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Aurola Seadevil


Chapter 4: Friends...?

Vidia and Aurola arrived at the Pixie Dust Tree, and Aurola stood in awe. The center of the tree was filled with shimmering pixie dust, and Fairies from all over came to it. Other fairies scoped up the dust, and poured it on others' heads and wings. Most of the Dust-fairies were gathering rations for the Nature-talents as they prepared to leave and said goodbye to their friends who weren't Nature-talents. Fairies were excited and squealing as they flew at their top speeds; which never did match the speed of Fast-flying Fairies.

"This is spectacular!" Aurola commented, waving at all who passed her. Majority of the fairies recognized her as the new arrival, and others simply shied away. "Though, why are we here again?"

"Just to meet some friends..." Vidia said, looking around the tree. She noted all of the Dust-keeper's faces, and never did find who she was looking for. "Oh well, he's maybe off making his deliveries."

That very sparrow man that the fast-flier was looking for was Terence. As always, Vidia makes all new arrival Fast-flying talents get familiar with the friendly Dust-keeper; Terence will sometimes give Fast-fliers extra pixie dust, and in turn, all Fast-fliers will give him much respect. We'll run into him sooner or later... Vidia thought.

"Hey Vidia!" someone called. Both fairies spun around; Aurola with curiosity, and Vidia with joy. The fast-flier raced forward with her arms open, shouted "Darcy!" and then hugged her friend. The two exchanged greetings, and Aurola crept forward quietly. Vidia put an arm around the fairy's shoulder, and laughed. "Aurola, I would like you to meet a good friend of mine; this is Darcy." Aurola curtsied, and took survey of the Fairy before her.

Darcy—a Light-fairy—had piercing yellow eyes, and a smug grin on her face. Her skin was acorn brown, and her black hair was ruffled in the back and stuck up in odd angles. Her clothes were mainly black and gold and her wings had a gold tent to them. Darcy whispered something to Vidia, who nodded eagerly and began giggling loudly. She looks friendly, in a way. If she's Vidia's friend, I might as well to get used to her being. Aurola went stiff when Darcy started to study her from head to toe. "Oh, you're that new arrival, aren't you...?" Darcy chimed, grinning from ear-to-ear.

"Uh," Aurola stammered, trying to find the most appropriate words to answer the fairy, "Yes, and it's a pleasure to meet you." She, again, curtsied.

Darcy gave a little, fake, gasp. "Oh, so formal..." she then quickly added, "And the pleasure is definitely all mine." Both of them shared smiles before Vidia cut in. "Well, nice to see both of you are getting off to a good start. And nice to see you've calmed down, Wetwings. After what happened, you know." Vidia paused, and before she could explain the accident with the pirates, Darcy held up a gloved-hand.

"Don't say anything, I saw the whole scene."

Aurola's jaw dropped, and she began babbling continuously. Darcy raised an eyebrow, and couldn't hide her amused grin as Aurola caught the attention of others: "But, how-how did you even-nobody was following us! Nobody could have been able to follow us, anyhow! Do you have two talents as well, because that would be most wonderful if you did! And maybe you could show me some-"Vidia clapped a hand over Aurola's mouth, and giggles erupted all around them.

This angered Aurola. Just recent memories of her "hilarious" arrival flooded into her mind, and she balled her fist. "What is so funny about me?" she cried, almost screaming at the fairies in the Pixie Dust Tree. Most of them fell silent, except Vidia, who was trying not to burst out into a fit of giggles. Darcy put her hands on her hips, and gave Aurola a curious look. She flittered over to Vidia, while Aurola continued to shout at some of the fairies.

"This one is easily angered, isn't she?" Darcy whispered, raising her eyebrow. "She's a little strange, in my words. Are you sure you want to keep up with her? She could be trouble, star shine."

Vidia chuckled, and snorted. "Oh c'mon, darling, she's not that bad. You were like that when you arrived, and I'm pretty sure I was as well. And besides, it's mandatory. Queen Clarion even created this whole schedule for her; I'm her instructor for Fast-flying, and Dale works with her on Water skills, and such."

