Hey people I'm back with new ideas

Disclamer: still don't own x-men but some day I will

"Oh Scarlet please don't freak Rogue out" (Annie)

"Well now that you told me I shouldn't I must now" (Scarlet)

"Um hey are you two even mutants?" Scott says trying to kick them out

"Well no we don't" Annie tries to say but scarlet interrupts her "yes we do I gave us powers"

"How do you give powers to someone?" Jean asks just walking in

"Um when you're crazy you can do anything" Scarlet says with a big DUH on her face

"So will you being staying with us for awhile?" Jean asks with a big smile on her face

"Oh dear, why on earth would you ask her that now she will never leave and I'd be stuck here too!" Annie says it like the world would come to an end (it would but not the point).

"Oh Scott you're the biggest Jerk ever in this world" Scarlet saying this as she punches him

"What the...What was that for?" Scott says very angry

"You took too much air time in the show AND I can't believe that rogue ever liked you!"

"What?" Jean says very mad

"How on earth do you know that?" Scott says (he thinks she's lying)

"I would like to know that too!" says Rogue just as mad as jean

"It's all her she is the crazy one!" Annie says

"Also Remy read this (Scarlet pulls out this huge book) it contains your life story!"

Ok so now very one is ether smiling (Scarlet and Annie) or confused (Scott and Remy) or very very mad (jean and rogue)

"OMG its kitty, someone sane." Annie says hugging kitty

"Um did I like miss something" kitty says confused

"Yes you did but it's alright also Annie likes you cause your sane which is overrated" Scarlet says

"Um like who are you" kitty says to Annie

"My Name is Annie and the one who knows everything is Scarlet" Annie says very happy

"I do just ask Remy and his big book I gave him" Scarlet says with a bigger smile which everyone thought was impossible

"Ya about that, how on earth do you know when I had the chicken pox or when Mercy (his brother's girl friend) pulled all of thesis tricks on me?" Remy said in one breath

"J'ai mes voies Remy LeBeou" (i have my ways Remy LeBeou)

"Why French again?" Scott

"Because it fun Scotty And that's what you get for being an air hoger"

"A what"

"Well this is a T.V. show and you and Jean got a lot of air time"

"We are a TV show?"
"No I was lying"

"Alright this is for you Remy….. comment osez-vous ne pouvez pas vous même baiser Rogue, pas à votre peur et pour une autre chose avec whats BellaDonna'shair son si étrange comme ça et votre prénom est Marie enfants et sa soeur jumelle son nom est Roméo c'est tout le nom que vous obtenez pour nom . maintenant vous êtes choqué encore?"
(how dare you can't you even kiss Rogue, no your too scared and for another thing what's with Belladonna's hair it's so weird like that and your first kids name shall be Marie and her twin his name is Romeo that's all the name you get for name. now are you shocked yet?)

All right hope you liked this got very bored and I had my pretty Annie to help (she don't know much about x-men)