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Dustfinger: *playing with fire* Thank goodness that girl hasn't come around to bother me in so long!

Me: *walks up, in a sweet tone* You were thinking about me, master?

Dustfinger: *stops abruptly and stares at me* By fire and faries, where in the world have you been for so long?

Me: *smiles* You mean you've actually missed me all those days?

Dustfinger: I never said that. But what happened?

Me: *smiles ruefully* Life. School's a killer. So is family. But I'm back now!

Dustfinger *sarcastically* I supposed you want me to act all happy now, right?

Me: *in a mock-sad way* Why, I thought there was more between us, Dustfinger. I thought you cared about me.

Dustfinger *rolls eyes*: Cut the drama. What are you planning to do to me this time?

Me *appears to be shocked*: Do to you? Whatever do you mean…Mr. Refi?

Dustfinger: Oh, don't act like you're unaware of what I'm referring to—what did you call me?

Me *simply, with an innocent smile*: Mr. Refi.

Dustfinger: Why?

Me: Because I've been thinking about it for the past year, and I finally decided that would be a good name for you. What do you think?

Dustfinger: I think that's ridiculous! You can't just give someone a last name.

Me: Would you rather me call you Master of Dustyness?

Dustfinger: Absolutely not!

Me: Then I'd be happy with what I had, if I were you.

Dustfinger: Clearly, you've learned nothing about respect in the time you were gone.

Me: If you were any smarter, you'd realize I am trying to respect you by giving you a last name!

Dustfinger: But that's not how it works! In my world, last names don't matter!

Me: They do in mine.

Dustfinger: And what makes you think that I'm going to accommodate myself so things fit in with your world?

Me: I think you're just being stubborn.

Dustfinger: Stubborn? Me? Why don't you look at yourself!

Me: I was just trying to be respectful.

Dustfinger: Will you drop that excuse already? We both know you're just trying to come up with a new way to torment me!

Me: That's not true!

Dustfinger: Of course it is! I've known you for a while now. You think I don't know how your mind works? That I don't realize this is just a new way to make me upset because somehow you think it is funny?

Me: I don't think it's funny! I was trying to be a good apprentice after leaving for so long!

Dustfinger: You can't fool me. I guess I'll just go back to playing with fire. I don't think you're ready to learn, yet.

Me *stares at him* Wait, what? You can't just make me leave! Not after I just came back!

Dustfinger *looks back evenly* I don't have to teach you anything if you aren't going to respect me, and realize that I can tell when you're lying.

Me: But I—that's not-*looks down* Fine. Maybe I was trying to have some fun. But I missed it, alright? I missed messing you after so long. I'm sorry I offended you.

*a long period of silence*

Dustfinger *sighs* Alright. It's fine.

Me *looks up eagerly*: Really?!

Dustfinger *half-smiles* I suppose so. But you're still not off the hook for the things you did a year ago, and in fact, you've added to them.

Me *hugs him*: I'll live. But thank you!

Dustfinger *rolls eyes, and pushes me away*: It's fine. But don't you dare call me Mr. Refi again!

Me *laughs* I probably won't. But I'll make no promises!

Dustfinger: You had better not do it. You wouldn't, if you knew what was good for you. Of course, I sincerely doubt you have that much wisdom.

Me *rolls eyes*: That was just mean…

Dustfinger *smiles*: No one said you were the only one allowed to have fun. If it's the apprentice's job to mess with the master, the master's job is to do ten times that. You ought to know that by now.

Me: Sure…

Dustfinger: So then, ready for a new lesson? Hopefully, you haven't forgotten everything else already. I'm sure you studied diligently.

Me: I…yes! Of—of course I did!

Dustfinger: We'll have to see...on second thought, maybe we should start with a review.

Me *relieved* Yes, that'll probably be best.

*the two of us walk off, Dustfinger happy at having his apprentice back, and I happy about getting back my master*

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