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Chapter 2

Dumbledore looked at each of the Kekkaishi in turn for a moment before speaking. "That is quite alright. Now, let us attend to the matter at hand. We have now established that you are indeed the Kekkaishi, but I must inform you that unfortunately you will be unable to return to your own time by using methods employed by wizards."

At hearing Dumbledore's response to his question, Yoshimori's eyes grew wide and he practically shouted at Dumbledore. "YOU MEAN WE'RE STUCK HERE IN THE FUTURE AND WE CAN'T GO BACK HOME!"

Tokine however was far more astute when listening to Dumbledore's answer and had caught the loophole in his response. Either way, she was still the older of the two and also more mature. Besides, someone had to remain levelheaded, and seeing as Yoshimori started freaking out every few minutes, that person had to be her. "Yoshi, calm down already, Professor Dumbledore didn't say that we're stuck here. Nor did he say that we can't get back home. Think over Professor Dumbledore's answer to your question," trying to get Yoshimori to use his brain for once.

At hearing Tokine's reaction to his answer, Dumbledore's eyes seemed to twinkle even brighter behind his glasses.

"He said that we're unable to return to our own time…"

"True, but you're missing the key element here. '…methods employed by wizards.'"

"What the heck does that mean?"

"It means, you idiot, that we can't return home using the same methods that wizards use for time travel. Besides, don't you have any common sense in that think skull of yours? Professor Dumbledore just showed us a book with Master Tokimori in it and told us that we are in wizarding history as well. If we didn't return to our own time, do you think we would even BE in a history book in the first place?"

"Hmm…you're right. I didn't think about that."

"Of course you didn't you dimwit, you never think. When have you ever used your brain when we're battling ayakashi? Never. You just rush in head first. I'm surprised you're still alive."

"Hey! I resent that."

"Whatever Yoshi. Anyway, Professor Dumbledore, from what we have learned so far, this is what I have gathered.

When we were sucked into our tenketsu staffs, instead of being sent to Otherworld, we arrived in the future.

Wizards have the capability to see our kekkai unlike civilians.

In this future, both Yoshimori and I are in wizarding history books.

Due to being in the future, there is only a limited amount of additional information that you can reveal without disrupting the flow of time while we are here.

Because we are in your history books however, it is proof that we do eventually return to our own time.

Based on all of this, is there any additional information that you can tell us in order for us to better fit in and not stick out?"

"Wait, hold up a sec, how did you get all that information when all we've been talking about is ourselves?"

"Because, you numbskull, you were off in dreamland somewhere. I don't even want to know what goes on inside your head. You were probably thinking up some new cake recipe."

"I was not!"

"Whatever. Now then Professor Dumbledore, before we were so rudely interrupted," glaring daggers at Yoshi and daring him to speak again, "what can you tell us, with certainty that it will not disrupt the time stream? Yoshi and I already stick out just from the fact that we are Japanese and not British. And even if we did look British, our accents would most likely give us away."

"Actually Tokine, I am pretty certain that I am the only person I this school that is capable of seeing your kekkai. You see, I have studied kekkaishi scrolls and therefore have knowledge of their abilities, such as elimination, protection, and deflection. Also, the history book I showed you will never even be seen by students at this school. You see, one of my hobbies is to collect and read books about other magical cultures. The book you saw is part of my private library. One of the classes here at Hogwarts is 'History of Magic,' but students here at Hogwarts learn only about wizarding history. Only wizards aspiring to become historians will have the chance of coming across the same book I showed you, and by that time, they will have long left Hogwarts."

"Professor, how is it that you came across the scrolls of the kekkaishi? They are passed down from generation to generation and only the legitimate heir to the Hazama Style Kekkai Technique in both the Sumimura and Yukimura families are allowed to read those scrolls."

"Ah, about that, you see, that is something I cannot, unfortunately, reveal. In doing so, I would be endangering both the future of your world as well as the future of this one."

"Professor Dumbledore, I think it would be wise for us to play the roles of foreign exchange students until we are able to return to our own time."

