I was on the verge of losing my soul.

One day our headquarters was ambushed by the "Wolves of Nibu" or as they were more commonly called " The Shin sin gumi". A secret police that doubled as a death squad for anyone that got in the way of the Shogunate. We were then sent to a safe house for awhile during that time we had to pose as husband and wife and after awhile thats what we became. As time passed we became closer and closer until one day we fell in love. Then one day she disappeared I found out then that she was meeting with conspirators to kill me. My heart was broken and I fought to meet with the chief conspirator and kill him. Afterwards I had won but I lost something more precious to me. Tomo when she died she gave me the cross on my cheek which I keep to remind myself of my vow. When the war was over I swore to never kill another life for as long as I live. I am telling you this story because there is still hope. Don't make the same mistake I made. Stop this war before its too late". Deleen with tears in her eyes seeing that she like Kenshin is now a manslayer. She says to Kenshin " they, they just need a reason to stop we all want to stop that is all". Then Kosh said " the answer lies in itself", Deleen didn't understand, but then it was time for the battle to begin and Deleen left the room.

Kosh then said to Kenshin. " this is why you are here". Kenshin replied " you want me to teach these people but I am unworthy of being Sejiro Hiko". Kosh replied, " Being a swordsmen is not about being a manslayer" Kenshin replied " I know but that knowledge does not wash my hands of blood especially Tomo's how can I teach others like this" Kosh answered " remember them". Kenshin then remember the first thing Kosh showed him when his body was remade. It was an old garment with a familier scent of Tomo's perfume. Kenshin raised his head and said " I will teach the Anlashok but I will not take the name Sejiro Hiko".

Much later the sound of violence stoped. Kenshin stepped out of the sanctum in his changeling outfit disguised as a warrior. He hid his sword behind him under his cloak and walked to find Deleen with relief on her face. Deleen's eyes were now filled with tears of Joy " the war is over". " That is good, it is", replied Kinshin. Deleen then mentions her discovery and the discovery of the Gray Council to Kenshin. " if Minbari do not kill other Minbari then our civilizations will be one" continued Deleen. " We must prevent this from happening again". " Yes, and I must do my part you are in need of a new leader of the Anlashok, I will teach them the Hiten Mitsuruki but we must start recruiting Humans as well as Minbari to become Rangers". " If you wish to become this then I will help." Replied Deleen but then Kenshin interrupted saying " No, you must help maintain peaceful relations between our peoples that means you must be an ambassador". Deleen disagreed saying " but the Minbari will not accept you even with Kosh with you." Another voice entered the room this time two members of the warrior caste. Saying " So this is why you have stopped the war, you are in league with the enemy!"

Kenshin realised he had been discovered somehow. He readies his sword for combat as the Minbari prepares his fighting pike. " You are quite brave to enter our ship, I assume to sabotage our ship so your forces can take us from within our own ships. How clever, and to use a member of the Gray Council to get you in, how dispicable of you!" The other Minbari stood in a familier pose and said nothing also carrying an equally familier weapon. The Minbari getting ready to fight asks for his opponents name " What is your name Human so you can die with Honour", his enemy responds with a fierce gaze " Kenshin Himura of the Hiten Mitsuruki and you are?" The minbari Warrior answered, " Alyte Neroon of the Star Riders Clan prepare to die Human". As he said this he made ready for battle against the Samarai.