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Aurola Seadevil


Chapter 3: Settling In

"Well, isn't this dandy?" Vidia commented, staring up at the leaks in the roof. A big drop of cold rainwater landed on her shoulder, and she quickly walked to another part of the house. "Told you this place wasn't in tiptop shape..."

Dale gave a small sigh, but the other two fairies didn't notice. He answered back smoothly, nonchalantly, but with a cold tone. "Well, Vidia, it's been abandoned for how many seasons now? At least it's sturdy, because if we would have requested a home from the Tinkers, it would have taken at least two days; and Aurola would have had to stay with you. And we all know you would freak out because of that; now would you?"

As Vidia crossed her arms and walked towards Dale, anger slowly rising, Aurola walked to the other parts of the beach house.

It was one leveled, and tall enough for her wings not to touch the ceiling. The new arrival walked into what seemed to be a small kitchen, and the cabinet doors hung off their hinges, and one actually broke off and fell at her feet. Placing a hand over her mouth, she looked into the cabinet, where a small spider was resting on its web. Aurola then ventured into the next room, and which was obviously the bedroom. The bed was a cube type of box, and the inside was cushioned. A blanket was ripped and on the floor, and pillow feathers were scattered everywhere.

Oh, I think I've made a mistake. Surely this isn't the only available home... I mean... Dale said that the Tinkers, whoever they are, could-

There was a sudden slam of a door, and Aurola jumped with fright. She heard another cabinet door shatter to the floor, and she ran to the front room to see a steaming Vidia, and the front door swung open wide from the force of the slam, shaking on his hinges. She caught a slight image of a blonde head disappearing into the palm trees, and cringed when she saw a bolt of lightning.

Quickly closing the door to block out the roaring wind, Vidia looked at Aurola, face bright red. "What? What me to say something to you too?"

"What... what happened?" Aurola questioned, her hand motioning to where Dale disappeared. "Is there something wrong?"

"Nothing... just... nothing... a small argument, that's all..." Vidia mumbled, sitting on the counter top. There was a dense silence as Aurola stared at the fast flier, who kept her eyes on the floor.

Aurola gulped load enough for Vidia to hear, who looked up at her with an eyebrow raised. "Does it involve me...? My talent, perhaps...?"

There was no answer as Vidia disappeared into the bedroom, and a small chuckle was heard. Aurola sat on what was left of a chair, and crossed her arms. The beach house now suddenly seemed gloomy, full of untold emotions, and other things of despair. Minutes went by in complete and utter silence, and Aurola watched Vidia disappear into other parts of the house. Aurola's jaw dropped when she saw the fast flier flick a latch on the floor, open a door, and walk down some stairs, deeper into the house. Just when she was about to jump up and follow, Dale walked in.

The new arrival jumped again in fright at another boom of thunder, and at Dale's appearance. She just now noticed his clothes were jet black, and he was rather slim. His shiny blonde hair was soaking wet, and it hung in front of his bright eyes in a scary manner. He held some clothes in his arms, which weren't exactly wet.

Vidia poked her head up, saw Dale, and disappeared once again with a scowl, on her face. The water fairy just turned to Aurola and handed her the clothes. "I ran down to the tailoring nooks, and Mendy gave me these clothes for you. I also went to the Tinkers' Nook, and they'll come and fix up the house for you."

"Thank you!" Aurola said, hugging Dale, and running into the bedroom to change.

There was a creaking sound as Vidia walked back up into the front room, not meeting Dale's eyes. The water fairy balled his fist, and watched Vidia walk to the window.

"Ready to apologize yet?"

"For what?" the fast flier smirked, "you are a wingless cry baby. I was just-"

"I can't help myself if I'm a water talent. If you were the same talent as me, you'll maybe be crying now!" Dale's voice broke with a high note when he finished, which filled Vidia with both laughter and gilt.

The fast flier merely sighed, "Okay, okay, my apologies, Dale." She growled his name, and the water fairy clutched his fists. As Aurola entered the room, Dale turned his back to Vidia, who saw the two wing-stumps flittering wildly on his back, which could only be signaling rage.

Aurola was dressed in a deep blue one-strapped shirt, and a skirt made out of a lily pad. The lily pad was dyed a lighter blue, and were over her tight deep blue leggings.

"Well, at least she looks presentable... and you forgot to get her shoes."

