Title: Consequences.
Pairing: Lisa/Deanna, past Deanna/Castiel.
Spoilers: Up to the end of season 6.
Words: Too many. Way too many.
Warnings: Mentions main character death. The C word. OCs. Homosexuality of the lesbian kind. Violence. WIP. Mentions of non-con and torture.
Summary: Post Swan Song: as a Winchester gives birth, history tries to repeat itself. Always-a-girl!Dean.

The second half of the first chapter, heavily edited to correct my mistakes.

Lisa in the morning was quite a lot like Lisa in the evening, full of badass determination and a ridiculous talent for multi-tasking. The sight of Lisa carrying on a conversation, slicing expertly at whatever was put down in front of her, getting Ben ready for school while cutting through her bullshit had been enough to shock Deanna out of her depressive haze. It was something Bobby hadn't been able to do after she'd stole his couch for a month.

The woman could have made an excellent hunter, but Deanna thanked the dude upstairs that she never did whenever the thought occurred to her.

Lisa's talent allowed Deanna to sneak off to the shower, and steal some of her coconut body wash. When Deanna had first arrived, she hadn't just jumped straight into bed with Lisa. Which said more then Deanna was willing to acknowledge. Anyway, one encounter with Lisa in the shower, and Deanna still felt slightly dizzy whenever she smelt coconuts.

Scrubbed, dressed, and dry, she returned to the kitchen. Ben was playing with Mary, and Lisa was cooking, her back to Deanna. Deanna stopped in the doorway, and watched for a moment. Ben tickled Mary's stomach, and the baby made an almost giggling sound of delight. Deanna found herself smiling as she dislodged herself from the doorway.

She touched Lisa's shoulder, and kissed her slowly when the other woman turned around. Lisa's mouth was soft and warm; her lips were bare of any product. Deanna could feel her smiling into the kiss.

Lisa looked pleased when they broke apart."You're in a good mood."

Deanna shrugged, grinning to herself. "I can drive Ben to school."

Lisa raised an eyebrow."Are you sure?"

"I don't know," she glanced at Ben."Think you can handle my driving, buddy?"

Ben grinned back."Yeah."

Deanna moved forward, and kissed her daughter's chubby hand. The small fingers tightened around hers briefly. Deanna didn't want to leave Mary just yet, but she forced herself to man up.

She drove Ben to school, and almost broke the speed limit getting back. Lisa passed Mary to her almost as soon as she was in the door, quickly kissing them both goodbye.

"Work," she explained briefly, tugging her dark curls into a ponytail.

"Have fun," Deanna said to her back.

Lisa flashed her a smile over her shoulder.

Deanna collected a radio and a deck chair large enough so that her feet dangled off the floor. It was a nice day. Deanna was still feeling pretty beaten up, so she decided to relax outside. After a quick Google check, she felt comfortable enough to take Mary outside.

Mary burrowed into her body tightly as the sunshine touched her face, making a sleepy noise of contentment. Newborns were actually pretty boring; feed them, change them, hold them, and they were perfectly happy.

A warm breeze rustled Deanna's hair, and she tweaked the radio until she found an acceptable song, keeping the music low for the kid.

"Hey, Dean!"

Her eyes snapped open. Ozzie, her kind of co-worker, was waving at her from behind Lisa's fence. Ozzie was an unfairly attractive drama queen who always called her Dean; he was a few years older then her. He was Deanna if she'd been born a dude, and never became a hunter. Flighty, slutty, irresponsible; fun.

A second face popped up beside him. Brian was a younger grad student, and straight man to Deanna and Ozzie's general insanity. He was tall, and kind of weedy, but he knew his music almost as well as his games.

It'd taken weeks before he could even look at Deanna without blushing.

"Oh, God," she groaned. "What the hell are you two doing here?"

"Don't worry," Ozzie said reassuringly."We brought beer now that you can drink again."

He ripped open the fence, and cursed, waving his hand around, staggering across the lawn. Brian followed, considerately closing the gate behind him, and smiled shyly at Deanna.

She thumped the chair beside her in response. Brian sat down, peering at her bloated stomach thoughtfully, a wide smile spread across his face when he spotted Mary. Deanna felt a sharp sting of pride.

"I've never pushed a human being out of my 'lady parts' but I've got to say, ow." Ozzie groaned, waving his hand around in the air.

"It's a splinter from your fence," Brian rolled his eyes with her.

Ozzie shot him a wounded glare, before turning to Deanna. "Beer?" he offered.

"Hell, yeah." She had enough of a footing sanity-wise not to get angsty over tossing a few beers back. She glanced down at Mary, and thanked God for baby formula.

She had way too many memories of other people's mouths and her breasts to be entirely comfortable with a baby being that close. Which was beyond sick, but okay.

