Hunters, and Aliens, and Werewolves! Oh My!

Fandoms: Glee and Ghostbusters

Pairings: none, mention of Finn/Quinn & Puck/Quinn

Rating: G

Warnings/Spoilers: AU!S1-Sectionals.

Prompt: #41 - Family

Notes: Written for XOVERLAND challenge 1980s. Also written for GALORECHALLENGE prompt family/mother. There probably will be more of this story eventually.

-Mysterious Uncle-


Thanks to years of denial of my parents, I had no contact with my only uncle. I only knew he lived in New York City and worked as a professor at a university. That was it.

No matter how much I cried or begged for more information of my mysterious uncle, I got none. Even when I was older and could probably find more information about him, I couldn't, simply because I had no idea what my mother's maiden name was nor did I know my uncle's name.

So for my mother to actually tell me my uncle was Egon Spengler – a man who I later found out was one of the original Ghostbusters, it was a shock. Out of everything I had imagined about my uncle or why my mother wouldn't speak of him clearly was wrong… completely wrong. Clearly being a Ghostbusters and a firm believer in ghosts and the paranormal was a surprise for me, but then as I thought about it – it had always been my mother who held the stronger Christian beliefs and told me over and over again that there were no monsters in my closet. Anything Halloween or supernatural related she rebuked wholeheartedly.

Being sent away to meet my mysterious uncle was a little unnerving, but high school was becoming unbearable. With everyone's stares and pitying looks, was just driving me insane. Especially as Puck wanted to be in the baby's life despite the fact he didn't want to be tied down into a relationship with me… nor did I want to be tied down in a relationship with him either. Besides, I couldn't stay at Finn's for much longer, it was just too awkward and I hate the look I get from his mom every time I enter the house. I was no longer welcomed there and I had no other place to go. It was either go to my uncle's or go to Puck's.

Egon won that battle… and if it got me to New York City and out of little nowhere Lima, Ohio, so be it.