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Enter the Blue Wizard

Privet Drive, Little Whinging, Surrey, October 31, 1981

A light breeze blew through the neat hedges of Privet Drive, which had previously lain silent and tidy under the inky black sky. It whispered down the road until reaching Albus Dumbledore, and slightly blew his cloak around his tall and thin frame. The wizard stopped on the corner and glanced back at Number Four, where he could just see the small bundle of blankets he had deposited on the front step of the house.

"Good luck, Harry Potter," he murmured to himself. He then turned on his heel, and, with a swish of his cloak, vanished.

Had he remained a few moments longer, Dumbledore might have realized that he wasn't the only person left standing in the street. Another man, tall and wizened with age like Dumbledore—if not possibly more so—crept out of the shadows between numbers Five and Six, and glanced around for signs of movement. The man wore a robe of deep azure outlined with silver tassels, and carried a large black staff topped with an imposing sapphire in one gnarled hand, which he shifted his grip on slightly as he moved cautiously toward the doorstep of Number Four. As he arrived, he regarded the sleeping baby on the porch with his piercing blue eyes, partially screened by a mass of grey-black hair.

"Harry Potter," the man said softly to the infant, "Dumbledore leaves you here for your safety, and safe you will be within the blood wards. But at what price, I wonder?"

Shaking his head sadly, the sorcerer stooped to softly pat the sleeping babe's face. "I shall do whatever I must to keep you safe, young one. Your destiny is great, but you will need all the help to be had if you hope to achieve it. The path Dumbledore sets you alone only leads to death…"

The man spoke again, his voice changing to a light sing-song tone so dramatically opposed to its usual deepness, "Tincya haba coia a' sina hin ten'oio."[1]

Brilliant blue lights slowly emerged from his hand, whilst bold emerald wafted from the slumbering infant as the old man wove his spellsong. The twin energies danced and swayed in the air before they merged into one, becoming a bright golden color. The newfound power then encircled the little baby and the old man, and slowly faded into the two people. The mysterious wizard smiled warmly as the baby turned in his sleep, closing a tiny hand on the letter wrapped with him in the blankets. "Little Harry," the man said, slowly pulling his hand away from the baby boy, a look of pain on his face, "We must part for a time, but fear not my precious one, we will reunite very soon." Chuckling softly, the old man turned and walked away down the street and into the night, vanishing with a little pop, just like Dumbledore had, only minutes ago.

If any passerby happened to listen carefully to the wind that night, they would've heard a soft singsong voice chanting, "A' i' quenat en' hin haba coia auta sil'."[2]

[1] tincya haba coia a' sina hin ten'oio : Join mine life to this child's forever.

[2] a' i' quenat en' hin haba coia auta sil': to the body of a child my life go now.