Hello All!

I've had this written for a bit, but I didn't want to post it until I was closer to having the first true chapter ready. Hopefully I'll get some time after these exams this week to type it up as well. As you can see from my profile, I'm once again branching out in my writing portfolio :)

I hope all of you will enjoy this fic. In the meantime, let me know what you think of this sneak peek preview!

xoxo B


I haven't heard from you in a week and a half. I'm really starting to worry about you. Not even a text message to let me know you're still alive. This isn't like you to not send me even a one word something.

I'm not looking forward to celebrating my birthday without you. I was counting on you taking care of me while Jess and I got a bit sloppy. I guess all my big plans have changed though, huh. Rocco is actually giving VIP to me as my present. Maybe I'll get a life-size cutout of you and just prop it up against the wall. It would be just like having you here! :)

I hope your brother isn't making you too crazy. Maybe next time he finds a new slutty girl you can call me! Kidding…kind of. Remember to watch out for yourself. I worry about you two and your cross-country road trip.


PS: Matt shaved off his eyebrows accidentally. He looks like a total idiot. I'll send you a text of it so you can have a good laugh too.


Sorry. We've been going nonstop, and the only time I've looked at my laptop was to research where we were going. I'm running on fumes, and sleep is harder to come by with Dean in charge than when we would pull all-night study sessions at Stanford. I'm fine. My phone, however, isn't. I just texted you from my new number so make sure to save it.

Dean thinks I'm crazy. I laughed so hard at that text message. That picture of Matt was priceless. I'll save that idea away for when Dean decides to be an ass with his prank wars.

I hate that I won't be there for the Big 21. Wish we would venture back that way so I could see you again. Don't get crazy drunk without me there. Too many guys will try to take advantage of you.

Maybe I'll get you a webcam so we can see each other when we talk. I could use your smile—Dean's too much to deal with sometimes.

I'll call you soon.

Love Sam