Ino swiftly peers around the hotel room and inwardly registers that most of the people were still fast asleep.

'This is about to be a pain in the neck.' She was mentally groaning at the fact that she was now in charge of waking the women up from their drunken stupor.

"Oi…get up!" The platinum blonde rudely orders while she gently nudges the dirty blonde in her side with her foot.

A guttural groan releases from the woman as she reaches to swipe the appendage away from her body. "Go away, Ino."

Ino merely rolls her eyes at the woman beneath her foot. She constantly nudges her with her foot before she threats, "I'll get some water."

Temari then faces the woman above her with an expression of irritation on her face when she hisses, "You wouldn't dare."

A coy smirk materializes across the platinum blonde's face when she firmly proclaims, "Oh yes, I will!"

"Whoever put you on wake up committee needs their ass kicked." Temari asserts as she lazily makes her way to her feet.

Ino watches while the older woman gingerly cradles her head in one of her hands when she irritably questions, "You got an aspirin? I think I'm still hungover."

"We don't have time for this! The wedding has already started." She promptly informs her while she points to the clock."

An "oh shit" slips from the dirty blonde's mouth after realization dawns upon her and begins to scramble to find her bridesmaid gown.

'I guess Tenten and Hinata must be in the other room.' Ino surmises since Neji, Kiba, and Temari were in the girls' room.

Their hotel door abruptly flies open before a blur of brown and yellow flashes across her sight.

Once her mind was able to mentally register the blurs as none other than the groom and Tenten, was she able to gather her thoughts to retort, "You're not supposed to see the bride before your wedding, that's bad luck you know?"

Tenten quickly faces the other blonde before Naruto appears in front of them to ask, "Hey guys, where's…Hinata?"


The wedding guests excitingly filed in the empty white chairs that was equally aligned with each other and separated in to two sides.

They were facing the direction of the beach, which was serving as a naturally stunning backdrop. A tall rectangular brown wooden arch was draped with sheer white cloths that were adorned by lilacs and violets. Clear Mason jars with white candles dangle from the ends of the seat along with purple Irises that lines the walkway toward the arch.

Since it was a fairly hot day, the hotel provides a set of fans and water bottles to the wedding guests as a gesture of hospitality.

Meanwhile in the ballroom,

"Isn't this place beautiful, dad?" A teen age girl with long indigo hair inquires as she excitingly takes in the sight of the hotel's ballroom.

'For every pretty penny that I spent, it better be beautiful no…extravagant.' Her father determines before he checks his watch again.

He notices that a couple of minutes pass the time for the wedding to start, which leads him to wonder, 'What could be going on up there?'


"I thought she was in the guys' room?" Ino mentions while she observes the blonde male frantically searches their room once again.

"We thought she would be in here!" Tenten shrieked before Temari emerged from the bathroom fully dressed in her gown.

She silently watches as Naruto literally turns their hotel room upside when she probes, "Did he lose the ring?"

Ino simply shakes her head as the dirty blonde's attention return back to her fellow blonde, who starts to call out for Hinata.

"That's bad luck if you see the bride before your wedding, you know?" Temari lesiurely quips, which earns a solemnly nod in agreement from the platinum blonde woman.

"Apparently, Hinata's gone missing." The brunette instantly reveals the reason why Naruto was currently in a state of panic.

"Wait…what?!" Ino shockingly questions once she registers that out of the entire wedding party it was the bride that was gone.

Tenten nods her head forward and proclaims, "Plus, we have absolutely no idea where she could be either."

"…and all of us were sloppy drunk too." She adds along with a deep sigh while her shoulders hunch forward.

"Correction, you all was sloppy drunk. I was just extremely tipsy." Ino immediately retorted with her arms crossed in front of her chest.

"Sheesh, you're sense of denial is something serious, Ino." Temari annoyingly asserts with a roll of her eyes at the blonde's statement.

"Anyway, did somebody call the front desk to see if they saw all of us came back together last night?"

"I think Shikamaru is doing that right now." The brunette reveals after she straightens back to her original height.

The dirty blonde nods her forward and starts to issue out orders, "Good. Everyone needs to start getting dress. We won't be able to make our next move until we hear from the front desk."

