A/N: Here's an epilogue to wrap up loose ends. I hope you enjoyed this story.


I have a problem, Hermes realized. A big problem. A huge problem. Hera's going to kill me when she finds out!

He'd meant to write down the cover stories that he'd crafted for Jay, Atlanta, Herry, Archie, and Odie, he really had, but other things had come up and before he knew it, he'd forgotten them. He knew, he could ask Hera to tell him what she'd told Theresa's father, and he was almost certain that Neil's parents believed he was in New Olympia for some sort of modelling job. The others, however, he simply could not recall. He was on the verge of complete panic when Jay poked his head in the door.

"Hey Hermes," he said, "sorry to bother you."

"No bother, Jay," Hermes quickly reassured, anxious to do anything that would distract him from his impending doom. "What can I do for you?"

"Well, I have an unusual question for you," Jay admitted. "It it's not too much trouble."

"No trouble at all. Ask away."

"Why does my mother think I'm training to be an astronaut?"

"I'm sorry what?"

"Every time I call my mom she asks me how astronaut training's going," Jay explained. "I have no idea what she's talking about, and I thought maybe you would know."

Hermes thought about it for a moment, and then, something clicked.

"Oh, that's what I told them," he said by way of an answer.

"Excuse me?"

"Hera told me I had to explain your absence to your parents, so I told them you'd been specially selected for astronaut training."

"Okay. Well thanks for clearing that up for me, Hermes."

"Any time, Jay."

Jay was about to leave when Hermes had a brilliant idea.

"Wait a minute," he called.

"Yeah?" Jay asked turning back around.

"Have any of the others mentioned anything about unusual conversations with their parents?" Hermes asked. "I know Neil's parents think he's working as a model, and Archie's mother thinks he's working on his anger issues, but what about the others?"

The information about Archie had just come back to him, but he was still drawing a blank on Atlanta, Herry, and Odie, and he could ask Hera about Theresa if he had to.

Jay stared at Hermes for several seconds, apparently slightly confused, before he answered.

"Well as far as I know, Atlanta's parents think she was selected for some exclusive school's track team, Herry's parents think he's training to be an Olympic wrestler, Odie's parents think he's at a school for geniuses, and Theresa's dad thinks she's attending some sort of private girls' school. She had to do some fast talking when we all showed up at her house looking for that arrow dipped in Hydra blood, but I gather her dad didn't really seem surprised to see her with boys so maybe he forgot where she was supposed to be."

Hermes nodded in understanding.

"Thanks Jay," he said.

"No problem," Jay responded and left.

Hermes sank back in his chair and sighed with relief. It seemed he wasn't going to die today after all.

A/N: It's finally finished! I can't believe it took so long. Thank you to everyone who read and reviewed. I hope you liked it. The arrow dipped in Hydra blood is a reference to the episode "Bad Blood", which I wish I'd thought of before choosing Theresa's cover story. Hindsight, what are you gonna do?