Darcy's yellow eyes flashed, and she dramatically placed a hand on her chest. "Firefly, did you just say Dale? You're working with him?"

"Unfortunately, I am."

"But aren't you leaving with us to the Mainland?" Darcy asked, already knowing where this was going.

Vidia groaned, and shook her head. "Actually, no..." Darcy gave an absolute look of shock, and motioned for Vidia to explain. "The Minister of Winter said that the previous winter was a bad one, and that my winds would just-"

Before Vidia could continue, a Dust-keeper fairy shouted to them. "Hey, can you get the new arrival? She's causing a scene, here." Vidia and Darcy turned their attention back to Aurola, who was, in fact, causing a scene in the Pixie Dust Tree. One Dust-keeper was clearly not enjoying Aurola's company, and before she could shout a few gentle words of her own, Vidia had pulled the Fast-flying Water Fairy to the side. "Okay, I think you've said enough..." Filled to the brim with embarrassment, she lead Aurola away from the other Fairies, and Darcy followed them, amused.

When they were a good distance away from the Pixie Dust Tree, Vidia decided to lay down some ground rules with Aurola. "Look, Wetwings; I know this is your first day and all, and I don't need you causing trouble, got it? You're new here, and that doesn't give you the right to yell and shout. Everybody else here is over you in popularity ranks, especially me; and I personally want to keep it that way. So don't go and try to give yourself attention." A small silence passed, and Vidia was almost afraid that she had actually hurt the other Fairy's feelings. The last thing she needed now was Queen Clarion scolding her about being rude to a New Arrival. Vidia hung her head low, and started her weak apology. "Hey, uh, Aurola; forget what I-"

Darcy gave a small laugh, and tapped Vidia on the shoulder. "What, Darcy?" the Fast-flyer snapped.

"Um, Vidia... Aurola is gone already."

Vidia turned lifted her head, and was confirmed with Darcy's words. Aurola had already fled away from both of them.


"Oh, you're not popular; you're just a New Arrival! Blah blah blah! You won't ever be as good as me, Wetwings!" Aurola mumbled, giving a really good impression of Vidia's voice. "What does she know about popularity? I'm the Fairy with two talents! I find it of most importunacy that I get as much attention as I can get!" The Fast-flying Water Fairy continued her small rage, and it ended when she gave a loud frustrated scream, and a burst of wind blew away the petals on a nearby sunflower. Aurola gasped, and fluttered over to the now wilting flower, and took survey of what she had done. She took a petal from the ground, and tried to stick it back in its place, with no success.

"Hey!" somebody shouted, and Aurola spun around to see a Fairy flying at her, her pale face almost red with rage. Her hair was an almond brown, and her clothes were a black leaf shirt, and a red rose as a skirt. On her pale hands were elbow-length black gloves, and she wore black slippers that had vines, which were wrapped around her ankles. On her shoulder was a simple green leaf- satchel. She stopped at the flower, looking at its missing petals, and at the petal Aurola was holding. She snatched the petal, and shook it in Aurola's face. "This is my job, New Arrival!"

Aurola looked back at the wilting flower, and whispered, "You're job?"

The Fairy gathered up the fallen petals and put them into the satchel, and proceeded to the stem of the sunflower. After she had taken handfuls of the black sunflower seeds into a small bag, the Fairy literally yanked the stem right out of the soil!

As it fell lifelessly to the ground, Aurola confronted her with a shrill voice, "What could you have possibility done that for!"

The Fairy looked at her again, and rolled her eyes. "I said it was my job..." Aurola turned around, and actually saw a small line of uprooted flowers behind her. The line stretched far into the horizon of the meadow, and seemed took have taken a long time. How very... strange...

"Oh... is this your Talent?" Aurola asked. "And may I learn your name please?"

The Fairy turned around, and answered simply; yet, it was clear in her voice that she was beyond irritated. "My name is Valleri, and yes New Arrival, this is my talent; bye-bye now."

Valleri had already started flying ahead, but could only ball her fist as Aurola appeared in front of her, already flooding out questions. "But wait, um, Valleri. I thought Garden-talents planted flowers, not destroyed them! And Vidia told me that Garden-talents naturally wore red!, you are wearing red, but, um, is black like an alternate color of your Talent, or-?"

