This Oneshot is dedicated to my BFF Haaschiibrownii

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"Now... Before we begin our feast, we would like to introduce a new demigod. This is Kiera. We have determined her to be a daughter of Apollo." Chiron announced. All of the Apollo cabin leaped to their feet and clapped their hands together in wild applause. The new camper shyly made her way back to her table and sat down where she was greeted warmly. Percy had not met Kiera yet, but he seemed nice enough. He was pondering over a lot of different things when Grover came to sit by him at the Poseidon table.

"How ya' doin'?" Still a little sore from training today?" he asked with a silly grin on his face.

Percy winced and started delicately massaging his sore shoulder. Note to Self: Don't train with heavy weaponry and with Rowan for three hours. he thought to himself.

"Have you met Kiera yet Grover?"

"No, but I heard she's a really good singer. Apparently she can also play piano and violin."



"Hey Annabeth?" Percy asked quietly.


"Have you met Kiera?"

"No, but that shouldn't bother you. Something else should be bothering you."


"Rowan is riding a dragon and is surrounded by winged children."

"Is that a... Mermicorn?"

It was in fact a Mermicorn (half mermaid, half unicorn). Next to the strange creature was a rainbow llama and Artemis Fowl was doing the Caramelldansen while wearing Owl City footie pajamas. In front of the Big House Ron Weasley was singing show tunes and wearing an astronaut suit. Fang was putting eyeliner on in the Aphrodite Cabin and Max was having an arm wrestling contest with Clarisse and was losing... badly. Finally, Legolas was playing the Xylophone and brushing his teeth (at the same time).




Hitting his head on the top of his bed, Percy swore quietly.

"Stupid allergy medication."