"…but Temari we have to find Hinata!" Naruto was whining at the fact that the older woman was suggesting for them to get dress instead of searching for his future wife.

"Look...we're already late for your wedding and knowing how Hiashi is about promptness, he'll be up here if we take too long." Temari instantly reminds him about his future father-in-law firm adherence to promptness.

"She's right. It'll make it easier for us to head straight to the wedding once we find her." Tenten agrees when she realizes that that was the best route for them to take.

"Man, my makeup is going to be ruined if we followed that plan." Ino dramatically proclaims while she repeatedly points to her face.

"Ino," Temari addresses the platinum blonde, which earns an irritable retort, "What?!"

"Today's not about you! Just follow the plan without so much as a peep, okay?" She solemnly reminds the younger woman.


"Was she in the girls' room?" Shikamaru inquisitively asks once he overhears the hotel door opens and closes. He watches Naruto enter inside of the room.

"Nope, the girls don't where she is either." The blonde gravely discloses the news to his friend while he drags his feet toward the pull out couch.

Kiba shakes his brown locks before he utters, "Damn…her dad might come up here."

"Temari said the same thing. She told me to get dress so once we find her, we can head straight to the wedding." The blue eyed male relayed some of the conversation from the girls' room to the guys as he plopped down on the couch.

"I got a better idea." Shikamaru abruptly speaks up before he suggests, "How about you go and stall the wedding while everyone else go to look for her?"

"What?!" Naruto immediately shouts with an expression of disbelief on his face.

The brunette calmly clarifies what he meant in his previous statement to the blonde, "Look…we're already behind schedule, Naruto. You're the only person who can easily stall Hiashi without making it look suspicious."

"Eh?!" He follows up with another noise of skepticism until a masculine voice promptly interrupts with, "I'll even provide backup."

"That'll drastically cut down on our manpower…but I think you might have a point." Shikamaru mutters more to himself before he eventually deems, "Fine, you two will go downstairs to stall Hiashi."

"What did the front desk say?" Neji then poses to his fellow brunette once he notices their hotel phone off of the hook.

He merely releases a sigh before he informs him, "They said we all came in together. So she must be somewhere in the hotel."

"Let's just hope that she's nowhere near her father or the wedding."


Ino and Tenten watch as Temari picks up the phone and greets the person with a "Hello". She nods her forward along with a "mhm" before she ends with "I understand".

"Shika just told me that the front desk said we all came in together last night." The dirty blonde divulges after she returns the phone back on the hook.

"So that means…" Ino wonders what she meant from her comment before she receives an explanation, "It means that she could be somewhere on the hotel property."

"Where should we start looking?" Tenten poses while she brushes a strand of her brown hair out of her face.

"Obviously, nowhere in the front portion of the hotel at least." The dirty blonde instantly eliminated the front part of the hotel since the front desk would have called them to inform them that they saw Hinata.

"I think we should check upstairs on the rooftop."

"Why would we even go up there?" Ino quips with a roll of her eyes at the place Temari proposes where they should search first. "Because when you're drunk you do some pretty stupid things."

"Yeah like sleep with a flea infested dog." She unknowingly mutters loudly, which earns a "Wait…what?!"

"Nothing, let's just go find the bride!" The platinum blonde swiftly downplays prior to her reminder of their current situation.


"Are you ready for this?" Neji asks once he faces the blonde male.

"I just want to find my wife " Naruto wearily asserts with a forlorn expression on his face until he feels a hand on his shoulder.

"Trust me, they'll find her. The real problem at hand…is behind that door." He confidently conveys his trust in their friends before he points at the ballroom doors.

"Right…" Naruto meekly speaks, which earns, "Luckily for you, you got the best back up in the world."


"Why are we even outside?" Kiba curiously asked once they arrived at the lower back portion of the hotel where the Recreational Room, Indoor pool and spa is located.

Shikamaru lazily shrugs his shoulders all while he honestly admits, "I got a feeling that the girls will check the roof so we will check out the lower levels."

"Man, we must've been real drunk if we can't remember where Hinata is." He jokingly concludes while they start to search each room.

"We'll probably never remember."

A couple minutes passed by,

"Welp, she's not here. Where else can we go?" Kiba breathlessly remarks once he meets back up with the brunette male.

