Hi guys!

Long time no talk, eh?

This is MK speaking, just to tell everyone what's new around here with me. I know you people want to read, so I'll stop talking. Anyways, here you go:

Some of you have sent me PMs asking to make a "Hold your tears back" sequel. I can't. At least not now. I'm moving and having little time to do anything I like. Blame it on school. I also need to think up of some ideas to use.

I'm sorry to all my reviewers, and everyone who faved my story, and I'm not being sarcastic. These people spent their time reviewing my stories, and I feel really bad for not being able to make a sequel to please them…

Thank- you guys, and once again, I'm sorry. I really am.


I'll post a message letting you guys know if I'm thinking of starting a sequel. Again, I really want too, but I can't for the moment.

Oh, and I might post little one- shots every now and then. That's all I had in mind for now. Thank- you for taking the time to read this.


I'm thinking of changing my user name. Please pick leave a comment, telling me your opinion.

~ Options ~

A) Heartless Babe

B) Sexy Caramel

C) Hot Brunette


D) I don't need to change my name.

E) Make up a name for me please!

I personally like options B & C… But I guess they're all pretty cool! Again, please leave comments giving your opinions or made- up user names! Oh, and yay me, I'm in Paris right now! Isn't that awesome? Lol, sorry, I'm just excited…

Once again, pwease* comment and read my other Fanfics, that would mean a lot to me!

Thank- you everyone,

Magic Kiwi

*That was purposely spelled wrong to make me sound cute! :P