Just a girl

Summary: Meet Carlotta she is a kitchen maid in Miraz's castle who was once Caspian's royal companion. Thanks to her Uncle Cornelius she finds herself part of the Narnian rebellion but what help can she really be when she is just a girl.

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Chapter 1

The life and times of Carlotta

Life was never easy for a maid working in the castle of Lord protector Miraz. He was not known for his kindness and even thought his wife Prunaprismia was a nicer person than he was she had a short temper and very little patients so she did not make matters much better.

A few lucky maids's had a some what easer ride due to connections that they were either born with or made using their good looks. Carlotta was one of the lucky few, in fact in the eyes of many she was one of the luckiest.

She was the Niece of Prince Caspian's tutor Professor Cornelius. She came to live with her Uncle at the young age of 4 after the death of her parents. She was only a year younger than the Prince and he had been pleased that there was to be someone near his own age in the castle, even if it was a girl.

The Prince taking to her was Carlotta's fist stroke of luck; her second was that the King also seemed to take a liking to her. She was quite and well behaved but had enough sprit to provide his son with the boisterous company he so craved. All in all she seemed like a nice girl but most importantly she was a nice plane girl.

Even at the tender age of 4 it was obvious that Carlotta would never be a raging beauty. She was by no means ugly but at the same time there was nothing remarkable about her. Her hair and eyes were both a dark brown and she had a tendency to freckle in the sun.

The King would never have to worry about his son becoming entranced by the girl due to her looks and as she grew she would never have to worry about cruel comments and jealous schemes from the Lady's of court.

In King Caspian IX eyes Carlotta was perfect royal companion materiel, so that is what she became. She spent every day with the Prince and attended all of his lessons. She learnt to fight and ride with him as well as the history and politics lessons her Uncle taught, she even learnt the forbidden tails of old Narnia with him. No one could deny that Carlotta was a lucky girl in deed to be living such a life given her birth status.

Carlotta's run of good luck ended with the Kings death when she was 9. The days following the King's passing were some of the saddest that she could remember, all she wanted to do was sit with her dear friend Caspian and offer what comfort she could but that was a luxury she was not allowed.

The King's brother Lord Miraz had become Lord Protector Miraz and he decided that Caspian was too old to have a companion, particularly a female companion of such low birth. So Carlotta was put to work in the kitchens and that is where she had stayed for the last 11 years.

She still saw Caspian from time to time as her room was attached to her Uncle's which was where Caspian took most of his lessons. Sometimes she would join the Prince and her Uncle during one of there astronomy lessons but the strong friendship that the 2 young people had once shared was almost gone. Caspian would no longer hug her or call her Lottie as he use to, in truth he hardly looked at her any more.

Even though she was no longer in particularly good standing with the Prince she was still his tutor's Niece and many of the castle staff remembered the position Carlotta had once held. This made her one of the lucky ones because weather out of respect for who her Uncle was and who she had been or out of fear that she may one day regain the Princes favour and have the power to punish those who had once done her wrong, her work load was never as heavy as the other maid's around her.

To say that Carlotta enjoyed her work would be a stretch but she didn't hate it. Most days she was worked hard but it was rare that she was worked to exhaustion. It was the night after one of those rare days that her Uncle shook her awake. The whole castle had been on edge all day and every maid had had to work extra hard to keep the masters of the castle happy.

Carlotta got the impression every one was waiting with baited breath for something but no one wanted to say what it was. She had desperately wanted to know what was going on and as her Uncle roughly awakened her she knew she was about to find out.

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