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Yoshimori POV

Yoshi ran towards where he sensed Tokine's energy spike. However, due to the distance, despite all of his training as a kekkaishi of Karasumori, he knew he wouldn't make it in time if Tokine was in danger so he quickly pulled out an ordinary looking strip of paper. Infusing said paper with ample amounts of his energy, he threw them in front of him and it turned into an exact replica of him which then magically turned into a crow that quickly shot off in front of him. 'Ah, the wonders of Shikigami,' Yoshi thought with a spaced out look that disappeared as quickly as it came. 'Tokine I'm coming, just hang in there!'

Suffice to say that what Yoshimori would find due to the images sent by his shikigami would blow his mind.

Shikigami POV

I approached the door to the room where Tokine was located it transformed back into my master's duplicate. As I walked into the room, I made sure to enter cautiously. "Tokine?"

General POV

Yoshi's voice had surprised Tokine and caused her to jump whilst sending a kekkai in his direction. Luckily he had expected it coming due to just witnessing Tokine hitting another student with a kekkai. What he didn't expect was the kekkai sent in his direction to be one of her piercing kekkai. Luckily, or unluckily depending on how you decipher it, Tokine's kekkai pierced Yoshi right where his heart would have been causing the shikigami to dissipate back into paper.

Yoshimori was close enough to see his shikigami be destroyed by one of Tokine's piercing kekkai. To say he was shocked would have been an understatement. Not only did the usually calm and collected Tokine Yukimura attack a student but she attacked him as well. Unfortunately for the two kekkaishi, the confrontation between Tokine and Yatsuki did not go unnoticed and even worse; they were seen by our own Hogwart's detectives.

With Harry and Co.

Hermione gasped and Harry was in a state of shock. Ron was…well Ron's mental capacity didn't allow for comprehension of the altercation between the two females.

'I can't believe it, she used the Killing Curse! It had to be! There's no other spell that's, that's…well green! They aren't just foreign exchange students, they have to be working for Voldemort! I have to tell Professor Dumbledore!' Harry's shock slowly turned to righteous fury as he drew his own conclusions as to the spell Tokine had used to destroy Yoshimori's shikigami. Of course, he didn't even consider questioning why he could suddenly see a spell sent by one of the two foreign exchange students or even how Yoshimori made a copy of himself that could turn into an animal. He just pegged it has some Japanese magic and that Yoshi had the animagus form of a crow. How he missed that there were in fact TWO Yoshimori's right in front of him seems to be beyond comprehension.

Of course Hermione being Hermione once again was thinking at a rate that was the exponential of the speed of light. But considering that this was Hermione Granger, the genius and the brains of the Golden Trio as well as the fact that she had to have four brains instead of one—one to make up for Harry since he only used his when his hero complex kicked in and two more to make up for the nearly empty space in Ronald Weasley's head, a head filled only with strategies for wizard chess and the remaining space thinking of Quidditch and thus hindered his mental capacities—it's a wonder Hermione managed to stay sane. 'That green spell…it looked almost like the Killing Curse when Professor Moody, wait no not Professor Moody, Barty Crouch Jr., used it in fourth year. But somehow it was bigger. But that can't be right; we've never even seen a single one of the spells the exchange students have cast in the last two weeks. Why can we see it now? And just what was that white smoke that let Yoshi make a copy of him? Was it some kind of transfiguration? Or was it something unique to Japanese wandless magic? I MUST go to the library to research!'

Sadly, Ron just followed his two best friends in a daze, incapable of comprehending or processing what he was seeing.

'…' '…'

It was really pitiful to say the least. He was a brilliant strategist but even with Hermione attempting to push him to study instead of thinking of Quidditch and chess she just didn't have to heart to reveal her romantic feelings for him at the moment, afraid that he would be unable to comprehend what she was trying to convey. And with the fact that girls seemed to not like being straightforward, things worked against her.

Tsuki POV

'I knew it! They've finally arrived! Gomen. I'm sorry for antagonizing you but you have to realize your feelings for Yoshimori before it's too late. This is just the first step. I must push things along. Forgive me but you will understand later…Tokine-san.

General POV

"You bitch! You killed him! You killed MY Yoshi-kun! I'm going to kill you. Stupefy! Petrificuls Totalus! Locomotor Mortis! " Yatsuki yelled. "Dammit, hold still you fucking bitch! CRUCIO!" Yatsuki screamed with increasing volume.

Magic seems to be an unusual thing. Some may even say that it is sentient. And the fact that the ends justify the means is even more baffling. Of course Yatsuki didn't mean to use an unforgivable curse but it just seemed to be just the push that the two kekkaishi would need. The fact that Tokine was screaming in excruciating pain didn't ease the pain in her heart knowing that she was torturing one of her own.

But despite the fact that the use of the Cruciatus curse was only half hearted it seemed that the spell knew that it was needed and thus attacked Tokine with a ferocity that would make even Voldemort wonder as to how a goody-goody matchmaker such as Yatsuki could cast it with such intensity without the heart behind it when he himself, the sadistic bastard that he is, actually enjoyed hearing others scream.


Unnamed location

"Are you sure that is the wisest course of action?" asked a figure wearing midnight blue robes.