'It's not that many places in the hotel she could go. Unless…'

At the same time...

Ino swiftly covers her body with her arms as a sudden gust blows over the roof of the hotel, which prompts her to irritably grumble, "Why is it so cold up here?!"

"It's called a draft you dumb blonde." Temari lips while she carefully steps over some debris and proceeds to search for Hinata.

The platinum blonde rolls her eyes before she rudely jaws, "You're a blonde too, you know!"

"I know. I'm just not a dumb one." She coyly alleges with a smirk on her face from Ino's facial expression that displays .

"You two!" Tenten hastily snaps at the two woman.

"She started it first." Ino defiantly protests with a "humph" and her arms fold in front of her chest.

Tenten stiffly shakes her head at the immature actions of two grown women. "Sheesh, you act more like children than you do adults."

"She's not up here girls!" Temari's voice eventually breaks them out of their conversation.

'It's not that many places in the hotel she could go. Unless…'

A few more minutes passed by…

Hiashi peers up from his wristwatch at Naruto and Neji when he asks, "So where's everyone else?"

"You know how women are…" Naruto instinctively reacts with blaming it on women, which fortunately Neji easily piggy backs off on, "They take their precious dear time with everything."

Their comment earns a smirk and even a brief nod of his head until he mentions "Well it's almost an hour late…"

"I'll give them thirty more minutes and that's it. If they aren't here then I'll call this wedding off."

'Not good!'


[Somewhere in the hotel]

"Why are we in a rush?" Kiba/Ino inquisitively questions while their group trail behind Shikamaru/Temari.

"If she's not on the roof/ or down here then that means she isn't on the hotel property at all." Temari/Shikamaru explains as they head in the direction away from the hotel.

"I see you beat us down here, which means she wasn't where you were searching at then." Shikamaru automatically assumed once he saw his girlfriend and the girls.


Suddenly the couple point at each and simultaneously pose? "Are we thinking the same thing?" "We must be! We're in synch with our speech."

'Those two are definitely some weirdos.' Kiba/Ino instantly deems after they watch the pair oddly remain in synch.

The group unexpectedly arrive at the beach and spot an object right where the water and the sand meet.

"Hinata!" They happily shout once they spot the indigo hair woman with her back against the sand.

She slowly raises her torso from the ground with one of her hands cradle her head while she grumbles, "Ugh…my head hurts."

"Hinata, you're alright?!" Tenten cheerfully gushes as she wraps her arms around her neck.

"Why wouldn't I be?" Hinata questioned with a confused expression on her face, before Temari quickly reminded them, "Nevermind, we got to get you to s wedding."

"A wedding? Oh my gosh, what time is it?" She acknowledges once realization has dawn on her that it was her wedding that she was late for.

"Don't worry about it, we have to get you dress." Ino confidently remarks with a wink a smile on her face.

A few more minutes later…

"Since when did you get a tan?" Hiashi inquisitively questions once he notices that his daughter's skin tone was a lot darker than usual.

"I told you to use sunblock whenever you go out in the sun." He reprimands her for her lack of awareness.

"Right, it slipped my mind." Hinata nervously giggles with a small tap against the side of her head while she silently prays, 'For the love of Kami-sama, for just once accept this lie.'

"It looks pretty good on you. Are you ready to go?" He ultimately agrees with a small nod and no further questions.

"Yes, sir."


The wedding went on without any more hitches before the officiant announced the two as husband and wife.

"So Miss. Yamanaka," Kiba suddenly speaks up after he deliberately stands near the platinum blonde.

"You never did answer my question after our second date?" He reminds her with a dramatic wag of his index finger.

"What…that your obsession with me has blossomed into a pure hearted love?" Ino teasingly quips as she slightly tilts her head to the side.

"I'm serious for once." The brunette admonishes the woman in front of him with a stern expression on his face.

She softly whispers something in his ear before he retorts, "I know the perfect getaway."


Yes, ladies and gents this story has officially arrived to its conclusion. I know the ending is a bit ambiguous but it is a first time for everything. I know you're wondering where were the KibaxIno moments, which I felt is fairly enough but it's sort of Hinata and Naruto's big day. So it was a balancing act, yet thank you for the reviews and your patience!