"Do you often ask this many questions?" Valleri suddenly shouted, facing Aurola with a red face.

This time, however, Aurola had a quick and easy answer to the question. "Why yes, I do. Seeing that it's my first day, and Queen Clarion stated that I deserve just a bit a respect, yes. I do ask a lot of questions." With a smug grin on her face, Aurola fluttered slowly head, with her hands behind her back and her head held high. Valleri was behind her, her rage fuming, but, she however fell in the other direction.

And poor Aurola wasn't aware she had left.

"On a personality level, Valleri, I very well believe that we will be great..." Aurola stopped in mid-sentence as she spun around and watched Valleri flying into the afternoon sky, clearly not wanting to be in her company anymore. "-friends..." the Fast-flying Water Fairy simply hung her head before flying at ground level through the meadow, humming her own soft tone as she ventured farther into Pixie Hollow.


"Darcy, Queen Ree will banish me if she realizes I lost track of Aurola! And she flew off so quickly!" Vidia flew through the flurry of Nature-talents, who were all preparing for leaving for the Mainland in the morning; most just scowled as she flew past them, making them drop large baskets and for some of the carrier doves to scatter in fright. Others looked at her questioningly, wondering why she was in just a hurry and why she was panicking. "This cannot be happening! Why did she just fly off like that before noticing I was trying to apologize? What if she gets lost, or-or attacked by a hawk, Darcy?"

Darcy watched the Fast-flier fret, not exactly interested in helping her in the search of "the missing Fast-flying Water Fairy". The Light-fairy rolled her eyes as Vidia began looking through some of the carrier baskets and franticly ruining the order around in Havendish Square. "Vidia, sunshine, did you even bother to check the Theater? And did you bother to stop screaming and to actual listen to the voice coming from the Theater?"

Vidia did, in fact, stop in her tracks and began to listen beside the Theater entrance.

... "That sounds so wonderful! I would love to come and attend the play!"

"...Aurola?" Vidia cried.

The English accented voice was most definitely Aurola, and the Fast-flying Water Fairy was busy talking to the lead Storyteller, Lyria. "Of course, Aurola, we Storytellers have a policy for New Arrivals..."

Aurola's face fell and she frowned. "And... what exactly might that be?"

Lyria clasped her small hands together and smiled as big as she could, "New Arrivals will be welcomed as our most important guest!"

The two Fairies laughed together, and before they could share a hug to bond their newly found friendship, Vidia sped in and pulled Aurola to the side of the stage. The New Arrival was caught clearly off guard, and stumbled as Vidia let go of her. "Aurola, please! Please don't ever fly off like that again! I could have gotten into so much trouble by Queen Clarion." Vidia was pleading, but Aurola only crossed her arms.

"I'm sorry, but I did say that I could be responsible for myself! I was only trying to make some friends, and I haven't really been good at that lately..." Aurola was mad at Vidia, but she couldn't show it. She couldn't exactly express her anger since she hadn't made any good friends as of the day of her arrival... which was today. "Was it this hard to make friends on your arrival?"

Vidia hesitated, seeing that her arrival was decades ago. "Uh... I don't, um remember..." an awkward silence followed her words, and she quickly broke it before Aurola could answer more questions. "And you can't go to the play today. You need to get some serious rest, Wetwings." Feeling more comfortable with the situation, Vidia went ahead and let her know the news. Lyria was close enough to hear the words, and gave Vidia an all knowing before exiting back stage.

"Why can't I go watch Lyria and the others perform?" Aurola exclaimed, not all excited about the news she was getting.

"You, darling, have to start your schedule tomorrow. Go ahead to your home; the Tinkers have already fixed it up while Dale stayed behind at the beach house." Aurola could contain her excitement; however she did give Vidia the biggest hug the Fast-flier has ever received by somebody not entirely of her Talent. Vidia just stood there, not knowing what to do with all the affection she was receiving.

"Uh, okay, Aurola; go get some sleep. I'll come and get you in the morning."

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~Aurola Seadevil~