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Chapter 1

I'm running across campus looking at my watch, class starts in 30 seconds and I'm definitely not going to be there on time. What better way to start off the semester then to show up late for class. I had the same professor last semester and he was all about punctuality. I wouldn't be surprised if he actually told me if I can't be to class on time then I don't need to be there today. I was extremely surprised when I walked into the classroom and Professor Johnson wasn't there. Instead, I found myself staring into the most amazing blue eyes I had ever seen.

"May I help you?"

"Um yea sorry I'm late but my roommate decided to unplug everything in our room last night so my alarm didn't go off."

"What's your name?"

"Ashley Davies"

"Well Ms. Davies, I will let it slide today but please don't make a habit of it"

"I promise I won't Mrs…"

"Carlin and it's Ms. Now have a seat so I can start with the lesson."

"No problem Ms. Carlin."

I sat in the very back of the classroom that way if I didn't feel like paying attention they can't really tell. Although I don't think I'm going to be paying much attention to the lessons in the class but to the instructor. She is very beautiful and not married. Of course that doesn't mean she is single or gay for that matter but I intend on finding out. I don't even remember how long this class is so I look at my papers to find out how long I get to stare at the blue eyed angel, one hour and forty-five minutes, three days a week. This is going to be a great semester. As I'm off in dreamland I see everyone in the room packing up their things and leaving. Did I really just zone out for this whole class.

"Ms. Davies, class is over"

"Yea I see that, sorry"

"Your apologizing a lot today and it's only the first day of class. Should I be expecting and interesting semester from you?"


"Well at least your honest"


I walked out of the classroom before I suddenly develop word vomit and say something I shouldn't. As I was walking out of the classroom though Ms. Carlin caught me off guard when she said…

"Can't wait to work with you this semester"

I didn't say anything I just continued walking like I didn't even hear her. Was she flirting with me? Or was she just being sarcastic? Yea, I'm going to go with her being sarcastic. I only had one other class today then I would be spending the rest of my evening my room probably doing nothing. I met some new people in my second class that I had never seen before. Some of them I found out just transferred from other colleges. Oh yea, maybe I should tell you a little something about me.

My name is Ashley Davies, born and raised in Los Angeles, California. I'm 20 years old and a junior in college at UCLA. It's sad to say but I still haven't decided on a major. I bet your wondering what I have been doing with my time at college, well I been taking a little bit of everything every semester trying to figure out what I want to do. And now your probably wondering how I can afford to do that, well my dad is Raife Davies the rockstar so money isn't exactly a problem for me. My dad is actually supportive of me and understands that figuring out what you are going to do with the rest of your life is a huge decision. He told me he would rather me be in school for 10 years and be happy with whatever I decide to do then to settle for a career and miserable. I don't see my dad often but we talk just about every day. My mom is out of the picture. My parents got a divorce when I was 13 and I was ok with it because I knew they weren't happy. My dad got custody of me because my mom didn't want it even though she actually did stay around for a few years until I told her I was gay she told me she still loved me but I haven't seen her since she walked out of the house that day. My dad was very supportive of it and said that he didn't care who I loved as long as they treated me right and made me happy. My dad gave up his music career for a couple years to make sure that I was taken care of. When I was 17 he re joined his band and has been living his dream all over again. I can tell he missed it so much while he was away. While he was gone, my Aunt looked after me. She didn't stay with me but she would call me every day to make sure I didn't need anything, she would even call the school to make sure that I was attending and keeping up on my grades. My dad was very happy to find out that I was in fact keeping up on my grades, I was a straight a student. Towards the end of my junior year of high school I realized I was gay. I started seeing this girl, Paige, I thought we were in love but she apparently didn't feel the same way. I thought everything was going good until I found her in bed with her best friend. I was going to her house to surprise her for her birthday when I walked in on her and Josie. Of course she tried to cover it up and everything but how can you mistake what they were doing when her head was between Josie's legs. Anyway, that was my first and last relationship. Instead I just play the field. I go out and sleep with a different girl just about every night. I haven't come across a girl that I would actually want to see more then once. There have been a few girls that I would see again but only because I would run into them somewhere and we would end up back at there place. I never bring them back to my place one because I have a roommate and two I don't want them knowing where I live so they can stalk me. I wish I could find someone that could change things for me and make me stop sleeping around so much. Maybe a blue eyed angel can help me with that.