I can hear evil chuckling, she's here. Thorn Somehow got on the plane. There is only one thing Thorn is the best at. Causing Mischief. I hear screams, and splattering. I get up and look, She has paint Bombs. "Thorn Cassiopeia Riddle!" My mother yells as she yanks Thorn by her ear. "Aunt Cissy! I give! I give! just please let go of my ear!" Thorn screams, and squirms in my mother's Grasp. By the time Mum, and Thorn get to us Thorn had stopped screaming. She was ploped down next to me "hey Thorn." I said laughing, she looked at me and frowned. "Hello Sabrina." She said struggling with her bonds.

Meanwhile at Hogwarts...

"MISS BLACK! YOU GET BACK HERE!" Professor McGonagall Shouted, Cassie Did it again. She was following in her father's Footsteps. She did not really Care about what the professor thought. She was getting that Hogwarts Toilet seat for her Dad. One way or another. She laughed and ran away from the angry Deputy Headmistress. "Na-Na-Nah a Boo Boo you cant catch me!" She said racing up the stairs, the old woman would never catch her For Cassie was way too fast for Professor McGonagall. "Im going to get to this Toilet Seat to my Dad" She snickered to herself, it didnt matter if she got sent home. Cassiopeia Alison Black was as bad as Sirius, which was why she was Padgirl. She and Harry were the only Second Generation Marauders. She ran into the the common room after she spoke the password. "Cass? Why do you have a Toilet Seat?" Harry Said looking at his 'Godsister'. "My Dad wanted one to remember Hogwarts by. " She laughed "I was being Chased by Old McGonagall."

"Oh Cassiopeia you need to behave." Hermione said glaring at the rebeellious older girl. "God Herman, Cut loose for once!" Cassie said crossing her arms.