Just so you know in this chapter only I'll be using bold ... to show difference between realms, for the double heist.

Moonlit Shadows

Nakamouri sighed looking around the old building. Same size, area, and number of floors. Looking at the Purple haired teen talking to Hakuba then to Kaito.

Aiko and Conan were sitting in a corner dressed as Mahou and Ao Hato. He was pissed about that and he couldn't do anything about it.

As Kaito said in his office after he agreed. They were out of his hands. They were the targets of another him in a different universe.

It was all confusing. Why couldn't anything be simple when it came to Kaito Kuroba. There were just somethings he didn't understand.

Soon he would have to witness a heist done by two teenagers, and not stop them so Kaito could get his brother back. And that was why he was doing this. To help Kaito.

To honor an old ghost...

Aiko sighed once again seeing all the police officers. It was so strange how different this place was from home. Everyone was younger. Her father well he wasn't the same since the disappearance of his twin.

Did that mean there would be other kids like her and Conan? It was all so confusing. For the first time in her life Aiko missed her home.

With her crazy normal father. Who did tricks and got chased by mom. With her friends Masayoshi Hakuba, Sakura Hattori, Hairi Kyogoku, Conan's little sister Yuri Kudou, her brother Toichi Kuroba.

She missed them all. How Sakura would yell at Masayoshi for no reason. The silent boy would just take it then say something that make Sakura's dark skin light up in a blush.

How Hairi just wouldn't shut up about her and Conan being a couple. How she was all boy crazy and after some clumbsy boy called Hondou.

How Yuri stilled liked trying to get her big brother to read Homles with her. And Toichi the little demon. He liked stealing those things and scaring both her and her father.

She missed them all. But now seeing a diamond that the were going to steal to renact the heist that night. She couldn't help but think this was needed somehow. ...

Shadow and Kid raced together as the night grew darker. Kid set off a flash bomb and stole the jewel. Shadow appeared and taunted the police and Kid's lovely wife.

Aoko Kuroba chased after him with a mop. Until he set off a snoke bomb and the power went off. Kaito would never forgive him if she was hurt by Snake.

Kidand Shadow met at the top. Where the fake Pandora shined irreadesent red. Shadow tackled Kid to the ground as a shot went for him.

"Shadow why did you do that now your hurt." Kaito said staring at Shadow's bleeding shoulder.

"Just shut up and run." Shadow said pulling him up and setting off a large smoke bomb that would make Snake enter the building to find them. ...

The police weren't in top form tonight. Not at all. Conan thought with a smile. They knew one of the thieves was a child, yet they still let him in. The morons.

He didn't care if this was a fake heist. He wanted to finally be home. Even if that meant a grounding. Who knows how long they were gone.

The Shinichi of this world disappeared a few months ago. And they only just appeared. That meant that their worlds were very far apart.

Conan saw bits and pieces of white magic flowing around the building. Kaito it seemed knew his stuff. Cause it was everywhere. Even the police were surprised.

Now it was time to steal the jewel. Conan froze. His chest it burned. His eyes widened and he smiled. Well there would be a few more surprises tonight...

Kaito walked the halls of the museum casting white magic as he went. He had to get his brother back. They might have only been brothers a short time, but it was enough to bond.

Maybe that's what should have happened years ago. Two theives instead of one. One helping the other. He would never know what would have happened.

He heard a sound from one of the bathrooms as one of the Tantei's in this game of tag he had to go check it out.

He walked into the bathroom to stop dead. A young man his age stood before him a little shaky wearing glasses that reminded him of Conan Edogawa.

"Sh.. Conan?" Kaito asked. The figure looked up.

"Kaito-san." Conan Kudou said back to normal.

"Wel this will be intresting."Kaito said.

"Why yes it will." Conan said smiling...

Nakamouri was going to get Kaito for this. It wasn't part of the plan. All this white stuff floating around.

Then the lights went off and Nakamouri stared as two teens. One in Blue the other in the strange mixture of black and white.

Both stole the gem. He could tell even with her mask up Aiko was surprised. Then something unexpected happened. The two kissed.


Then an echo of a gun shot sounded through the room and in a flash of light the two were gone.

With someone in their place. ...

Shadow ran with Kaito down the hallways. Snake chasing right after them.

Shadow shifted and ran down another hallway. Kaito close behind. He could hear Snake cursing them. Shadow stopped it was a dead end.

"I always knew I was missing something all those years ago Kuroba. You weren't Toichi, your his son Kaito." Snake said aiming the gun at Kaito.

"Now now Snake I have the gem not him. Come play with the Shadow." Shinichi Kuroba said smiling slightly.

Snake leveled his gun at Shadow.

"Who are you boy? Never mind give me the gem." Snake said. Shadow smiled and threw the gem at Snake. Snake smiled and shot at Shadow.

A white sheild appeared and the bullet didn't touch gem burst into a million pieces making a net appear and tangle Snake.

Kaito looked to the side at Shadow to see him disappearing in white light. Shadow waved. Kaito smiled and waved back.

Aiko and Conan appeared kissing. Kaito glared at Conan.

"Co-chan, Aiko-chan. Your father doesn't approve." Kaito said. Both teens froze and as one turned to him.

"Tou-san." "Kaito-sama." They said. Kaito smiled and looked at Snake who was currently so tangled he couldn't even touch his gun.

"Let's go the police will take care of him." Kaito said.

"Sure thing." Aiko said.

"And Aiko," Aiko froze." I can't wait to show your mom." Kaito said showing a camera.

"TOU-SAN!" Aiko said. ...

Shinichi couldn't breathe his brother wouldn't let him.

"Kaito." Shinichi mummered. Glad he got rid of the custume in the white flash. Nakamouri smiled at him.

"Shinichi everyone knows. But we are free. Full Pardons." Kaito said.

Shinichi smiled then noticed what his brother was wearing.

"Who said you could wear my cloths?" Shinichi asked looking at his blue braser.

"Um..." Kaito said then began running as Shinichi chased him.

Nakamouri sighed rubbing his forhead. He was to nice of a guy...

Ran stared at Shinichi holding a black hat so hard you would think it would snap.

"Hi Ran." Shinichi said pulling a bunch of flowers out of thin air.

Ran contiued to stare. Until.

"BAKA SHINICHI." Ran said before hugging Shinichi close to her crying. ...

Ran Kudou smiled and hugged her son. Conan sighed. Oh he was just like Shinichi in small ways.

"Now what is I hear about you and Aiko-chan kissing?" Ran asked.

Conan just like his father went red.

"Kaaa-san." Conan whined.

Ran smiled...


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