It was at that moment that one of the paintings decided to speak. It just so happened to be Phineas Niggilus Black. "Albus, the girl does have a point," causing both kekkaishi to jump out of their chairs and take up defensive stances before realizing that it was the painting that had spoken. "Phineas then directed his next words towards Tokine. "You are a sharp girl Tokine. Yes, I've been listening to your conversation. You would do well in Slytherin. A cautious person with a sharp mind as well as a strong will. Choosing to wait and analyze situations before rushing off into a battle, unlike your Sumimura friend. A person truly fit to be a Slytherin." Phineas finished his little speech by giving Tokine a creepy stare that sent shivers down her spine before glaring daggers at Yoshimori, who just glared back.

Yoshi was about to retort when Dumbledore cut in. "Thank you for your insight Phineas, but I'm sure that the sorting hat will be sufficient to decide which House she is sorted into if she and Mr. Sumimura do indeed become Hogwarts students. Now then, Ms. Yukimura, I find your suggestion to be quite appealing. However, do you wish to be separated from Mr. Sumimura? As I explained to you before, your age determines your year here at Hogwarts."

'Well, if I do get placed in a different year than Yoshi, at least I won't have to hear him complain all the time. But he's so annoying and gets into trouble even when I'm not around. It's best if I stay with him so I can keep an eye on him.'

Yoshi was also thinking over what Dumbledore said and wanted to stay with Tokine, but for an entirely different reason. 'I promised myself that I would always protect you Tokine, no matter what it takes. I never want to see you get hurt ever again.'

With those thoughts in mind, while Tokine was still considering her options, Yoshi decided to speak up. "Can't you make an exception just this once? She's sixteen and I'm fourteen so can't you put is both in like fifth year or something?"

Dumbledore turned to Yoshi and as their eyes met, Yoshi felt as though he was being x-rayed by the old man. 'I see, so you made a promise to always protect Ms. Yukimura after she was injured by that ayakashi. Ms. Yukimura it seems believes that it is her responsibility to keep Mr. Sumimura out of trouble. The two seem just like Harry and Ms. Granger. This will indeed by an interesting year.' "Very well Mr. Sumimura, both you and Ms. Yukimura will both be placed as sixth year students. However, there is a task that I wish you to do for me while you are here. There is a boy here at Hogwarts that goes by the name of Harry Potter and I want both of you to befriend and protect him while you are here. Mr. Potter's story is quite a long one and so I will give you a brief summary. You see, in our world, a man that goes by the name of Lord Voldemort, believes that wizards and witches that have no wizarding ancestry are unfit to study magic. Seventeen years ago, a prophecy was made that said that a boy born on July 31st would be Voldemort's downfall. Voldemort attempted to kill Harry when he was only a child, but the spell, known more specifically as the Killing Curse Avada Kedavra, backfired and rebounded on the caster. Thus, Voldemort lost his powers and was forced into hiding. However, two years ago, Voldemort returned and is now slowly gaining power once again. That is the short version. Do the two of you accept the task of protecting Mr. Potter and his friends? They are also going to be sixth year students."

Tokine and Yoshimori looked at each other.

"It's not like we've got anything better to do until we get back to the past. But I'm warning you old man, if Tokine gets hurt, you're the first one I'm going after, you got that?" Tokine blushed at Yoshi's protectiveness but said nothing. 'I'm the one that should be protecting him, not the other way around…'

Dumbledore nodded at Yoshi before asking, " So I take it that both of you accept my terms?"

"Yes, we do," both said together.

"Excellent!" Dumbledore said. He then took out his wand and flicked it causing two envelopes to fly out, one landing in front of each of the kekkaishi. "Inside your envelopes, you will find train tickets as well as a list of books that you will need as six year students. With your consent, I will cast a spell on both of you that will give both of you knowledge of the current situation here in England. However, that knowledge will be minimal since, as transfer students from Japan, you can't be too knowledgeable or else it will be suspicious. The staff will of course be informed."

"I'm okay with it, what about you Yoshi?"