Ozzie handed her a beer, fingers brushing hers comfortably.

She twisted the cap off, and almost died with the first sip. Her taste buds groaned in contentment at the taste.

Deanna could remember bending over the Impala with Sam, in that year before hell, teaching him about her car, the sun slowly bleaching her dark blond hair light. Just her, Sam, and an ice box full of beer on the open highway. Christ, she loved beer.

"Shit," she gasped."I'm never going sober again."

"Soon as the kid's grown up, we're going drinking." Ozzie promised, tossing Brian one.

"I swear to God, if I'd been born with a dick..." Deanna shook her head.

Ozzie grinned."Like I read your mind, huh?" he nudged her arm, grinning loosely."You're an exceptionally hot pregnant woman, Dean. If you ever decide to go back to cock, I'm here for you."

Deanna snorted, and shook her head. "In your dreams."

"Oh, yes," Ozzie grinned lewidly. Brian looked uncomfortably between them.

"You know," the weedy kid said awkwardly. "Most new mom's wouldn't be able to entertain guests."

"Dean's not like other people," Ozzie boasted. "Remember when she took that ex-marine down when he came gunning for yours truly?"

Deanna grinned childishly at the memory. Ozzie had a talent for making enemies. The handsome son of a bitch couldn't keep out of woman's panties long enough to think. They spent a lot of time comparing wild sex stories in the back room when business was slow, and they couldn't drag Brian out of his books.

It was seedy, sure, but sex was a familiar topic for them both. Deanna wasn't the type to talk about personal things, and Ozzie seemed to get that.

"Anyway, what's her name?"

"Mary." Deanna said."After my Mom," she added before either of the boys could put their foot in it, and force her to kill them.

"That's so Harry Potter," Brian gushed.

"You gonna name the next one after Daddy?"

Deanna sipped her beer."I'm not having a next one."

She'd never wanted kids until she had one. The timing had been perfect, and she'd only just started to cope with her reflection when she'd found out. She doubted she would have been able to abort, even if she'd known when Lucifer was still kicking around. Besides, the kid of a hunter and an angel? Bound to be seven kinds of awesome.

Thinking of abortion made Deanna uncomfortable, and she curled her arm around her newborn daughter protectively, lettting her large palm rest across her child's spine. It was strange to think how the little one curled up on her stomach was made from her.

"Accidents happen," Ozzie shrugged.

"Not when I'm in bed with a woman."

Ozzie rolled his eyes in aknowledge, a smirk tugging at his lips. "Can I be godfather?"

Brain looked at him, and scowled."If Mary's gonna have a godfather, it should be me. I'm the responsible one." He gave Deanna a puppy dog eyed look."Right?"

"You can both be godfather- in spirit," she added, stroking her daughter's back soothingly when the baby stirred against her. She was fairly sure Mary was holy enough.

"Ah." Ozzie grinned understandingly, palm rising. !Atheist five."

"You aren't the Todd," Deanna said, but she grinned, and slapped his palm anyway.

Ben loved Scrubs.

Brian leaned forward, and fiddled with the radio briefly. He glanced at Mary in concern. "Should she really be listening to this?" he paused, and added, "The song and us."

"Dude," Deanna said."Relax. She's sleeping. And I don't think her tiny, infant brain can pick up words yet."

"Redrum," Ozzie croaked mockingly, startling a laugh out of Deanna."Redrum..."

"Been a while since I've seen that movie," Brian said, moving to wrap his arms around his knees. He looked like a damn kid. Deanna almost found it cute. Goddamnit. Pregnancy had melted her brain.

"We should have a movie night at mine," Ozzie said, leaning forward, and locking an arm around the back of Deanna."If you can handle being the third wheel while I woo Dean."

Deanna snorted derisively."You always call me Dean when you flirt with me," she noted, and gave a wicked grin."Anything you want to tell us?"

Ozzie leaned backwards, scowling at her playfully. His arm alipped away from her shoulders, and he glanced down at Mary with a smile.

Her daughter's eyelids fluttered open, and she looked up at Deanna with wide, curious blue eyes. It struck a cord within, and she leaned down to press her lips to her child's forehead.

Brian grinned at Ozzie."I think someone's in the closet."

"Yeah," Ozzie said, as 'Within Temptation' began blaring (quietly) from the radio."You."

"Emo." Deanna snorted, soaking in the normality, the comfort in the familiar banter so different from hers and Sam's, but somehow similar. She sipped her beer, kicked back and relaxed.

Deanna looked down at her daughter's face, the tiny hands curled weakly into her shirt, and blue eyes, still staring. She smiled, quiet and genuine, a rare wave of contentment washing over her.

