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Hermes drummed his fingers on his desk as he contemplated the list in front of him.

To Do:

Rescue the heroes from Cronus

Tell their parents why they'll be gone for a while (without telling them the truth)

Write down these explanations to tell the heroes after Cronus is defeated

Hermes cheerfully checked off the first two items on his list. He'd been very busy the last couple of days. First, he'd rescued Jay, Atlanta, Herry, Archie, Odie, and Theresa from Cronus' minions and brought them to New Olympia. After that, he'd followed Hera's instructions and gone to visit their parents to explain why they wouldn't be seeing their son or daughter for a while.

It hadn't been easy coming up with reasonable, believable explanations for the heroes' prolonged absences, particularly since no one was certain just how long they would be gone, but he'd done it.

Unfortunately, Hermes realized too late that he'd forgotten to write the explanations down. Now, he would have to think long and carefully, which didn't come easily to him, because if he couldn't remember what he'd told their parents he wouldn't be able to share that information with the young heroes. How could they be expected to maintain whatever charade Hermes' had concocted for them if they didn't know where they were supposed to have been and what they were supposed to have been doing?

Hermes resumed drumming his fingers, more nervously this time, as he attempted to recall what he'd said.

Oh, if only he could remember…

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