Dale turned bright pink when he saw his mistake, and unfortunately filled Vidia with new jokes. But before she could say something else, Aurola walked awkwardly to the door in her outfit and swung it open. She bent down and touched her toes, and heard the faint strain of her leggings.

"Why wear shoes when I'll fly wherever I go?" she stretched one leg, and then the other. She reached her arms towards the damp ceiling, and fluttered her wings a few times. As it had just stopped raining, and taking a running start on the wet sand, Aurola leaped into the air, and let her wings gain the height that they craved for. At first, she stared down below her as she got higher, but, she heard Dale's encouraging call from below, and burst some speed. Keeping her mouth shut, she got faster and faster as she flew over the palm trees. Aurola curved and twisted her body as she flew, and shouted in pure joy. I never thought such speeds could be reached! This is the most amazing thing to date-

"Whoa, hold up there, Wetwings!"

Aurola halted to a stop when Vidia appeared in front of her. Her mouth gapped open wide, and eyes wide open, she looked over her shoulder at the beach house, which was way in the distance. "How... how did you-"

"I'm the fastest fairy known to all Fairy Kind. It wasn't hard to catch up to you; didn't even break a sweat." Vidia dusted herself off dramatically as Aurola saw her arms slightly shining with sweat. "And, what you were just doing was completely wrong."

"Wrong?" I was flying completely normal, if I say so myself.

"As a fast flier," Vidia paused, "Well, as part fast flier, flying in zigzags is unnecessary unless you're being chased by a hawk, or you're delivering messages for Queen Ree-"

"Queen Ree? I thought Queen Clarion was the rightfully ruler of Pixie Hollow. Are there several rulers? A king perhaps?" Aurola questioned.

"Ree is just the nickname I gave Clarion. Like I call you Wetwings."

"But why Wetwings? It sounds strange, somehow."

"Let's stick to the subject now, dearie. So, while flying, keep your body in an almost perfect straight line. It won't allow the wind to catch in your clothes." Vidia then took full survey of Aurola's clothing. "Seems that ol' Shallowbrain got the right clothes for you..."

Aurola thought for a moment, and then spoke up. "Is Shallowbrain...Dale?"

Vidia looked at Aurola, a grin on her face. "Hmm, you're catching on. So, let's try it. While you fly, try your best to keep your body straight, and flap your wings as fast as you can."

They set off at an incredible speed, Vidia ahead of Aurola; she kept her body out straight, and did feel a change in her speed. The two flew over a large field of grass, nothing but green speeding below them. "Where are we going?" Aurola called over the roar of the wind.

"To my house!" Vidia answered, pointing a finger in front of her.

Aurola froze in the air, a hand over her mouth as she took in the scene before.

Vidia's home was a large, dying plum tree; its leaves were a darkish purple, and two plums daggled on a thin branch, hanging over the cliff side. Now flying at a slower speed, Aurola reached the fast flier, who was waiting impatiently at the door.

Swinging the wooden door wide open, Vidia held her hands in the air. "Isn't it gorgeous!" the inside definitely looked better than the outside. It was covered in either light or dark purples, or a few reds here and there. A large lavender-purple feather bed was in the room, and a window above it, with darker purple curtains.

"You, you must really love purple." Aurola said, settling on her bare feet.

"Well, yeah, fast fliers naturally love purple; like water talents love blue, and like garden talents like pink, and red."

"Oh," Aurola said, looking around the home. Vidia had just flown into what seemed to be a kitchen, as she looked through cabinets. Clutching her growling stomach, the fast-flying water fairy watched Vidia pull out some type of delicious pastries; they were a golden brown, and smelled terrific. "Um... miss, Vidia?"

"Yes, Wetwings?" Vidia said, pulling out a basket and placing the treats inside.

"Well, you know... as a newly arrived Fairy, I haven't... I haven't actually eaten any-"

"Here," Aurola's heart and stomach fluttered with joy as Vidia handed her the basket, and her mouth watered at the smell, which was even more pleasant. "I'm not mean enough to let a new arrival starve." As Aurola devoured a pastry, Vidia continued to herself. "When I first arrived, I remember stealing a lemon tart from Dulcie's kitchen.

"HmmMmm..." was Aurola's reply, over a mouth full of food. They-they taste like- apple!