Gabriel became a regular part of her life, slotting in perfectly with Mary's nighttime sobs, and her dwindling calls to Cas. Things were rough at first, where the two of them tried to get along, and set each other off like a match to gasoline, snarling in hissing whispers. She shot him once, and he turned all of her sneakers into high frickin' heels.

Deanna also figured out pretty fucking quickly that he hadn't been joking about rooting for her and Cas.

"He's never comin' back," she'd pointed out, hating herself for the slight twinge of pain in her voice, and the terrible ache in her chest. "We're dead in the water."

"Oh, Dee-Dee. You of all people should know that nothing ever stays dead," he'd said.

"Since when do you care, anyway?" she'd snapped, and enjoyed the discomfort that flittered across his face. It was only a shadow but she'd gotten pretty frickin' good at spotting emotions from supernatural beings since she'd met Cas.

"I don't," he'd said, shrugging easily.

The next night, Gabriel turned up with a shipping shirt (Cas/Deanna) that he'd claimed to have gotten from Chuck, and she bruised her hand punching him. She was fairly sure Mary's sob was the only thing that stopped him turning all of her sexy underwear into granny panties. Saved by the baby.

He spent the rest of the night, when he wasn't playing with Mary, bitching at her about it, tossing out words like defensive and totally in love with my little brother and then, put the lamp down!

Gabriel barely ranked above Ozzie and Brian when it came to Mary. Her two...friends were fighting over a place in her daughter's life, showing up with random gifts, and acting like two irritating uncles. The thought made her think of Mary's other uncle, and Deanna almost puked all over her shoes. It was too painful.

Brian was winning, because Ozzie kept getting distracted by Deanna's rediscovered hotness. He'd even gone as far to say that being a mom suited her in a rare show of seriousness, before falling over Lisa's coffee table, drunk. Movie nights were never boring.

"Do you remember when we went drinking?" Lisa asked as they dragged Ozzie to the couch, and dropped him onto it gracelessly. Ben would have a surprise in the morning when he went to watch his cartoons.

"The only time we ever went drinking, I spent most of the night on the verge of a panic attack that you'd end up dropping dead of alcohol poisoning." After she'd watered down most of Lisa's drinks with holy water. "I try not to."

Lisa grinned wildly, a shadow of her teen self in her smile."I drank you under the table."

Deanna met her grin with a smirk of her own, years of drinking to forget under her belt." We should have a re-match sometime."

Lisa's eyes flickered up the stairs, to the door of Mary's nursery; almost a month old, and her pictures already filled a scrapbook thanks to Ben's continuing obsession.

"I think I can find someone to watch her," she said.

She would call Gabriel, if only in the vain hope that seeing the kid in the day would stop him from turning up in the middle of the night, but getting drunk around a Trickster was probably the stupidest thing she could possibly do- other then set Lucifer loose again, but really Deanna was fairly sure even she couldn't screw up that badly a second time.

"I'll consider it," Lisa's smile held a naughty edge.

"We should wash my car tomorrow."

Lisa's eyebrow arched. "You want to torment those poor college boys."

Deanna grinned provocatively, looping her thumbs in the other woman's jeans, tugging her closer."Do it for my poor ego," she said."I want to know if I've still got it."

Lisa's eyes darkened, as did her smile.

"You do," she promised. Her hands trailed up Deanna's trim sides, settling on her ribs.

Pregnancy left very little scaring on Deanna's battle torn body. The tattoo inches above her nipple, Cas' scar on her upper arm, the protections carved into her ribs, and several other less meaningful marks were more profound. Deanna was back to her usual shape.

Lisa called it remarkable.

"Prove it," there was a challene in her voice that Lisa was only too happy to take up.

Moments after their lips collide, crashing together hungrily, something flashed in the window; something bright and so blue that Deanna's heart jumped, and her shock allowed Lisa the upper hand.

Later that night, weary but awake, with a lingering smell of sex, Deanna staggered into her daughter's nursery. Mary hadn't screamed yet, and it worried her. Worry was the last thing on her mind when she walked into the room, and found a naked man leaning over her daughter's cot.

Thundering rage struck hard, followed by a wild, desperate terror Deanna had only ever felt for Sammy before. Standing the doorway of her daughter's room, Deanna wondered if this was how her mother's last moments went.

She'd barely finished that thought before she was moving through the lime green nursery, her hastily grabbed knife slicing through the empty air where the man had been.

Deaf to Mary's soft snores, Deanna turned, knife poised, violence sprinting through her blood. She was going to kill something tonight. No doubt about it. But it might take a while, which is why she fucking hated teleporters; a step below witches.

She had gotten Gabriel a few times, but he never believed she would actually attack him until she did; Trickster ego.