"If Tokine's fine with it, then so am I."

"Very well," and with some intricate arm movements, both kekkaishi felt as though their heads had been hit in the head by kekkai, their brains streaming with information.

"If both of you will follow me, I will show you to your sleeping quarters. Do not worry about your school supplies; I will take care of everything. The only things that you will have to come to Diagon Alley for yourselves are your wands, and familiars if you wish. Hogwarts students are allowed either an owl, a cat, or a frog. On September 1st, I will create a portkey that will take both of you to the train station in muggle London where you will then board the Hogwarts Express on platform 9¾. The train leaves at precisely 11:00a.m so try not to miss it."


Dumbledore entered Yoshimori and Tokine's sleeping quarters. (They have separate rooms and bathrooms!) "Ah, Mr. Sumimura, Ms. Yukimura, I see that you are both awake. Excellent. I am taking a trip to Diagon Alley today so if you are both ready, I can transfigure your current clothing into that of Wizard's robes so that you will not stand out as much when we go to purchase your wands and, if you so desire, a familiar.

Diagon Alley

"Ah, Professor Dumbledore, I received your owl about two six year placements, Mr. Sumimura and Ms. Yukimura. I assume that these are the teens that you spoke of?"

"Yes Mr. Ollivander, they are."

"Very well, why don't we start with the Ms. Yukimura? Which is your dominant arm?"

"My right."

Both Yoshimori and Tokine watched in interest as a tape measure began measuring her of its own accord while Mr. Ollivander moved through the shelves. Suddenly, Ollivander said, "Stop," and the tape measure fell to the floor. Here we go Ms. Yukimura, maple with a dragon heartstring core, eleven inches, light and flimsy." She had barely touched the wand before Ollivander snatched it away muttering to himself, "No, no, no, lets see, perhaps this one."

"Yew and elmwood with a unicorn tail core, seven and a half inches, flexible."

Yet again, Ollivander snatched it away just as Tokine's fingertips touched the wand. This process repeated itself for nearly two hours before Tokine finally found the right wand. The moment she touched the wand, she felt a feeling of warmth spread up her arm while the wand emitted sparks. "Interesting, you must have great control and accuracy to wield a wand of such diversity Ms. Yukimura. Yew, elm, oak, maple, and mahogany with a unicorn tail core, eight and a half inches, light and supple. Now for your wand Mr. Sumimura." After watching Tokine, Yoshimori just groaned.

Yoshimori's wand took even longer, almost four hours to be precise. Eventually, the wand that apparently suited Yoshi was one that Ollivander had thought he would never sell. "Most interesting Mr. Sumimura. Your wand exudes raw power. Only one with immense power can wield a wand of such strength. All previous customers that had attempted to even touch that wand did not leave uninjured. Hard oak and maple with a core consisting of a phoenix feather, phoenix tears, basilisk venom, liquefied dragon scales, and unicorn blood, ten inches, and the most powerful wand I've ever made."

While all of this had been going on, Dumbledore watched with an amused smile and a twinkle in his eyes, a twinkle that grew even brighter when Tokine and Yoshimori had received their wands. After paying for their wands, Dumbledore and the Kekkaishi were about to leave when Ollivander spoke, "Remember this Ms. Yukimura, and especially you Mr. Sumimura. The wand chooses the wizard. You both have very powerful wands, wands that will probably never be able to be wielded by anyone but yourselves. Take heed and do not risk allowing another to attempt to wield your wands for doing so may be fatal." With that, Mr. Ollivader disappeared into the shadows of his shop.

"Well, that certainly was interesting. I've never heard of Mr. Ollivander give a warning to one of his customers before. You two must indeed possess powerful wands. Now then, on to Magical Menagerie. That is of course if the both of you want familiars. The kekkaishi looked at one another thinking the same thing, 'either this guy is insane or just has a short attention span.'


"Good morning, Professor Dumbledore," Tokine said entering Professor Dumbledore's office and petting Fawkes in passing.

"Ah, good morning Ms. Yukimura, how can I help you? And may I inquire as to the whereabouts of Mr. Sumimura?"

