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Taylor's P.O.V.

This was it.

It's time.

"Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome the country pop singing sensation Taylor Swift." That's my cue. My cue to go on up stage.

As I took center stage, I looked around to find the person who encouraged me to sing this song. My song for him.


"You so have to sing that at the AMA's!" my best friend squealed as I finished strumming my guitar and wiped away my tears.

"Miles, no! I mean…He's obviously happy with that vampire girl!"

I didn't mean to be mean. It's just that I can't believe that after all these years, those two long years; I'm still in love with him.

"But that's just the most wonderful song and you just have to sing that on the awards show, Tay!" she urged.

"For the last time, NO!" I said as I ran my fingers through my hair.

She started pleading and pleading and pleading and pleading and…

"Fine! I'll do it. If that'll take you to shut up!" I yelled in frustration.

She jumped up and down then ran over to me and squeezed me to death.

After that, I immediately regretted I even said that.


Sitting with Tish and Emily, I saw Miley smiling from ear to ear. Then I started searching for him.

There he was, sitting with his brothers, looking directly at me.

I grabbed my guitar and held the microphone.

"You so owe me one, Miley!" my voice boomed into the speakers, earning laughter from the audience.

I breathed heavily. Here I go.

I looked at him and started strumming my guitar.

"I still remember the look on your face,

Lit through the darkness at 1:58

The words that you whisper for just as to know

You told me you loved me so why did you go



I opened the door and saw the famous Joe Jonas standing before me.

"Joe, it's like what 2 am." I informed my then boyfriend.

"Actually, it's 1:58 in the morning." he corrected me.

"Your point exactly…And besides what are you doing here?" I asked as I yawned, clearly I'm still sleepy.

"I just wanna say goodbye before we leave."

"So, that's why you're perky!" I noticed.

"So…?" I said, playing with his fingers.

"How long will you be gone?" I asked the love of my life.

"Maybe 4 days to a week." He mumbled.

"Oh." Was all I managed to say.

"Hey, you're gonna be at our last concert right?" He asked.

I giggled. "Yes, I will be."

He pulled me close then engulfed me in his embrace.

"I love you Tay!" He whispered to my ear.

I let go of him as I noticed a car parked on our driveway. I waved at Nick and Kevin then looked at Joe.

"I love you too."

"Have a goodnight sleep."

"I already have one."

I do recall now the smell of the rain

Fresh from the pavement

I ran off the plane

"Finally!" I yelled as I got off the plane.

I flew all the way to New York just to see my then boyfriend and his brothers perform for a charity concert.


"Joe!" I ran over to him and hugged him tightly.

"Hello to you too, Tay!" Two curly haired figures behind Joe spat out.

I let go of Joe then walked over to the other two Jonas. I messed their hair then gave them a hug.

"Don't worry, I missed you too." I said then I let go of their warm embrace. I walked over to you then whispered "I never forgot about you though."

That July 9th

The beat of your heart

It jumps through your shirt

I can still feel your arms

We were at the limo after their charity concert and we were all exhausted. They allowed me to play a couple songs and all it did was tire me.

I laid my head over at his shoulders.

He looked at me as he tucked my hair behind my ear. He gently grabbed my hand and placed it right to where his heart is.

"Feel that? That's my heart beating for only you." I smiled then removed my hand on his chest.

I wrapped my arms on his arms then I drifted to sleep.

"Goodnight, my love."

But now I'll go

Sit on the floor wearing your clothes

All that I know is I don't know

How to be something you'd miss

I walked over to my closet and started throwing a bunch of clothes on the floor until I found it.

It was his old Yankees t-shirt he left when he slept over. I wore it over the shirt I currently wearing. I ducked down my bed and grabbed the box hidden under my bed.

It was a box full of my memories with him. Pictures, letters, stuff toys, even dried flowers that he gave me. I opened it and started reminding myself at all those memories. Our memories.

Slowly, I felt tears falling one by one. I didn't bother wiping them as they already stained my face.

Never thought we'd have a last kiss

Never imagined we'd end like this

Your name forever the name on my lips

I do remember the swing of your step

Life of the party

You're showing off again

We were at the Teen Choice Awards '08 After Party and he was dancing to the beat of Miley's hit song 7 Things.

Many people were laughing at him at his lame attempt to do some crazy dance. Demi, Selena, Emily, Vanessa, Ashley, David, Meaghan, Alyson and his brothers were there laughing hysterically at Joe. Even Miley was at one corner laughing at Joe.

"You're not a very good dancer, Joe!" I yelled.

Then the music ended and the system was now playing their hit song "When You Look Me In The Eyes"


And I roll my eyes

And then you pulled me in

I'm not much for dancing but for you I did

I rolled my eyes as the song keeps playing. Pretty soon, we were surrounded by couples who were sweetly dancing at their song.