There was a flicker at the edge of her vision, and she turned sharply, grabbing the naked man by the throat, and slamming him against the wall, knife lurching forward, pressing down on his throat. She was being very precise in her actions. One twitch from him would cut his throat irrepairably.

Unless he was an angel, and that was very unlikely. Gabriel had done...something to the house. Deanna had been more worried about calming her daughter than actually listening to him, so she wasn't entirely sure what it was, only that if anyone other than Gabriel tried to get through, they'd be ejected from their meatsuit.

"Who the hell are you?" she snarled, pressing the knife close enough that whatever it was hissed in panic.

Brown eyes stared back at her, at the raging protectiveness in her eyes. There was something distinctively sappy in the bastard's eyes, and something in Deanna pinged with recognition.

The door moved with a quiet creak, and more light flooded into the room. Ben's weary face peered in, mouth open to speak. He stopped, and stared when he saw them; Deanna pinning a naked dude to the wall, murder on her face, a knife in hand.

"Are you going to kill that guy?" Ben asked, sounding far too interested.

"No. Killing a guy would be wrong, killing a creepy son of a bitch lurking in my baby's nursery is a whole 'nother story." Deanna said lowly, her eyes are locked onto the dude's.

To Ben, she added,"I'll explain in the morning. Go back to sleep."

"But-" he protested.

"School," she grunted.

"You used to be cool," Ben whined.

Deanna couldn't help but roll her eyes."I'm about to kill something. Now is really not a great time," and, because his complaint may have hit home, she added, "I'll add something extra to your allowance."

"Cool," Ben said."Happy murdering," and he closed the door. Kids.

The guy stared at the door, blinking rapidly in confusion. Deanna slammed her fist into his stomach.

"Oh. Wonderful," she growled when her hand throbbed in pain. "Loki! Some idiot angel wants to molest my kid!"

Your so-called protections don't hold water


"What?" Gabriel asked from behind her.

He came when she first called. Deanna wasn't bitter about that. Gabriel wasn't fighting a war, he was dicking on random people and bonding with her daughter- more than her fucking father was, but Jesus Christ, she had to remember that it kind of wasn't Cas' fault, since he probably didn't even know.

This was really not the time for this.

"I was trying to bless her," the guy whined unhappily."And I'm a cupid."

"That makes more sense," Deanna said, and twirled the knife around her hand threateningly. It wouldn't have much of an effect on the cupid, but the name Winchester carried a lot of weight for a reason. "Why the hell were you blessing her?"

"She's the child of an angel and a mortal-" the cupid babbled, and Deanna could almost see hearts in his eyes when he looked at her.

"Seriously?" she murmured in Gabriel's general direction."Does everybody but Cas know?"

Jesus Christ, wasn't she supposed to be the dense one?

Gabriel smirked at her."Pretty much."

Deanna sighed to herself, and tried to focus on the matter at hand and not on how much of a friggin' idiot Cas could be. "So," she said."This guy harmless?"

Footsteps creak across the floor as Gabriel came closer, peering up at cupid. "As harmless as any cupid can be."

Deanna took it as a yes, and lowered her knife, slowly backing off. Deanna wondered when exactly she'd started trusting this archangel.

"Go," Deanna said.

"But-" the cupid protested, shooting a longing glance at her baby's cot.

"What?" Deanna demanded, voice crackling with some dangerous.

The cupid hesitated, wavering frantically as self preservation tried to kick in.

"Why are you so desperate to bless the kid?" Gabriel asked, and, holy shit, was he being the sensible one?

Deanna considered anger managment therapy, because, just, no. No to that thought, forever.

"The union between an angel and a hunter," the cupid sighed, turning to mush against the wall."It's the things fairytales are made of."

Anger flared up, unreasonable and violent, and she gritted her teeth, gnashing down on the sudden urge to scream."Oh, yeah?" Deanna snarled brutally."Wanna know how our fairytale ended?"

"Deanna," Gabriel said, and his borrowed hand brushed her arm. She turned sharply on the spot, stalking across the room, shoving the wicked knife into her waistband, and gently swept Mary up in her arms. Her small, peaceful face soothed Deanna's bitter hurt.

The cupid gasped something in what Deanna was certain to be Enochian, and disappeared.

"Oh, that's going to be a bitch to explain," Gabriel said, staring after him with a grimace.

"Huh?" Deanna muttered, unconcerned. The threat was gone, and her kid was okay.

"He thinks we're screwing," he said bluntly, and eyed her disgusted expression out of the corner of his eyes. "He's green enough to be fooled. If I say Castiel is going to kill me, will you take me to a whore house?"

"You know about that?" she demanded.

His teeth bared in a grin."Everyone knows about it."

Deanna took a moment to progress this."Pervy angels."

