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I am in a very odd form of Hiatus. So, do not expect much out of me. This story just popped into my mind much like many others which should explain why this is here.

'Bold' Dark kinda glee
'Italics' Emphasis, strong caring type


She was a jinchuriki. A protector. A guardian.
She was a prodigy, a genius one would say.
'They' didn't understand. Wouldn't. Couldn't.
'They' thought she was a demon. A monster. Murderer.
The Kyuubi in human skin, a disguise.
She knew what she was. What she held. Her burden.
She knew she was a sacrifice. Protector. Jailor.
'They' wouldn't believe. Except for some.
Didn't understand. They were civilians, after all. What would they know of the way of Ninja, shinobi, kunoichi.
Didn't understand that all she was, a sacrfice. Just a girl.
So 'they' hurt her. Hurt to destroy. Hurt to avenge. Hurt to get rid of their pain. To unleash their rage.
Without realising it, 'they' soon turned to her, for 'she' was 'their' scapegoat.
She allowed it. She would forgive. She did not give in. She would love and protect them with her all. Even if they would rather see her die than live.
She smiled everyday. Had a smile that rivaled the sun.
Then, one night, they went too far. Pushed her past her limits.
She broke. Fell. She shut down.
The Hokage took her away. Hid her from the world to protect. Hoping she would heal.
She healed, but the scars were still there. Weren't seen but there. They would not fade.

In the forest, there is a tower.
At night, a beautiful voice would wash over the Leaf Village.
No one knew who this mysterious singer was.
They all agreed that this singer was special. A wonderful voice to be heard.
It reminded them of all the good things.
They would remember their precious people.
They could feel the singers feelings for they were so strong.
They knew it came from the tower.

In the forst, there is a tower.
In the tower, there are 5 people.
These 5 people live there.
One of them, the youngest in fact is the most special.
She was the one the Hokage hid.
The other 4 were her protectors. They lived and would die for her.
The 4 were asssigned by the Hokage for they were the ones he trusted most.

The youngest was an adorable girl.
Soft, sun kissed hair that reached her lower back. Bangs that slightly covered her eyes. A few shorter/longer strands framing her face.
Her eyes the color of the blue sky that changes with the light.
Creamy tanned skin. Petit and lithe frame. On her cheeks were 6 whisker marks, 3 on each side.
She would have looked better with a smile.
Problem was, after the incident, her eyes lost her shine. Dulled. Her face blank, occasionally flashing through painfully, obvious fake smiles.
The 4 tried their best, they really did.
It didn't work but tried anyways.
Hoping she would come back.
She was more like a doll on display. She would repeat the same things every day. Moved very stiffly. Then sit by the window, looking outside until night came.

In the night she would enter a room.
The room was filled with seals that would amplify her voice so all could hear.
In the night the walls fell and she remembered.
Who she was, what she did, what had happened, how it happened and why she cared.
Then, she would sing. Sing on and on.
To let them hear her voice, so they could find comfort.
She sang every night, sang without fail.
Then, she would fall asleep.
Only to wake the next day without memories.
She would forget and go on about like usual.

Her protectors and the Hokage were the only ones who knew.
They would wish and hope one day for her to remember.
They wanted her to heal.
When she sang they would cry for it reminded them who she was before.
When she was awake they tried to look strong before her.
They wondered why! Why weren't they strong enough! Why couldn't they protect her! How they let this happen! Why they had this power to protect many and destroy all when they couldn't save this one girl!
They would cry for her since she couldn't. Cry for the sins committed. Cry for her lost innocence.
Cried for the cruelty of this world. Screaming to the heavens to save her.
Until the day came when she came back to replace the doll in her body.
They would watch over her, nurturing and protecting her.
Until the day she will come back out and show the world her smile.
For her smile shone like the sun. Paved the way through the dark.
They shall wait because they loved her.

If you would like to use this then you may. Just message me or something. Otherwise just flame if you want. The reason for this title is mostly because she sings and she was like a bird with a broken wing who can't fly anymore. Since even if she healed in some form of way, she is traumatized and is now in hiding so she won't get hurt again.