A day later…

The loud horn from the ship signaled to the cruisers that the ship had finally docked to the pier and that it was safe to un-board.

"Look at that view!" One of them mention while the group descend down the ramp with their luggage in tow.

They admire how the rural and urban setting seamlessly merges with each other in an almost eco-friendly environment.

Shikamaru releases a whistle of appreciate after he scans their surroundings once they stand on the pier.

The captain and other ship crew members were greeting the passengers as they pass by and informing them of departure time.

"Where did you all find this place?" Sai poses as he itches to draw the magnificent view that is in front of him.

Neji faces the raven hair male in order to provide an answer to his question, "It's a family secret."

"Anyway, we need to head to the hotel. It should be time for us to check in." He adds in while he adjusts the duffle bag that is slung over his shoulder.

"Oi Neji," Naruto promptly speaks up, "how are we doing the rooms?"

"Oh that's right, I did forget to tell you all about that." The brunette male utters more to himself before he starts to explain, "The way Hinata's father, my uncle, booked the room under Hinata and my name."

"You know what that means…guys in one room and girls in the other!" Ino shouts prior to the separation of genders from the announcement.

"I guess we settled that fairly well." One of the guys mentions since the girls hardly put up a fight.

The groups patiently wait at the taxi/van pick up when two taxi vans motor up alongside the curb and stop in front of them.

"See you losers later!"


"When is rehearsal again?" Sakura inquisitively poses while she unzips her suitcase in order to search for a cute outfit to wear for the rehearsals.

Hinata peers over at the clock, read the time, and answers, "In a few minutes actually,"

The platinum blonde loudly grumbles before she dramatically exasperates, "Are we even going to have time to get ready?"

"What are you talking about?! It's just a freaking rehearsal!" Temari reminds her with a little bit of venom lace in her tone.

Ino cuts her eyes over at the dirty blonde and haughtily proclaims, "A lady must always place her best foot forward at all times."

"…or you're just a vain individual," Temari swiftly clarifies after she randomly tosses her bag off inside of the closet and waits for the others.

"Just hurry up and get dress!" Sakura merely interjects herself in their conversation before it morphs in to a fight.


"I bet the girls are going to be late." Rock Lee alleges while he repeatedly peeks over in the direction of the ballroom door.

"More like Ino will be the one to be late." Kiba provides the actual reason why the girls would more than likely be late.

"Good point," Naruto agrees with his friend.

"If anyone is a narcissistic vain woman it's her." The brunette adamantly declares about the platinum blonde woman along with a loud huff.

"You know, you just use two synonyms to describe her personality right?" Shikamaru discloses to him while he lazily plops down in the chair.

Kiba irritably snaps at the other brunette in the room, "Ah shut up, I just speak the truth."

The girls finally filed inside of the ballroom after being instructed on where the wedding rehearsal would take place.

Luckily for them, everything had flown smoothly on the first go round so the wedding planner allowed them to depart.

"Hey, do you all want to go and get some beers?" Neji

"I need the alcohol like now." Kiba

"Lee since you don't have a high tolerance you can pretend."

"I have a date." Rock Lee discloses, which earns the shock response of "What?!" from the guys.

"Well good luck with that, as long as you don't go dry humping someone's daughter." Shikamaru advises not only Lee but another one of the fellas.

"Hey! I can handle my liquor! Besides, I kinda am humping someone's daughter." Kiba dismisses the brunette's advice with a smirk on his face.

"Oh, you dirty dog!" Naruto coyly remarks about Kiba's response to Shikamaru.



"How come everywhere we go…we have to go shopping?!" Tenten irritably complains while she dramatically slumps over from boredom.

"Good question, why are we even shopping? I don't need any more clothes." Hinata curiously wonders with her index finger against her chin.

"You don't but I do!" Ino loudly shrieks while she shifts through a rack of clothes.

Tenten merely rolls her eyes at the platinum blonde's action before she grumbles, "Ugh, can we puh-lease do something else? I'm dying over here."

"Like what? I think I pretty much got most of my things." Ino demands with an arm full of clothes in her possession.

Sakura peers at each one of the girls' faces, mulls over it for a while, and then says what was on her mind. "How about…drinking?"

"Drinking?" Ino repeats before she was cut off by the other blonde that was in the group, "Hold on a minute…"

"Temari, what are you..." Sakura was about to ask until she watches her flag down two guys.

"Excuse me, do you know where some good bars are?" The dirty blonde had posed them the question.

They watch as the two guys converse with each other as they rattle off names of places, which sometimes earns a dismiss for another name until "That's the perfect place."

"Thank you again," "No problem, enjoy your night."

"Hey, I know a good place."


On the other hand…

The guys thoroughly delighted in the delicious food and sweet liquor that was served by some very beautiful barmaids.

Naruto roughly rubs his elbow against Kibs's side until he catches his attention, "Oi, look at that,"

"Who knew he had a way with the ladies?" The blonde adds in as they watch Sai happily converse with some of the employees.