Deanna drove Ben to school that morning, as usual. Mary was tucked up safely in her car seat beside him. One the way to school, Deanna explained, carefully editing around the part where 'Uncle' Gabriel realised he may be on the wrong end of an angelic temper tantrum, and, as a tradition, tried to get into her pants.

What was with that, anyway?

"Cupids," Ben repeated, doing something that made Mary giggle."That's lame. Why was he naked?"

Deanna shrugged. "Hey, at least you didn't get hugged by one."

There was an abrupt silence from behind her. "You got hugged by a naked cupid?"

Deanna felt slightly embarrassed. She'd probably just lost cool points in Ben's eyes."He snuck up on me. From behind."

There was a puff of laughter."That's makes it worse!"

"He got Cas too," she said thoughtlessly. She was making progress but not enough to say her brother's name outloud while she was driving.

"Mary's dad?" Ben asked so casually that she barely thought about it before nodding.

"Shit," she said, feeling reluctantly impressed, and glanced back at him. "How'd you guess?"

Ben shrugged at her, unconcerned. "It was pretty obvious. You mentioned him a lot when you came back."

She hadn't mentioned Sam, hadn't been able to without risking everything she'd spent that month at Bobby's rebuilding.

"Oh, thank God." Deanna murmured as she turned into the school.

"Bye," Ben said, kissing Mary on the head, and clambered out of the car. Deanna followed him out.

"Aren't you forgetting something?" she asked, cocking an eyebrow, crossing her arms playfully across her tank top. She loved this part.

Ben stared at her with dawning horror."No."

"Yes," she stalked over to him, and kissed his cheek, making sure to leave a lipstick mark. She borrowed a tube from Lisa just to mess with the kid.

Ben gave her grinning face a dismayed look, and rushed off, blending into the rest of his class. Deanna saw him rubbing at his cheek, and climbed back in the car, laughing. Screwing with Ben's head never got old.

As Ben disappeared from her sight, and she turned out of the parking lot, Deanna's phone beeped. She checked it quickly.

Had 2 go 2 work early.

Deanna texted back an aknowledgement, and changed her destination to the music store. Brian and Ozzie had been bugging her to drop by for the last few days. Deanna parked quickly, and slipped out of her car, slamming the door behind her. She opened the back door, and unbuckled her daughter, sweeping Mary into her arms.

Mary took a moment to settle against her, clinging to her shirt in quiet contentment. She was a very quiet baby. She was cuddly, and sometimes fussy, but never loud. As Deanna passed a shop window, she saw that Mary was awake, and staring up at her with her wide blue eyes.

Deanna pulled her daughter in closely, her lips curving upwards. Mary made a happy noise, chubby fist clenching and releasing on her shirt, incoherent babbling spilling from her mouth.

"Very interesting," she told her, and Mary gurgled in response.

A guy held the music shop door open for her, and smiled at her murmured thanks.

"Hey. What's up?" Deanna asked, as she caught sight of Brian, who was hunched over one of his books while Ozzie manned the cash register.

Brian looked up, and grinned at her. He straightened up, and met her half way, ducking to kiss Mary's forehead, earning a small 'mooing' noise. His eyes were soft as he looked at her daughter.

"Nothing much," he said, glancing around the store.

His kind eyes returned to her, and he smiled again, as if against his will. It was strange for people to smile when they saw her instead of leer. Not that that didn't still happen, but not as much as it had.

Deanna had never really had friends before; Bobby was family, she hit on Jo, ended up with Cas, and got Ellen killed. Which was sad as hell, and she should know.

"What are you doing here?" Brian asked, sitting, and pulling her down beside him. Deanna absently switched to cradling Mary instead of carrying. There was a pushchair at Lisa's, but Deanna preferred to carry her daughter close.

"Boredom," she answered frankly.

Brian nodded, and leaned forward, his elbow on one of his books. Ready to mock him, Deanna glanced down at the books. Her barb died on her lips when she recognised a symbol from her hunting years. It was familiar, but she couldn't quite remember how.

"What's with the books?" Deanna asked casually, turning her mind inside out, shaking and rattling desperately.

Brian shrugged, clueless. But she noticed how carefully he watched her and the concern in his gaze.

Pregnancy fucked the body up, but it did little damage to the brain. If there was something demonic, or whatever, wrong with Brian she would have noticed. They've been friends for almost a year, so yeah; she would have noticed anything supernatural about him.

But...hell, she couldn't completely trust herself anymore. Her body was in shape, in theory, but her hunter instincts were rusty.

She knew Brian. He was the shy, gawky kid who took a month before he could stop blushing around her. She trusted him, but Deanna had never been on board with the whole blind faith deal.

"Where'd you get 'em from?" she asked, keeping her tone light. Brain touched the corner of a page, staring at her uncertainly.