A sudden sound of a horn blew outside the door, startling both of the Fairies. Flying to the door, Vidia called, "Who is it?"

"Viola; with Aurola's schedule." came the answer from outside. The exchange was quick: Vidia opened the door, took the parchment, and closed it back.

After Vidia read over the schedule herself, she handed it to Aurola. It read in perfect, flawless handwriting:

~ Training Schedule For: ~

~ Aurola; Fast-flying Water Fairy ~

Sunday ~ Sunrise, Vidia, Neverpoint Meadow

Monday ~ Sunrise, Dale, Soapstone Stream

Tuesday ~ Afternoon, Vidia, Cherryblossom Heights

Wednesday ~ Afternoon, Dale, Havendish Stream

Thursday ~ Evening, Vidia, Winter Mountains

Friday ~ Evening, Dale, Mermaid Lagoon

Saturday ~ Midnight, Vidia & Dale, Palm Tree Cove

~ Officially & Rightfully Created By: Queen Clarion, Leading Ruler of Pixie Hollow ~

~ To Be Followed Through By: Aurola ~

~ Trainers: Vidia & Dale ~

~ This schedule SHALL be in effect until further notice! ~

"Seems fair enough," Vidia said.

"Midnight?" Aurola shouted, looking at Saturday's routine time. The two Fairies talked over a few things, before settling on an even note. Leaving the old plum tree, they flew across more meadows, looking over flowers, and crop fields. In a field of bright red roses, Fairies dressed in pinks and reds watched them fly overhead.

One called up to Aurola, "Welcome to Pixie Hollow, sugar!"

Sugar? Hmm, perhaps another odd nickname I have earned. No problem, I guess.

Flying over a forest with orange and brown colors, Vidia actually waved to a few Fairies here and there, smiling happily. Then, Vidia took a sharp right when they entered a field of sunflowers, and some homes. The sun was shining brightly over head as Aurola watched Vidia fly ahead of her, and then watched her fly into a cave.

"Fly as fast as you can!" Vidia called behind her, her voice echoing against the walls.

Doing as told, Aurola put out a sudden burst of speed, until she literally heard the rapid buzzing of her wings in her ears. Vidia disappeared in the darkness of the cave as she strained her eyes, barely seeing her pixie dust trail. Until-

Ooh... ooh wow!

Aurola flew out into what was the island of Neverland, with its never-ending rainbows and bright green trees. There was a large mountain, and a cliff to one side, and to the other were a shore, and what seemed to be a lagoon.

She glanced down, and saw that Vidia had landed on some rocks, and she swooped down to meet with her.

"This is absolutely amazing!" Aurola cried, spinning around with her arms out. "This has to be the most amazing thing I have seen! Well, besides all of the other outstanding things I've seen on this faithful day, and all of the things I've seen on my way here, and-"

Vidia quickly waved her hands to silence the fairy. "Okay, okay! You're excited, I know, I know. Huh... I would like to see your first day on the Mainland."

"The Mainland? What's that, Vidia?"

"Forget I said it." Vidia quickly took flight, and called behind her. And Aurola, almost by instincts, followed her. They flew down grassy slopes and through trees, and Vidia explained everything. They passed over where the Indian Clans lived, and a dense forest, and then to open water

"I suggest you don't go in there; a lot of creepy things." Vidia had said, pointing to the forest.

"Creepy things like what?"

"Well there's—LOOK OUT!" Vidia shoved Aurola to the side just as a cannon ball sped past them, and three more followed in suit. The two fairies screamed, and flew towards the ground again. They headed back to the cave, and disappeared back into Pixie Hollow.


"You thunderheads," Captain Hook growled, "Why did you waste our cannons on those fairies?"

"Uh... target practice, I guess?"


"That had to be the more terrifying thing to happen to me! The nerve of them to use cannon balls on me! I should go back there, and teach them a lesson or two about respect towards ladies!" Aurola was rolling in fury, and Vidia was enjoying the sight.

Seeing new-arrivals throw a fit is actually something worth enjoying.

Vidia couldn't do anything but agree. "Yes, they do deserve a few pinches in their backsides, but let's not worry about that at the moment. Let's worry about other things, like getting you introduced around Pixie Hollow while they're time."

The two fairies flew towards the Pixie Dust Tree, and Vidia flew there in search of her favorite sparrow man...