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Chapter 1: Her Arrival

From the sky, the dense fog looked like a transparent blanket; a blanket that covered Westminster, London for miles. Some cars and very few horse carriages went about the streets in the late hours. House lights were either off or dimed to a comfortable setting, as children slept in their beds, fathers finishing up a few papers, and mothers reading old books from their shelves and what not.

In one home, a small baby girl sat in her mother's arms, smiling a toothless smile and staring up with bright green eyes. The mother, Mrs. Theresa Henderson, hummed a little tune to her baby. The fuzzy lining of her mother's nightcap seemed interesting to the baby, as she reached up to pull it from the woman's head.

"Elizabeth darling," Mrs. Henderson cooed, "such a gorgeous baby you are."

Little Elizabeth reached her hand forward, but Mrs. Henderson took her tiny hand and placed a kiss upon it; in an answer, the girl gave a bubbly noise from her mouth. When her mother let her hand go, Elizabeth reached up, and swiped the nightcap from her mother's head. Elizabeth Henderson's first laugh rung in their ears, as the dandelion on her windowsill burst. As Mrs. Henderson smiled at her daughter, seven dandelion seeds floated about Westminster; over chimneys and weaving in and out of the fog.

They followed each other in a straight and orderly line as they neared the ship docks. Six of the seeds floated pass a ship, yet the last didn't. A stray wind flipped and spun the dandelion seed as it blew it towards the north, out into the open ocean.

Wait, wait a second now! The dandelion, its self, spun around to watch the other seeds, disappear into the distance. Where am I going? Please now, let me return to my friends! This is absolutely unnecessary! Unhand me at once!

As the dandelion floated towards the sky, struggling against the wind, it noticed something strange...

That star... it's... it's rather pretty. Just a little closer... wait! Wait! Too close, it's too bright!

The dandelion exploded through the star with a shimming sound as it turned, attempting to take in its new surroundings. It was floated downward, down down down, to the point it was worried it would get too close to the waves. Then it saw it.

A green island, surrounded by rainbows, entered the dandelion's few. A single ship was near the shore, and people in smaller boats rowed to the shore. Where am I? Where have you taken me? The wind gave a final strong push before it faded, and the dandelion seed pushed through a waterfall, through a short cave, and into darkness. No, wait, it's not darkness; it was a meadow! A moon shown over the dandelion as it ventured through the meadow.

But, unknown to the dandelion, lights inside the flowers and other structures began to flicker on. Elizabeth Henderson's laugh rung behind her again and again, but stopped once the wind picked up again and pushed her elsewhere with a strong breeze.

Wait, you aren't the same wind! Stop it, stop it this instant! The dandelion struggled.

"Oh, you're a fighter, aren't you?"

The wind turned again as the dandelion came face-to-face with a girl! Two thin and shiny wings behind her fluttered endlessly as she pushed the dandelion towards a tree with yet another wind. The dandelion gave up as it entered the branches and was welcomed by other winged girls and boys as well! A mushroom stage was in the center of it all, and the purple girl let the dandelion settle onto it. It had very little power left in it, so it didn't attempt an escape.

There the dandelion seed sat, alone on the stage as the winged creatures whispered from their seats on the branches. Before the rest of the power faded out of the dandelion...

Oh... ooh... I feel terribly dizzy... ugh... what's happening?

The dandelion never did see the blonde boy winged creature come up near her, and pour shining gold dust on it. The dandelion expected itself to start sneezing uncontrollably, but it suddenly felt strong; stronger than before. It felt large, no longer a simple dandelion seed with nowhere to go, but as if it had a meaning and a will to fight. But wait!

How..? How did this-?

The dandelion seed was no longer a dandelion seed. The new arrival stood up and took a full survey of her new self; two hands with ten fingers, two feet with ten toes, arms, legs, and attached to her back, a pair of large wings. I'm... I'm a fairy...!

Although her wings were drooped and the tips laid flat against the mushroom stage, she didn't care. Hundreds of fairies all said "Hello!" to her and a few waved. She felt incapable of speech, but lifted her hand and waved at the nearest fairy. She had long black hair, brown eyes, and wore a blue dress. She smiled sweetly. Aww... if I had hair such as th- what?

The fairy's hands felt along her head as she felt her thick hair. It was black, but shining dark purple against the light. It was in a thick ponytail and her ruffled bangs seemed too long, and they covered her eyes. Something repeated softly her lower back, and she reached behind her to find the end of her ponytail

She spun around, but lost her balance on her tiny feet, and tumbled onto her bottom. Laughter was heard throughout the branches, and she couldn't stop her bottom lip trembling.

There was a sudden burst of light, and she stood to her legs to see four neatly dressed fairies fly in, and between them, something was forming. The golden dust shaped into a beautiful lady with dark blonde hair, and a gorgeous gown. Her wings were very much larger than hers, and her cheeks shown red when she saw she was only wearing a simple white dress and her feet were bare; nothing close to as beautiful.

"Born of laughter, clothed in cheer, happiness as brought you here; welcome to Pixie Hollow!" the lady said, coming in front of the fairy. "I'm Queen Clarion, and I trust you've found your way unharmed."