"My grandfather gave them to me when he passed away..." he said slowly.

Deanna remembered that. The kid had been pretty close to him. She'd taken him out for a drink when he admitted that he was having trouble getting past it. She'd spent most of the night bitterly envious of the lucky bastards able to drink themselves unconscious, and reliving some of the worst parts of her life.

Now, she damn well knew the sheer irony in her giving anyone advice on how to let go- she went to hell for her little brother, and started the end of the world, but she could honestly say she'd do it all again- but the only other person the kid had to lean on was Ozzie, and considering Brian's luck, he would come out of that with an STD.

There was a hopeful glint in his eyes when he asked, "You've read it?"

"Not sure," she shrugged loosely, and flashed him a quick grin."Mind if I borrow it?"

"Go ahead," he swept it off the table, and made as if to give it to her, before realising her arms were full of infant. Deanna smirked at his sheepish expression as he put the book back on the table."It doesn't make any sense to me. If you figure it out, will you help me?"

"Sure," she looked down at Mary, who fidgeted as if to remind Deanna she was still awake."I should start learning how to help with homework anyway."

"God." Ozzie groaned, sliding into place beside her. He kissed Mary's hand briefly, and shot them both looks of deep disgust.

"I've already given Brian up as a lost cause, but you, too?" he glared at the book as if it had personally offended him."Don't leave me with two geeky co-workers, Dean. I couldn't stand it."

"Don't worry," she said, and rolled her eyes."I'm no geek-"

"That's what they all say," Ozzie groaned. Suddenly, he brightened up."The only way you can save my fragile hopes is to tell me you and Lisa had hot lesbian sex."

Lisa had been mostly straight when they'd first met, but it wasn't the first time sheer Winchester charm had turned someone. Deanna was more bisexual then lesbian, but she'd never been one to trip over the details.

"We did," Deanna found her way to a dirty, bragging grin."It was great."

"Details, Dean," Ozzie said, tossing an arm around her affectionately, amping the charm up. "Details."

Brian looked at Mary like he expected her ears to bleed.

Deanna decided to toss him a lifeline."Hey, Brian. Could you go to my car, and grab Mary's baby bag?" she shifted Mary in her arms, wedged a hand downwards, and wiggled her keys out of her pocket.

"Sure." Brian stood up, and caught her flying keys. Deanna's brain hitched slightly at the simple action of trust from her. Clearly the book had rattled her, 'cause it'd been a while since that had bothered her.

There were few people in the world she trusted with her other baby, and even fewer with the one she hugged to her breast. Brian was one of these people. It would...suck if he turned out to be demon or a witch, or something.

"So," Ozzie said, his cheek bumping against hers playfully, stealing her attention like that eager puppy Sam had begged for when he was a kid. "Tell me everything."

Deanna smirked at her pervy friend, leaning comfortably into his arm. She remembered dislocating his shoulder the first time he grabbed her into one of his random, half-hugs.

Deanna had barely parked her car when Ben clambered in, frowning at the back of her head. Deanna caught his gaze in the mirror, and frowned back.

"I'm not late," she said abruptly, but a questioning tone crept in.

"No," he said, frown downgrading into a scowl. "It isn't you," he said, possibly seeing the metaphorical smoke coming out of her ears as she tried to figure out what she did to piss the kid off.

Deanna glanced at the school, scanning for any focused eyes; any stares. Some people looked at her car in what had better be admiration, but that was it.

"If it's a boy, hit him. If it's a girl, kiss her." Deanna paused."If it's a teacher, let me and your mom deal with it."

That was as far as her parental advice went. Thank God for Lisa. Seriously, Deanna had already kinda raised an Antichrist, she didn't want to raise another one, no matter how much she loved Sam.

Ben stared at her, and she was glad to notice an amused twitch to the corners of his mouth. She started up her baby, and backed out of the parking space.

"Is that what you did in school?" Ben asked.

Not really. She didn't have a dad around long enough to stand up for her. She fought her and Sammy's battles with words and her fists, but she didn't know how to explain that to Ben, so she didn't try.

"Not really. I'm a chick, I have the benefit of being able to smack whichever gender I want. Freakin' double standards," she shook her head, keeping her voice light, and her mouth grinning. "But for the most part, yeah. I was damn near murdered by a nun for it, too."

Ben boggled, mouth and eyes going round."Nun?"

Mary cooed mindlessly in the back.

"Catholic school," Deanna growled with deep seated bitterness."They didn't take well to the fights any better then the homosexuality. Or the hetrosexuality now that I think about it."

As Ben choked on his laughter, and the Impala sped down the road towards home, she remembered being literally hurled into holy water for coming into school with one of her shortest skirts, and asking a random, blushing student to be her Adam.