"Do you doubt the reliability of my information?" a figure shrouded in the shadows inquired.

"Certainly not. However you undoubtedly understand that my utmost priority is the safety of my students. I will not allow them to come to harm," stated the taller of the two as he stepped into the light, revealed to be none other than Albus Dumbledore, Headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

The shadowed figure however just snorted. "If that is true Headmaster, than what is this I hear of young Mister Potter living with his muggle relatives and being abused on a daily basis for eleven years of his life?" the figure asked with derision. "Should you not have placed him in the care of a wizarding family? A family that would care for him and nurture him?" the scorn evident if not a bit subdued.

"You must understand," it was all for the greater good! If-" However Dumbledore never got to finish his sentence as the shadowed figure's magic spiked.

"The greater good," the figure whispered. "Is that what this is about Albus? That nonsense that you and Grindelwald spouted that lead to the death of your own sister!" the shadowed figure nearly shouted as the volume with each passing word increased. However, it was not how it was said that shocked Dumbledore but rather what was said.

"Ariana…," Dumbledore said in nothing but a ghost of a whisper. As he was lost down memory lane, the hidden figure stepped out of the shadows to stand directly in front of Dumbledore, not bothering to hide her fury. As the moment passed, their eyes locked. "Miss Na-" but was once again stopped.

"I'm enrolling as a student Albus. I would suggest informing the staff about my attendance. I'm going to see just how much GOOD you've done placing Mr. Potter with his relatives. Relatives that, I might remind you, abhor magic. I can no longer stay in the shadows, feeding you information. Things have gone on long enough and I will have to take matters into my own hands if things are to succeed. See to it that things go smoothly lest certain…closet skeletons of the Dumbledore family be leaked." the threat evident.

"Of course Miss Nayou. Everything will be arranged prior to your arrival at Hogwarts." muttered Dumbledore.

"See to it that it is." And with that, she leapt away on a kekkai.

"I'm too old for this."

-End Flashback-

Although the spell lasted for a scant couple of seconds, to Yatsuki it lasted for millennia. Lifting the curse almost as quickly as she had cast it, the regret was evident in her eyes but she quickly hid her emotions.

'Fuck, that was so uncalled for,' Yatsuki berated herself. Of course mentally she was cursing up a storm at how stupid she was for not planning ahead.

Tokine POV

'Damn! That little slut! So she wants to play dirty to get Yoshi, I'll play alright. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned and right now you just scorned the wrong kekkaishi you little whore!'

"You realize that you just bought yourself a ticket to Azkaban right?" I said with a weak voice. 'Man, I didn't realize that I was so drained,' and with that last thought Tokine passed out in exhaustion.

When no one was looking, Yatsuki reached into her pocket and pulled out a slip of paper much like the one Yoshimori had and infused it with her magic before it flew off.

General POV

"Is it just me or did that snake cast the Cruciatus on that Japanese girl?" Ron asked clueless as to the severity of the current proceedings.

"They're both Japanese Ron!" Hermione nearly shrieked due to the shock.

It was Hermione's voice that finally caused Ron's brain to catch up with him since he somehow left it behind in the Great Hall when he followed his friends who had decided that the food could wait in lieu of following the transfer students.

"BLOODY HELL!" Ron yelled. "Tokine killed Yoshi and that snake used the Cruciatus!" Oh man, the Ministry is gonna be all over this! And then there's You-Know-Who! I bet all of the Japanese kids are Death Eaters taking Polyjuice Potion or something! It's just like fourth year all over again. Hey Harry, do you reckon that You-Know-Who is trying to kill you again?" Ron spluttered.

"Ron," Harry replied in an exasperated voice, "He's been trying to kill me for the last six years."

"Oh right," Ron murmured, his ears turning almost as red as his hair.

Meanwhile in the Great Hall

Dumbledore was in his seat in the Great hall when a pigeon landed in front of him. He immediately recognized the magical signature to be that of one Yatsuki Nayou. He instantly paled.

"I have a message from my master. Would you like to hear it?" the shikigami asked.

At hearing the shikigami, Dumbledore visibly relaxed at hearing the message in Japanese. "Yes." Dumbledore responded.

"Dammit old man, get your damn ass over here! Potter and company are getting suspicious of the kekkaishi, Yukimura is unconscious, and Sumimura is in shock from Yukimura's little temper tantrum." the voice of Yatsuki stated with annoyance. " If this goes on, someone is gonna get hurt and it ain't gonna be me. Of course, you wouldn't care would you? Seeing as how you let Potter get hurt for the first eleven years of his life, what's a few more hours right?" she stated with derision. Dumbledore bristled at what she implied and quickly left the teacher's table ignoring Professor McGonagall's calls in asking what had just happened.

"Minerva, keep the students in the Great Hall." and with that he strode away.

Back with the kekkaishi

"On the contrary Mr. Weasley, what you just saw was one of the wonders of Japanese wandless magic. As you've just seen, it is far more potent than our own magic since it does not require a medium. You just witnessed raw and unadulterated magic which when untamed can be just as lethal as the Killing Curse if not more so," Dumbledore's voice rang down the hallway.

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