Ok to all my reviewers thax. Now I'd like to say I love messing with people. I guess that's why I like Kid so much. We both play with people. And when everyone's heads are turned to a flash of light. I get away with surprising twists that no one expects. This chapter is explaining Mahou and Ao Hato. Remember to keep an open mind. :)

Moonlit Shadows

There didn't seem to be much to do for him today. Why of all the families did his have to be detectives. He understood yes. Hell he went to his father's cases when he was younder. Maybe it was thee influnce of his best friend's father.

He sighed once again. And looked in the mirror. Conan Kudou stared back at him. He sighed again. His father Shinichi Kudou through him a look.

Ever since he started hanging out with Aiko his father and mother were worried. Maybe it was the fact that Kaito-sama had been teaching him 'tools of the trade' with his daughter for years.

He was a thief in a family of detectives. His younger sister Yuri was a detective just like dad. And yet unborn little brother Shiro-kun were going to be detectives. But not him. No sire.

So 17 year old Conan Kudou became Mahou. Magic. A theif who's skills rivaled Kid's. Kaito hadn't yet retired. Waiting until his younger son Toichi could fill his spot. Aiko wasn't going to be Kaitou Kid. No she made her own name for herself.

A costume simalar to Kid, but bright blue. So Ao Hato, Blue Dove was born. Conan sighed and fixed his shirt. He felt unusually hot today.

Conan fell down as the heat took over...

Aiko Kuroba 17 year old daughter of one Kaitou Kid. She was looking forward to talking to Conan again. Her father actually enjoyed the black sheep of the Kudou family. Said he was a really good theif.

So a year ago today when she started dating the boy. Her father pulled her aside and in no certain tems told her to keep him close and don't let him go all Detectivy on her. Or he'd embrass him publicly. She still remembered when Hakuba-kun tried to date her.

He ended up tied to a pole dressed as a girl. It didn't look good. And then the news copters arrived. It was safe to say Masayoshi never tried again.

Aiko knocked on the door to her friends home. It opened to Ran Kudou. She sighed. Aiko wondered what that was about. THen she say the young woman Ai Haibara inspecting a small kid who looked like Conan.

Shinichi Kudou was looking both surprised and shocked.

"What's going on?" Aiko asked. Haibara looked at her then Shinichi.

"They know each other. You can tell her I don't want my son to make the same mistakes." Shinichi said.

"Alright Kudou-kun. Aiko-chan, When Conan's father was younger and more of an idiot then now," Shinichi made a sound Ai ignored him. " He got poisoned. This poison didn't kill him. It shrunk him. He stayed this way for three years until I made a cure. Now The poison even cured was still in his system. It is now most likely formed into something akin to a gentic disease. Thus why you see Conan as he is.

Don't worry so much. It won't last quite as long as Shinichi's did. Because the poison and the cure are in Conan's DNA. This will last 3 months or more no longer then a year."Haibara said.

"Werid family. First mistical jewels now shrinking people. What next? Aleternate Realities?"Aiko said.(Why yes.:))

"So what now?"Aiko said. Everyone just stared at her.

"Excepting strange things must be gentic." Shinichi mumbled. Conan groaned.

"I wouldn't move to much." Shinichi said ,but stopped as a ten year old girl walked in and blinked.

"Yuri-chan." Ran said hugging her little girl. Promising sweets and things so she could explain later why this was happening. And why her father was one giant Baka.

"Why the hell am I short again?" Conan yelled. Brining everyone's attention back to him.

"Don't worry you'll get over it. But you are cuter like this. Co-chan." Aiko said teasing. Conan lit up with a blush...

Sevearl weeks later and he was hating his family. Kiddy school.

Conan shivered. At least his girlfriend had stopped teasing him. And Kaito-sama. Kaito actually made him another suit. So he could return to stealing. Now he had two copies of his black and white suit. It was very simalar to Kid's normal one.

The hat still had a hole from when Snakebite took a shot at him. Old evil geezer.

Aiko smiled and held his hand as they walked home. Conan had a really bad feeling. He was about to say something when everything turned bright white. And both him and Aiko fell through something.

The first thing he noticed when he came to was. Everything was different. Yet the same. It was a Tokyo he knew, yet not. Then he noticed the paper.

He shook Aiko awake cause he couldn't believe his eyes.

Aiko got up and glared at him before noticing he was pointing at a paper.

'May 1st, 2008. Kaitou Kid captured. Yurei Shadow assumed dead.'

Aiko jumped up and grabbed the paper.

