A Malfoy story

*some of the Characters in this story belong to the talented JK Rowling and the Amazing Stephenie Meyer

Chapter one- meet Sabrina

Hey my name is Sabrina Alexis Polaris Malfoy, and if you wondering if I am related to the bad boy Draco Malfoy...yes I am, I am his twin sister. We are 5 minutes separated, he is the oldest and of course I am the youngest, and we are equally spoiled (Not! I am more spoiled!) By our loving parents, Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy.

Anyways I was born on June 5th 1980, at 9:05 am

I am 5'6 while Drake is 5'5, which makes people wonder if I am the oldest, and that makes Draco mad.

I am also pure-blooded because my family on both my Dad's and my Mom's sides there is no Muggle (non magical humans) heritage

But one of my Mom's ancestors are Ancients and the wives of the Volturi in other words Vampire royalty

I have two tattoos and a scar

I have long blonde hair

My history

On June 5 1980, two adorable twins were born to newlyweds Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy. One of the twins was the infamous Draco Malfoy who is the oldest and the youngest is the sweet Sabrina, her mother named her Sabrina after one of Lucius and Narcissa's classmates and best friend who died in the war. Sabrina's middle names are Alexis an great great great Aunt to Narcissa, and Polaris is the name of the north star center of the sky, just like Sabrina is usually the center of attention. As Sabrina grew she discovered her talents and her weakness, she is talented at playing the Piano and guitar, she has a sweet singing voice, she can talk to snakes and she can dive over 25 feet underwater. Her weakness is she has Epilepsy, a seizure disorder and the seizures she takes are deadly. When Sabrina was six years old, she fell down the stairs at Malfoy manor she broke her left arm and her parents discovered she suffers from Epilepsy because she was in a seizure when she fell. When she was ten, her Dad was going to send her to Bauxbeatons a french school and he wanted to send Draco to Drumstrang an all boy school that only allowed pureblood wizards. But their Mom said no because she wanted them close to home so they attended Hogwarts, a school that allowed Purebloods, mudbloods (muggle-borns wizards and witches), and Half-blood's. Just like Draco, her mother sent sweets to her everyday and she was sorted into Slytherin, she was protected by her brother and his gang of Slytherins. All the boys in Slytherin and some in other houses were crushing on her, because she was so beautiful and stunning when she wore her strapless pink dress. She has had over 7 boyfriends and she broke every heart except her current one Jason Will Smith, who has her Initials tattooed into a heart.

Every 6 or 7 years we visit our Vampire family (the Volturi), and I will soon be turned into a Vampire like my Uncles and my Aunts. Apparently I have to wait until I am done Hogwarts to become a Vampire. The "rents" and Draco will be transformed too (I am very gifted for a human/witch)