A/N: This is a all new version of the Digital World.

A/N2: Much more cool weaponry and some mentioned/never before seen digimon like Gaiamon and the Demon Lords are going to appear.

The digital world is at war. Thats for certain. One side, the Hackers (dark evil forces) and the Digital Empire (the allies). The war has only been going on for a month and already we've been beat back to the Digital Homeworld. The enemy leader is a mystery, not even real worlders such as myself now who he is. He calls himself 'The Creator'. Whatever that means. Me? My name is Desonia. Commander Desonia as my troops call me. I'm currenly on my flagship, The DSS Qinglongmon, which is a Super Star Destroyer along with four others named after the five soverigns.

"Commander Desonia! You are requested on the main bridge!" shouted a Guilmon clone as he shouted out other orders. "Attention all second stage pilots on deck! Enemy fleet approaching! Where are you Desonia?"

"I'm coming! Just give me a second!" I yelled, "Can't I have time to write my Journel entry?"

"Alrright sir! Make it fast!"

The Guilmon? haha, a couple days before the war started, I needed a army to keep the Digital Homeworld in line. As I couldn't trust mercenary digimon (yes their are mercs), I made a technical readout of some of the strongest rookie digimon. It turned out Guilmon were in fact in the top five of being the strongest. I chose rookies because of how quick it was to grow them into a fierce killing machine. Champions (Growlmon) take twice as long. Same with Champions and ultimates. Tankmon (even though its a machine digimon) provide most of the Champion armed forces. How'd I get in this situation? Well, it all started back in September...

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