"Yoshi is in the Forbidden Forest training as usual. I still think he's going to get himself killed training in there. However, the reason I'm here today isn't about Yoshi's safety. Rather, it's about our attendance and Yoshi's sixth year placement. We are going to need a cover story so I was hoping you could help us there. It is true that we will be playing the roles of foreign exchange students, but how will we explain why we are here and why Yoshi is being placed in sixth year and not fourth year?"

September 1st, 10:55a.m.

"Hurry up Yoshi, the train is going to leave in five minutes!" Tokine shouted as she pushed her cart to the magical barrier between platforms 9 and 10. Yoshi just grumbled something inaudible while pushing his cart behind her. It was then that Yoshi got an idea. "Tokine, move!"

"What? Why?" Turning around to see Yoshi about to create a kekkai, Tokine jumped out of the way. Yoshi created a kekkai that surrounded both his as well as her carts, luggage included, but not including the wheels. Tokine saw where Yoshi was going with this and wordlessly created kekkai to push the carts while both kekkaishi began running at an inhuman pace. Both of them were through the barrier with two minutes to spare. The owls surrounded in the kekkai, however had felt the sudden rush of the carts and were indignant. Both Madarao and Hakubi (is anyone really surprised) began hooting like mad before completely ignoring their new owners. Tokine and Yoshi then boarded the train to find a compartment for themselves. Unfortunately all of the compartments were taken.

"Hey, what about that compartment, with the girl reading that magazine?"

"As long as I don't have to hear you complain about it later Yoshi."

With that, they entered the compartment occupied by Luna "Lonny" Lovegood.

"Hello, my name is Tokine Yukimura and this is Yoshimori Sumimura. Would you mind if we joined you?"

"Ohaiyo gozaimas Sumimura-san and Yukimura-san, my name is Luna Lovegood. It's nice to meet you."

Tokine and Yoshi stared at eachother for a moment before asking at the same time, "You know Japanese?"

"Oh yes, I'm sure that the laguges have something to do with it, but it they give people the ability to identify and speak the native tongue of the people they meet in the event that they are foreigners. Although they are quite obnoxious sometimes, they can be quite helpful."

The kekkaishi just stared in disbelief thinking 'What the hell are laguges?' The girl Luna had returned to her magazine, which both kekkaishi noticed was upside-down but said nothing.

There was a knock on their compartment door before it slid open. "Hi, I'm Harry Potter. My friends had to meet with the other prefects so do you mind if I join you," he asked not noticing Luna at first.

"Tokine, that's the boy that the old geezer, Dumbly-whatever-sama asked us to protect! Let's let him join us. If we make friends with him now, things will be a lot easier."

"I know that you idiot. And his name was Dumbledore-sama, now stop talking in Japanese. Luna can understand us and we're supposed to be foreign exchange students that are trying to make friends, not bodyguards. And if we keep on talking in Japanese, he'll think that he's not welcome."

"That's quite alright, I understand why Harry needs protection. Don't worry, I won't tell him. Besides, no one ever takes me seriously anyway."

Harry finally noticed the girl holding the magazine upside-down and said, "Oh hi Luna! I didn't see you there. Do you know these two people?"

"Yes, they're foreign exchange students." Luna then returned back to the Quibbler.

"Come right in Harry-san," Tokine said, remembering to add the honorific even in English.

"So, who are you guys? I mean, you guys were just talking in a foreign language that Luna knows. So are you guys really foreign exchange students?"

"You got that right Harry-san. I'm Yoshimori Sumimura," Yoshi said standing up and bowing.

"Oh, how rude of me!" Tokine exclaimed. "I'm Tokine Yukimura," Tokine said, also bowing. "And to answer your question, yes, we are foreign students just not foreign exchange students since no exchange was made. You see, our parents are actually friends of your headmaster, Dumbledore-sama, and since our parents no longer have anything to teach us in our families' styles of magic, they thought it a good idea for us to attend Hogwarts in order to expand our knowledge."

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