Chapter two

Ordinary day or not?

It was Saturday June 5th also known as my birthday!

I woke up to my best friend Lizzie poking me in the ribs "wake up Brina... Draco is waiting in the common room"

"go away Lizzie" I mumbled, rolling over to the left resulting in me falling out of my bed, "ow..."I said getting up "sigh what's today?"I asked walking over to the calendar too see it was my birthday "who hoo it's my sweet sixteen!" I cheered because I would be leaving for Italy to see my Uncles and my aunts oh and 3Alec 3 who is soo dreamy with his blood red eyes and his brown hair. I walk out to the Common room to see Crabbe, Goyle, Theodore, ugh Pansy, and Blaise along with Drake. "Happy Birthday Squirt" Draco laughed, I shot him a dirty look "Happy Birthday to you too Drakey-Wakey" I said, he turned an unforgettable shade of red when I used his childhood nickname mom called him. "Up shut Sabrinarina" I didn't even flinch when he used my nickname my Mom used when I was little "Vega come here..."I hissed calling my pet snake Vega.

Soon a black snake with green spots came slithering to me hissing "you called Mistress?" I nodded "Yes, Vega I did" I hissed, Draco's mouth dropped "M-M-Mom and D-D-Dad said you weren't allowed to get Vega to attack me or anyone here at Hogwarts" he whined, I chuckled "Vega is only here because I need to feed her before we leave to go home then fly to Italy "I reminded him of our every 6-7 year visit to see our uncles the leaders of the Volturi. I have a huge crush on a member of the guard his name is Alec. And he is extremely cute, and talented. He can cut off people's senses.