Kiba shrugged his shoulders, drunk his beer, and alleged, "I think they like the mysterious brooding artist type."

"Fellas! You look like a group of guys that can hold their alcohol pretty well. Do you want to join in on some drinking games?" Their barmaid reveals to them after she delivers another round a beer. "If you win you'll receive a cash prize!"

They soon exchange glances at each other before they declare their participation in the specific events.


"This place sure is rowdy." Ino abruptly complains after they enter inside of a bar.

"Ah come on, it just means that they're just a lively bunch." Temari downplays her comment while they search for an empty booth.

"Yeah, whatever," The platinum blonde jaws before Asakura points out an empty booth for them to have a seat.

"What can I do for you ladies?" A barmaid inquires once she notices the group of women that occupy a once empty table.

Suddenly another loud noise could be heard followed by the sound of screams nearby

"Hey what's all the fuss is about?" Tenten curiously poses as her eyes lock in on the slightly chaotic group of people.

"Oh you're talking about our drinking games." She provides a response to the patrons' question with a friendly smile

"Drinking games?" The girls simultaneously repeat.

"Yep, the winner of the game gets a cash prize." 'A cash prize? Oh…that's extra spending money!'

"Temari," Ino suddenly calls the dirty blonde's name along with a placid expression on her face.

"What do you want?" Temari demands while she flips and scans through a beverage menu.

"Doesn't this remind you of the old days?" She promptly mentions, which earns her fellow blonde's attention.

Temari briefly breaks away from the menu, cracks a smile on her face, and jovially reminisces, "How could I forget?! We used to flip a couple of cups for some change."

Ino then points her head in the direction of the noise while she challenges her friend with a coy smirk, "Like old times?" "Like old times,"

The two blondes hop to their feet, follow behind the bar maid until they unexpectedlty hear one of the girls say, "Oh slow down, I'm going to join in too!"

At the beer pong game…

"Yeah!" Shikamaru happily shouts after he high fives his partner on their victory.

"Who's next?!" Kiba eagerly calls out to their next opponent with a cocky expression on his face.

Their demeanor rapidly changes once they register the faces of the challengers .

"What the hell are you all doing here?!" Ino and Kiba inquisitively questions at the same time as they point at each other.

"I asked first!" Kiba and Ino firmly stated after they dropped their hands to the side of their body

"Stop copying me!" Ino and Kiba irratably demand from the other while they dramatically react to the other.

"So are we going to play or what?" Temari redirect the focus back back on to the task at hand.

"Troublesome as always" Shikamaru casually shrugs of before they watch one of the girls pick up the ping-pong ball and set up for a shot.

"Wow those girls are really good!" One of the more sober patron whispered to their friends all while they they watch the girls eliminate majority of the cups on their opponent's side .

'Shit…I never knew they were good at this! I might have severely underestimated them.' Shikamaru surprisingly surmises as he observes their performance.

'Ha, that look on his face is priceless.' Temari inwardly giggles at their expressions on their faces.

'Oh crap…all they need is three more cups.' Kiba eventually deems after he peaks down at the table on their end,

'And count that as two!' Ino predicts all while she lined up with the cup, calls which one, gently tosses it, and observes it land in the cup.

One of the more drunken patrons unintentionally stumbles forward and knocks over the beer pong table.

"What the hell?!" The four of them simultaneously and furiously screams at the drink customer.

"Looks like you'll have to start over." One of the barmaids that serve as a referee determine the next course of action.

'That was the perfect game!'

On the other hand, Tenten happily flashes her earnings from her game before she pockets the money and inquiries about the others.

"I see. Hope they win something."

After a couple of tense hours, both groups had called it a night since majority of them were quite intoxicated,

One of the barmaids had called a cab for them, waited for the vehicle to arrive and instructed the drive to take them to the hotel.

They drunkenly stumbled inside of the lobby hotel, barely made it to the elevator, randomly head in their two hotel rooms and passed out.

[Morning at the hotel]

'Ugh…I have such a horrible headache.' Ino inwardly groans as she cradled her head until she notices a tuff of brown hair next to her. 'What is this?' "Kiba!"

"You're too loud woman!" He irritably snaps before he covers his head with the cover.

Ino raises an eyebrow at the young man until an even important question pops up in her head. "Why are you naked in the girls room?"

"Lower your voice! My head's throbbing."

"Oh wait…I am naked! Did we have…" "You idiot, I still have my panties on."

"That doesn't mean anything."

"Hey you two, shut up!" This time it was Neji's voice that thet heard, which was soon followed by "Ugh…what time is it?"

"It's 10:30am." Ino reads the red numbers off of the digital clock.

"Wait…did you just say 10:30am?" The brunette nervously questions as he repeats his question, "Yeah, why?"

"The wedding started at 10:30!" Neji recalls as he hops to hus feet in order to wake everyone's up. "Oh crap…"

Their group rushes over to the other hotel room, slide the key card in and burst in to wake the others up.

After a bit of grumbles and complaints about a hangover, they start to get dress when one of them notice something strange.

"Hey guys….where is..."