"Would you care to dance?" I heard someone ask. I looked up and saw Joe, offering his hand.

"Joe, I don't dance."

"That's just non-sense, Taylor!" He pulled me closer as he put my hands over his shoulders and held me at my waist.

"See! You could dance." I smiled then rested my head over his shoulders until the song was over."

Because I love your handshake

Meeting my father

"That was just lame, Joe!" I said as I slumped over my bed.

"Oh, come on Tay! Admit it was a fun handshake!" he said lying next to me.

"Nope. I don't think so!" I said.

He stood up immediately. He offered his hand and I grabbed it. Pretty soon we were doing the handshake we made five minutes ago.

After a lot of clapping, hand gesture and movement, we have completed our crazy handshake.

"Okay, fine I admit, I was a pretty awesome handshake." He leaned in. He held my face and was about to kiss me when…

"Taylor." I quickly pulled away.

"Hey…uhh…Dad." I said, kinda annoyed.

"Good evening, sir!" Joe said nervously. He looked over at me then said "I gotta go."

"Joe?" my dad said as he looked over to my father. "It was nice meeting you, young man!"

"Uhh…thanks! I guess." He said then headed for the door. "Bye sir. Bye Tay." And with that, he left.

"Dad." I said, shaking my head. A smile crept into my face as I hugged my father then ran upstairs.

I love how you walk with your hands in your pockets

How you kiss me when I was in the middle of saying something

There's not a day I don't miss those rude interruptions

I was on the phone with Miley as I watched Joe pacing back and forth, his hands in his pockets.

"Would you stop that? I'm on the phone." I warned Joe. I turned my attention back on the phone.

"I think you should…" my speech was interrupted by Joe lips crashing into mine. I kissed back a little but quickly pulled away.

"Uhh… Yeah, I'm sorry. My boyfriend over here was interrupting! Oh, yeah sure. I'll call you later." I hung up and turned to him.

"What the hell do you think you're doing? You can't just…" Once again, I was interrupted by his lips but this time I instantly pulled away. I smacked his arm and he said

"That was to stop you from rambling." He smiled.

And now I'll go

Sit on the floor wearing your clothes

All that I know is I don't know

How to be something you'd miss

Never thought we'd have a last kiss

Never imagined we'd end like this

Your name forever the name on my lips

So I'll watch you live in pictures

Like I used to watch you sleep

I entered his room seeing him peacefully asleep. I just want to watch him sleep but Nick ordered me to wake him up.

"Joe? JOE? JOE!" I said shaking him.

"Five more minutes, mom!" Ugh! I groaned. He was just so hard to wake up. More hard than Miley, I'll admit.

I sat beside his bed then slowly kissed him. Once, I felt him kissing back, I quickly pulled away.

"Good Morning to you too." He said sitting up. I stood up but then he pulled me down.

"Stay here with me."

And I feel you forget me like I used to feel your breathe

And I keep up with our old friends just to ask them how you are

Hope it's nice where you are

"Hey Chelsea. How's Joe doing?" I asked our old friend Chelsea Staub. It's been months since we broke up and there were already rumors about him and that actress Camilla Belle.

"He's fine. We're actually about to shoot a scene for our upcoming show, JONAS." She said, on the phone.

"Oh, am I interrupting? I'm sorry. I just wanna know how's he's doing." I said, tears starts to form on my eyes.

"Look, Taylor. I gotta go. I'll talk to you later." And with that she hung up.

"Bye Chels." I said over the phone. "Bye Joe. I hope your fine."

And I hope the sun shines

And it's a beautiful day

And something reminds you

You wish you had stayed

You can plan for a change in weather and time

But I never planned on you changing your mind

So I'll go

Sit on the floor wearing your clothes

All that I know is I don't know

How to be something you'd miss

I hear the door open. I didn't bother looking up to see who it was.

"Oh my, Taylor!" Miley yelled and ran over to my side.

I held our picture taken by Miley while we were talking and staring at each other at one afternoon.

"He… He doesn't remember me! He… He forgot about me!" I whispered as I sobbed into Miley's shirt "He… He moved on."

"Aww…Taylor! He's not worth your tears." Miley said, trying to comfort me.

"I just miss him so much! And he doesn't even notice me one bit!" I said sobbing more in Miley's shirt. "All because he's always with his girlfriend!"

Miley wiped my tears and hugged me tightly.

"I miss him so much, Miley! More than you'll ever know."

Never thought we'd have a last kiss

Never imagined we'd end like this

Your name forever the name on my lips

"Hey beautiful!" he said as he wrapped his arms around me.

"Hey Joe!" I said looking directly at him.

He pulled me close and suddenly kissed me gently.

FLASH! I heard a sound of a camera snapped. I quickly pulled away, noticing a camera on Miley's hands.

"Aww… You two are so cute!" she squealed. "These will look good on the net, don't you think?"

