Movie Night

One day Marik and Bakura were watching The Avengers like they did every Saturday and Marik was getting bored... among other things. So he bided his time staring at Bakura.

Why does he have to be so hot? With his white hair he looks like an angel. Yeah... The Angel of Sexyness. *giggle* "Hey Bakkkuuurraaa. This movie sucks... Do you wanna do something else." He asked while tip-toeing his fingers up Bakura's leg.

Bakura, oblivious to his boyfriend's mood stated, "What are you talking about? This movie's the best. It...", "Wait, what are you doing?" He said watching the digits reach the top of his thigh.

"Sigghhh. Ohh never mind..." He said. Being the tease he was, Marik turned his attention back to the movie as soon as he thought his boyfriend caught on. "This movie isn't so bad I guess...Woah did you see what the Hulk just did? That was amazing!"

"Marik." Bakura whined, leaning closer to him.

"What? I'm watching a movie here... oh Hi." Marik said with a mask of innocence betrayed on his face.

He's so cute. Bakura thought. Oh well, two can play at that game. *evil smirk* "You're right, this movie does suck. What else did you have in mind?" he asked.

Marik gasped losing his facade. "Did you just say The Avengers sucks? You love this movie! Are you sure you're feeling alright?" He said putting his hand on Bakura's forehead.

Bakura slid his hand up Marik's arm, making him shiver, put his hand over his and linked them. "I'm not sure... Do you wanna play doctor?" he asked, eyes smoldering at his object of affection.

Marik blushed scarlet at this remark. "Maybe." he whispered, leaning closer. Maybe movie night isn't so bad.