The fairy suddenly found her voice, "I- I suppose." She gasped at her own voice, placing a hand over her mouth. It was clearly a London accent, and it sounded bitterly sweet. The Queen gave a soft chuckle, and floated towards the fairy. "Let's see about those precious wings." Her hands came into contact with the drooped wings, and they suddenly came to life.

"Wha-woah!" the fairy cried, when her own wings lifted her over five feet off the stage. Queen Clarion took her hand and brought her back down, laughing all the way, "It seems as if your wings are eager to take flight!"

"It seems so; very much it does!" the fairy laughed, setting her feet firmly on the stage. She curled her toes a little, as if trying to get a grip on the flat surface. Smaller mushroom tables began to popped up all around her, and she puffed her breathe to remove her bangs from her eyes. Fairies placed objected onto them, such as dewdrops, sparkles of light, flowers, paintbrushes and all the sort."Uh... what, what are these for, exactly?"

"They will help you find your talent, dear." Queen Clarion said, clasping her hands together.

"What is a talent?" the fairy asked, hunching her back as the other fairies laughed once again. "What have I said that is so funny?" she shouted, stomping her foot.

This only brought out more laughter among the tree. Even the other beautiful fairies that were near the Queen were laughing too.

"Don't mind them, they always laugh." Queen Clarion said, looking at all the fairies with a grin. "And, a talent is your special ability, which will help change the seasons, and what you will use here in Pixie Hollow."

"Which one is mine...?"

"Let's find out, shall we?" she waved her hand, allowing her to try out the many objects. She quickly flew over to the paintbrush, but when she reached for the handle, the mushroom grew dark and the paintbrush settled onto the mushroom; looking positively dead. "What have I-?"

"Continue; go on. There's nothing to worry about, little one." The Queen reassured her. Nodding towards her, the fairy continued. She went on to a few others; the flower, the ball of light, and a snowflake; then her eyes settled on something absolutely interesting!

In an instant, she flew over to the small tornado, which was a few feet away from Vidia; and in the mist of it, she flew past other items. She reached for the tornado, and it floated into her hand. She twirled it on her fingertip, and made it grow big and small, quick and slow. Vidia was off of her flower, her wings buzzing and flittering uncontrollably as she watched on; her tiny hands balled into fist. However, Queen Clarion caught the fast-flier's eye and motioned her to sit back down. Vidia returned to her flower, yet remained standing and put her hands on her hips, watching the fairy like a hawk.

She flew back to Queen Clarion with the tornado, which was now as big as her. Queen Clarion smiled, and looked as if nothing had happened between her and Vidia in the short moment.

"This is the most fascinating thing I believe I have ever seen; and I've seen many fascinating things tonight! Do you see how it spins so quickly, yet, I can make it slow down! See? Watch, if you may-"the fairy looked up at Queen Clarion, who was looking over her shoulder. Following the Queen's gaze, the fairy saw the dewdrop of water coming towards her!

"Eep!" she screamed, abandoning the tornado, and flittering behind the beautiful fairies, who were the Ministers. The Minister of Autumn grabbed the fairy's shoulders, and gave her a reassuring squeeze. Everyone gasped and some screamed as the two items came together; water and wind, and there is was... a water tornado!

The item then returned to the new fairy, who felt instant connection to the item. She held the water tornado, and looked into the tornado. She actually saw her reflection her in it, and saw her blue-silver eyes. She flew to Queen Clarion's side. "Is this my talent?" she said cheerfully.

"Yes, it is! May everyone give...Aurola... a big welcome! The first fast-flying water fairy!"

People cheered, whistled, and yelped; some kept whispering, some looked disgusted, and one looked horrified: Vidia.

"Ministers, if you would, take Aurola to my quarters?"

"Yes milady." They answered in unison. The Minister of Autumn once again took Aurola by her shoulders and led them farther up into the branches. Queen Clarion raised a hand to silence everyone. "May Vidia and Silvermist come forward, please?"

Silvermist came forward first, and smiling shyly at Queen Clarion. Vidia landed beside Silvermist, and they both shared glances; glances of wonder, fright, and excitement. "If you both will follow me to my quarters." She said, and went in the direction the Ministers did.

The three remained silent as they entered the Royal Quarters, and there was a thin layer of pixie dust over everything. The Royal Assistances fluttered in and out of many hallways, but they all greeted the Queen, Silvermist and Vidia. "There is a new arrival, and her name is Aurola." Queen Clarion said. The Royal Assistances didn't have to attend a new arrival's ceremony, since there was so much to be done in the Royal Quarters.

"Tell her we have said, Good evening, Aurola." They said in unison.

Queen Clarion nodded and continued on, and refused foods that were offered to her as she passed; except a slice of fig chocolate cake, her favorite dessert. Silvermist was given a bowl of water chestnuts, and Vidia snacked on a full tray of lemon tarts.

When they reached a door made of shiny oak, they entered to see Aurola still focus on her water tornado, and the Ministers talking, while drinking tea. Aurola had her own cup, and a plate of cinnamon scones, but she failed to notice.

"Now," Queen Clarion said, once again clasping her hands. "Now about the issue..."

To be continued...

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