Hunters, and Aliens, and Werewolves! Oh My!

A/N: Okay so this will be my collection of fanfiction I have written for Crossovers50 (LJ challenge community) for Glee. So yeah, they will not all be connected or the same crossovers, but please review if you like any!

Fandoms: Glee and Supernatural

Pairings: Dean/Rachel

Rating: PG (one curse word)

Spoilers/Warnings: AU!Supernatural/Glee World. Dean's a teen at McKinley's.

Words: 166

Prompt: #32 - Water.

Notes: This completely just randomly came to me, and I know it's short, but it's supposed to be! I just read "Something Wicked This Hums" by like_a_raven on LJ and I saw a review by catangel70 that totally inspired me to write this so this little drabble is dedicated to them.

-Test of the Holy Water-


"What's the matter?" Rachel questioned with a pout. He hadn't been listening to a word she had been saying. Again.

"Nothing, sweetheart, just remembered I forgot to do something for my dad." Dean stated quickly, brushing his lips against hers to reassure her that he had been listening to her. It was a lie, of course, but she didn't need to know that. To his relief she smiled and started rambling again.

He glanced over her shoulder and continued to watch Coach Sylvester drink her protein shake, which unknown to her had holy water in it. To his surprise, she didn't start immediately spitting it out or freak out at the sensation of it going down her throat, which meant one thing.

Coach Sue Sylvester was no demon.


But there was still other possibilities right? Maybe she was an evil witch or some other monster disguised as a human. Right. That sound's definitely more possible than her being human.

Yup… there was still hope.