"Miley, don't you dare!" I yelled at Miley, trying to grab the camera.

"Relax Tay! I won't upload it!" she said as she started giggling.

I looked over at Joe and gave him one last kiss then he left.

Not knowing that it would be the last time I'd get to kiss him. Our last kiss.

Because two months late while he was on tour, he broke up with me over a 27 second phone call.

"JOE." I whispered as I packed all his stuff away, including his shirt back on the back and then placed it back under my bed.

I climb up my bed and tried sleeping with a certain Jonas on my mind.

Just like our last kiss

Forever the name on my lips

Forever the name on my lips

Just like our last"

"Give it up for the beautiful Taylor Swift everyone!" Ryan Seacrest who announced me earlier said as he walked next to me.

"Thanks Ryan!" I giggled into the microphone earning snickers from the audience.

"Now, is your song about anyone special?" he asked, kinda wanting me to blurt out 'It's about Joe Jonas, the one sitting next to his brothers.'

"Yeah, every song I wrote happens to be for someone special!" I said.

"Okay, then. Give it up once again for Taylor Swift, everyone!" he announced to the crowd as I took one last wave at the audience and one last look at him then ran off stage.

"Oh my gosh, Taylor! It's was a-ma-zing!" Miley screamed as she passed through the crowd of presenters and performers backstage.

"Woah, hold up there SchMilerz!" I said as she engulfed me into a big embrace.

"You were totally awesome, Tay." She said, letting go of me.

We went to our dressing room (we were sharing one dressing room for tonight.) and talked about a lot of stuff.

That was until, someone knocked on the door.

"I'll get it." Miley said as she stood up and opened the door.

"Get out!" she yelled as she started closing the door. But it stopped her from closing the door.

"Miles, who is it?" I asked. She looked down as she opened the door wide. And standing there was the person whom I dedicated the song to. Standing outside our dressing room was him.

"What are you doing here?" I snapped.

"I need to talk to you."

"I'm gonna go! Coming mom!" Miley quickly said then ran outside. "Miley!" I shouted after her but she was already gone. "Darn it!" I mumbled.

I closed the door behind me, faced Joe and asked "What do you think you're doing?"

"Is the song—?" "Oh no! NO! No! NO! It's not about you." I said walking back and forth.

He grabbed my arm then literally pulled me next to him at the couch. He looked at my eyes then asked again "Is the song about me, Taylor?"

I stared at his eyes for about a split second then quickly looked away. I stood up and said "This cannot be happening again!"

He cornered me at the wall, blocked me with his hands. "Taylor?" his eyes were pleading, I could give in any minute.

He started inching closer and closer, until I snapped "Alright, fine. It is about you, okay!"

I removed his hands from the wall as I returned to the couch. He instantly followed me and then once again pulled me up this time, closer to him.

He started leaning in and I did the same. He was about to kiss me when I turned my head.

"What's wrong Tay?" he said caressing my cheek.

"Joe, you have a girlfriend! One hot, vampire girlfriend!". I rambled, shivering at the word girlfriend.

"Had a girlfriend. We broke up last week!" He said kinda laughing.

"Why are you laughing? This isn't laughing matter Joe." I said harshly.

"Because the day Ashley and I broke was when it was announced on national tv that you're gonna perform tonight." He said as if it was the total obvious.

"And you're telling this because…?" I asked, confused.

"And ever since then I can't stop thinking 'bout you. In fact, I think the reason why we broke up is because I knew that you're gonna be here tonight." He explained.

He walked up to me the intertwined his hand with mine.

"And I realized that I'm still in love with you." He finished his speech, intertwining our other hands.

Do you remember Miley's song 7 Things? 'Your hands in mine, when we're intertwined, everything's alright…' Well, it kinda feels alright, right now.

"I'm still truly, madly, deeply, crazy in love with you, Taylor Alison Swift!" He whispered into my ear, lifting my head and looking directly into my eyes.

He's making my knees jell-o by just looking at me.

"Taylor?" he asked, shaking me.

My eyes started tearing up.

"Taylor?" he said caressing my cheek. Oh no, he can't do this to me. Not again!

"Taylor, I love you! I always been, I always have, always will be." He stated.

"I… I love you too." I replied.

He smiled then hugged me. We looked into each others eyes then we started leaning in.

He gently placed his lips into mine. I can't help but kissed back.

FLASH! I heard a sound of a camera snapped. I quickly pulled away, noticing a camera on Miley's hands.

"Another picture perfect shot by Miley Cyrus!" she said, looking at the picture she had just taken.

She walked in between us then put one arm at both of us then said "You're just so cute together."

She then walked to her pile of clothes then started doing her make-up.

I looked up at Joe and we smiled at each other. I wrapped his arms around me as he leaned in and kissed me once again.


This definitely won't be the last.

Not This Time.

.the end.He finished his who