So, yeah. She hadn't exactly been surprised when she ended up in hell; she'd been expecting it years before she ever made that deal.

Ben was still laughing when she parked the car, and got out. Deanna unbuckled her daughter from the car, and lifted Mary into her arms. Ben's hair was mussed, his eyes were bright, and he was curled up from fits of laughter.

Mary suddenly whimpered in her arms, burrowing deeper into her side, soft fearful noises coming from her throat. The sounds torn at Deanna, and she clutched the baby closer. Ben's laughter began dying out, and his face softened in concern.

"Shh," Deanna rubbed her baby's back, and glanced at the house.

It looked exactly the same; homely and pleasant. Instinctively, she bent low, and peered at the porch. The flowerpots had been moved, just slightly. She could see the edge of one of the protections she put up had been erased.

A grim feeling settled over Deanna, and she knew the others were broken too, but how? The place was near Bobby's level of paranoia, and some of the demonic bastards still got through? She stood slowly, and met Ben's wide, frightened eyes.

"You have your hunter face on," he whispered, and his voice shook."What's going on?"

"I'm not sure," she said, her voice steady and confident from years of experience."Here," she handed Mary to him, and moved to the trunk of her car. She grabbed a few bottles of holy water, and a gun. She replaced the false bottom, and pushed down the trunk.

Deanna emptied his backpack, hiding the gun under mounds of Ben's school things. She put the holy water at the top, and left the bag open. She pushed it beside him, and paused. Ben was sitting still, staring at her, pale.

Instinctively, she brushed his cheek.

"Hey," she murmured."I'll take care of this. I swear. Just stay in here with your sister, and throw this," she tapped a bottle of holy water,"at anyone who tries to get into the car. Anyone." She held his stare forcefully."Me, your mom, your teacher, whoever."

"Okay," he nodded bravely, clutching Mary's form. Small distressed sounds kept on coming from her daughter's form. Deanna touched her daughter's head briefly as she leaned forward to press a kiss to Ben's forehead. Becoming a mom had changed her, made her softer, and harder.

"I've done this stuff before, remember?" she said, cocking a brow at him, and summoning a loose grin. She dropped the keys into his lap."Lock the door after I'm gone."

There was a brief spasm of pride in her chest when she closed the door, and the locks went up instantly. Good boy. He listened. Deanna went back to the trunk, and cracked her knuckles. She never went anywhere without a weapon, but a normal life had lessened the weapons she carried around.

She shoved a smaller bottle of holy water down her cleavage, rolled her shoulders back into her coat, feeling the gun resting in the back of her waistband bump against her straightened spine. Knives were so much easier to hide, but Deanna was a gun girl; better aim.

Deanna strolled up to the house with Ben's gaze burning into her back. She stopped at the doorway, glancing up at the other protections she'd carved into the wood; they'd been scratched over. Whoever decided to fuck up her life wasn't exactly being subtle about it.

Deanna bent her arm back, pulling the gun from the small of her back, and swung the door open with enough force that it slammed into the wall.

"Honey," she flashed a grin she didn't feel, and clicked the safety off for dramatic effect,"I'm homicidal."

"Oh, Deanna. How witty of you," the bitch possessing Lisa simpered, fluttering her eyelashes mockingly. She was standing in the hall, smiling at Deanna prettily.

A uncontrollable rage climbed out of her stomach, fiery like the depths of hell, and just as bloodthirsty. She held herself back by a thread. There was something about this demon, staring out at her from under Lisa's lashes. Her devil traps had probably been destroyed, and she had a feeling this bitch wasn't going down easily.

"Impressive protections by the way," the bitch cooed, stepping forward."It took us weeks to get through."

Deanna kicked the door closed behind her, and rolled her neck. "Well, sweetheart, I learned from the best."

"Ah, yes," there was a sickly sweet smile on her face."Papa Winchester. You always did look up to him," she strolled forward, a faux seductive sway to her hips, and her lids grew heavy as Deanna's face grew tighter in rage. "Ah, baby. Haven't figured it out, yet?"

"Meg," she growled."Like a fucking cockroach. You're back."

Meg flinched backwards as if hurt, and pouted up at her."Aww, Deanna, from anyone else that would hurt, but considering your track record with those who just won't stay down, I'll take it as a compliment." Suddenly, she winked."I heard you've got another toy, a Trickster who you and Sammy boy just couldn't kill."

Lisa's in that body, somewhere,

Deanna reminded herself forcefully, her brother's name coming out of that bitch's temporary body in such a mocking cooinfuriating her.

Meg flicked Lisa's hair out of her eyes."I heard he's playing daddy to your spawn while the angel's aw-ah!"