"Yesterday afternoon at a Kid and Shadow heist. The building the two thieves were in caught fire. Killing a member of a dark group called Gin. And also taking the life of 17 yer old Yurei Shadow also known as Shinichi Kuroba. Kaitou Kid was caught afterword and treated for a bullet through his right leg. Kid has been unmasked to be Kaito Kuroba. There is news saying Nakamouri is giving Kaito a full pardon for his crimes. Also his brother Shinichi." Aiko said eyes wide open.

"I knew saying something would cause something like this to happen. Conan. We are in an Alternate Reality." Aiko said. Conan desided this was the worse year of his life...

Shinichi Kuroba winced as his arm burned. Gin had a nasty aim. Shinichi looked up expecting to see a ceiling come crashing down on top of him. Nope nothing but blue sky. And his hat was gone. Oh well. He had another. making said other appear and putting on his monocle.

Before making it all disappear in a puff of blak smoke. He wondered where he as. It wasn't excatly the place he was. He was about to go to his brother's house when he ran into someone.

A very familar someone. Himself...

Shinichi Kudou did not believe in magic. And wasn't going to start anytime soon. But this was really starting to grate on his nerves. Looking at the 17 yea old version of himself again as he sat on a couch. Juggling multi colored balls of all things.

He needed a drink. Not coffee. But a GOD DAMNED DRINK. He wondered if his father-in-law was buzy. The door opened and his ungodly neighbor Kuroba was here.

"Hey Kudou-kun." Kaito said in greeting. Shinichi looked at him and smaked his head. He really needed that drink. Kaito was wearing his Kid outfit.

"Kuroba why do I even bother. I'm having a hard day could you please do me a favor and look into the livingroom and confrim i'm not lossing it." Shinichi said. Kaito nodded. Dissappearing a puff of white smoke.

He heard a yelp from the living room. Then.. Laughing. Shinichi Kudou did not need this. He was getting to old for it.

He desided to find out what evil thing Kaito was doing with his youger double.

Sliding into the living room he was Kaito back in normal attire speaking with the younger Shinichi.

"That my friend is neat." Kaito said. The younger Shinichi shrugged.

"Okay I think I've gone completely nuts." Shinichi muttered.

"Not really. Could you tell your name again dear sir?" Kaito said smiling.

The young Shinichi smiled back.

"Shinichi Kuroba." The young Shinichi said smiling in a way the reminded him of a younger Kid.

"Cool huh." Kaito said.

"I know you both are going to argue don't bother. I do in fact exsist." The young Shinichi glared at the two older adults.

"But if you do not believe me. I'll have to talk to Akako." Shinichi said folding his arms.

Kaito had gone pale at the mention of Hakuba's darling(witch) Wife. Shinichi Kudou raised an eyebrow.

"Alright then. What's your story?" Shinichi asked sitting down on a chair. Kaito went and joined him.

The young Shinichi smiled and in a puff of black smoke. A person dressed simalary to Kid but in Balck sat.

"My name is Shinichi Kuroba, known alais is Conan Edogawa, Tantei-kun, Shadow Magician, Yurei Shadow. My father is Toichi Kuroba. My mother Chikage Kuroba. My twin brother is Kaito Kuroba.I was a detective now I am a theif. I help Kaitou Kid steal jewels. And yesterday afternoon a heist went wrong. We found it. Then Snake and Gin came. The building was on fire. Snake was shot by Gin.

I led Gin away from Kid and Hakuba. Gin shot at me and the roof was coming I find myself here." Shinichi Kuroba said.

His costume disappeared.

"You found it?" Kaito said eyes nodded.

"Kaito had it. He was hurt. Hakuba had to help him get away. I'm not sure what happened to him." Shinichi said eyes dark.

"Okay I'll get confused if I call you my own name." Shinichi Kudou said.

"Then call me Shadow." Shadow said.

"Well I'm going to have to explain to Ran why your here. And to Yuri and my son conan. That will be fun." Shinichi said.

"Yupe now I'm going to go see if Hakuba and his wonderfull wife can help us." Kaito said disppearing.

Shinichi sighed.

"I'll be right back. Don't you know steal anything." Shinichi said feeling very werid for telling an alternate version of himself not to steal. He really needed a big drink. Shadow just nodded.. Later that day Shinichi was now more worried. Akako Hakuba had come and gone.

Says something about white magic. And telling Shadow to coe by to learn how to control his magic. And she cheerfully informed him and Kaito Conan and Aiko would be spending time where ever Shadow Shinichi was from unil he could get back..

Today was just not his day. At least he got a good long drink with his father-in-law.. But seeing Shadow Shinichi looking over heist plans on his living room table made him think he was going to getting alot of drinks in the near future...



Masayoshi- justice

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I love this don't you.I feel bad for the older Shinichi having to deal with this.


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