Deanna withdrew her fist from Lisa's stomach, and smashed her elbow into her nose, but she held off on some of the pressure, bruising, not breaking. She'd make it up to Lisa later. Meg grunted in pain, and slammed her elbow into the back of Deanna's spine. She grimaced at the blow, and staggered to the left, kicking out with her leg, hitting the side of Meg's ribs hard enough to send her to the floor with a cry of pain.

Deanna turned sharply on her heel, and fired a round of rock salt into Meg's breasts. The demon bitch gasped, and staggered back to her feet- or tried too, a second kick send her back down. Meg struck out with her legs, but Deanna managed to jump over the first attack. The second one tripped her, however, and she landed hard, jolts of pain running up her thigh and elbow, smacking her teeth together, and sending the gun jumping out of her hand.

"Ouch," Meg snarled."That'll bruise like a bitch."

"I'll kiss it better," Deanna growled, and lurched forward onto Meg's lap, smashing her fist into her one side of her face, and then using her other fist to damage the other side. Her knuckles throbbed, and holy shit, she was really going to owe Lisa for this. Breakfast in bed for weeks kind of owe, because Deanna could cook, she just didn't like to.

"Kinky," Meg gasped around a split lip, and slammed her palm into Deanna's stomach with enough force to send her backwards. Meg climbed on top of her, and brought their hips together roughly. "Oh," the demon gasped, almost dizzily."She wants you like this..."

"Demons aren't my thing," Deanna hissed, her voice rough with pain. She could taste blood in her mouth, and her heart raced with a familiar rush. She'd missed this so much.

Deanna felt something inside of her click back into place, a strong sense of rightness washing over her, and as wonderful as that was, it really wasn't the fucking time. With this in mind, she rocked her hips up violently, and shook Meg off. As the demon fell off of her, she felt something move, something being a gun, a gun being moved away from her body, and aimed at her.

Meg staggered to her feet, pointing the gun somewhat unsteadily at her, bleeding, bruised, and pissed off. Horror upon horror, Deanna recognised the gun as being an actual gun, filled with actual bullets.

Deanna slowly rose to her feet, arms slightly open, palms facing down to show she was weaponless. Which she wasn't, as Meg already knew, but whatever.

"It's such a shame I can't kill you with my bare hands," Meg mused, chest rising and falling rapidly, running a longing eye over Deanna's body, clicking the safety off. "Pregnancy hasn't dulled you at all."

"I'll take that as a compliment," Deanna murmured. Meg looked at her, and she shrugged, grinning with arrogance she didn't feel."Means you're too scared to risk getting close enough for me to fight back."

Some of Meg's coy playfulness disappeared, flashes of the real demon shone through, but that didn't really bother her. She'd seen so much worse in hell, years of being used as a knife sharpener by Alistair, and then as his personal fuck toy, tended to make quite a lot of things harmless by comparison.

"You're not as good as daddy," Meg sneered.

"Neither are you," Deanna shot back. Meg's eyes became an inky black, and she almost flinched at seeing the demon in Lisa's sweet face. Rage clawed across the bitch's face.

"You-" the demon snarled, seemingly having forgotten the gun in her hands- demons these days- when the door opened. Deanna's stomach was already dropping long before Ben ran in, gun in one hand, holy water in the other; pale-faced and frickin' terrified, but determined.

Meg's eyes settled on Ben as the young boy's gaze was drawn to her, as the remaining color drained from his face, and confusion replaced terror. Deanna's already tense muscles coiled tightly, ready to haul the boy out of the firing line, when something changed on Meg's face- no, no, holy shit, Lisa's face.

Lisa was strong, but not that strong. It wasn't possible, but Lisa was there.

"M-Mom..." Ben ventured unsurely, gun wavering in his grip. He looked to Deanna for answers, confused and pleading, and he really didn't get it but he understood that something was wrong, maybe because Mommy was pointing a gun at her.

"Possession," Deanna breathed. The air was taut with tension, and there was a struggle on Lisa's face; there was pain, and love, and determination. There were flashes of Meg, but she was soon dragged back, weakened. Deanna could see the effort in Lisa's face, the desperate struggle her son's face provoked.

"Mom," Ben said again, perhaps he saw it too."Mom," he repeated, and stepped forward, eyes widening pleadingly.

"Deanna," Lisa choked, and locked eyes with her. The desperate pleading on her face unsettled Deanna, and something like grief grabbed her insides, and squeezed tightly enough that she almost gasped.

"Take care of him," she begged, her voice quiet and final. There was a second between them, of eye contact, and silent promises because some part of Deanna got it while the other flailed in confusion, in denial.

Lisa and Meg fought inside of her girlfriend's body, but Lisa's arm rose without hesitation, and turned the gun on herself.

By the time, Meg would have been able to claw back in, blood was staining the walls.