Yeah, I might be crazy. I open so many Fanfics,but have not even one finished, except a oneshot. But I thought of this just before I fell asleep and it doesn't fit in with the ''Full Moon Corpse'' plot. Also, the possibility is high that this will be updated very slow.

The story is inspired by the song: Never be the same - Red.

Prologue inspired by: Break me down - Red.

Genres: Romance, Crime, tragedy

Prologue ~

Another night has fallen, another scream has been heard, another amount of cash fallen in my hand.

The ticking from the heel of a pair black boots echoed through the alley of the big city's hidden district. Red liquid dripped from her hand on the ground. Slowly did she lift her hand and licks her hand clean with the top of her tongue, dancing on the cold skin. Her soft giggle sounded like a hysterical hyena screech in the dark night. But no one hears it, no one wants to hear, no one wants to know what is happening at that spot or the cause of the girl's laughter.

The girl took a turn and two gunshots sound through a part of the city what makes a few persons to notice. Another gunshot makes the job done. Without stopping, the girl walked into a building, not to far from the place where the gunshots had taken place. Old men had to look at, try to escape or beg for their life. They all took another way, have chosen another path. But what they didn't know is that it will all lead to murder.

'P-please, s-save me-e…'

The girl looks down to her knees, an old man is clinging at her leg, with teary puppy eyes and his body is shaking. 'How pathetic,' the girl said and the eyes of the man widen as she bowed forwards and poured her teeth into his skin. The fangs burned in his neck. Blood inked into her mouth, the taste stays hanging on the inside and her energy started to burst when it got higher. Her leg got released and she continued her little stroll in the building. It seems like the guard is pretty low for something so important in this building.

It sure wasn't really lively in here. The small amount of guards came dashing towards her, with weapons - as far as you could call it that way. She swung her hair to the other side to make place for her body to move faster. She dodged the attacks focused on her head with ease. She swung with her leg from the right to the left to make them stumble over it and they fall down. Standing up herself, but backing back when a gun shot towards her head.

She was lucky and made it just in time. It cut her hair, though. She threw a man's gun away and stamps with her whole boot on his face, deeper and deeper to the ground. 'Don't ever touch a woman's hair,' she hissed angrily, dangerously. The final stamp makes his heart beat stop. The building became quiet. Everyone who could has escaped and died in the another alley nearby, everyone who was too weak died in front of her.

She walked to the other side of the room, killing the fire of the last burning candle with one single fingertip. She walked back to one of the men's bodies. She bended over and stole a cell phone out of his jacket. The sound of the buttons she touched disappeared as soon as it appeared. Her live contained only waiting and following commando's, just because she was a stupid girl from 15 years old, born into a place she shouldn't have known. 2 Years ago.


' -Who is phoning me?'

'Shimizu Megumi. 17 Years old. Codename: Despair,'

'Despair… How much time do you need now?'

'Mission completed,'

'Good, you'll find your way then.'

'Only if you want me to find it,'

'You will, don't show your identity too much,'

'I'll see,'

The phone fell out of her hands, dropped on the ground. But it didn't seem like it was coincidence. The girl walked back to the door she used before, walking out of the bloodstained corpse filled building. She stepped across a few corpses on her way in the second alley - killed by her companions from the same contractor. The master who's behind all these kills from diverse Serial Killers, like the girl herself.

She paused when he heard a couple of sniffs and turned slowly around. Seeing a young girl with a bloodstained doll in her hands, in a corner of the alley. Looking down to one of the corpses on the street - probably her father or uncle.

She walked to the young girl and got down on her length to see her properly. The girl started to cry from fear. 'What's wrong, little one? Lost something important?' The girl said to the younger one.

She hiccupped and nodded. She reached out her hand and placed it on the young girl's eye. 'Hush, Everything's going to be alright. Right now,'

The bloodstained doll fell on the ground and rolled backwards, down the road. A hand knife - stuck in her neck - pressed the blood out of the small body from the little girl.

'Look at that,' the girl muttered, taking her hand back from her eyes so they would be still open. 'Looks like the doll now,' she actually told to no one.

The girl stood up and continued her walk, walking into another building with a lot more guards.

She typed her own codename in the system to get through the gate, walking upstairs and finding a briefcase with some cash on a small, pink table. She took it and went away, no one knows where she'll go but will see her again when she gets another mission - when her master makes his new commando. The girl walked into a few alleys from the unknown district, having a goal set into her eyes. At least, that's how they are shown.

'Don't hide,'

She turned around, her eyes are fierce. That's how they were shown since she left the building with the briefcase. A person clothed in black came out of the shadows. 'Your home seems to be tracked down quite a bit. It has lowered already, but still dangerously. I recommend you to move over to plan B,' The guy's voice was unusual soft. 'Very well,' she answered after a short pause.

The guy turned around and started walking. She followed him in suspense, watching every move he made. Even though she didn't know anything. Who tracked her - how the chances lowered or who this person was, she knew it was an ally for now. An ally send by her real ally. Her only ally in this entire world. Only for now.

They got to a building with only having her knowing the password to enter this. 'I'll be leaving you for now,' the soft voice of the unknown guy said to her, almost whispering. She didn't answer and waits for him to disappear. She entered when he did. She turned on her own special ''moonlight'' candle, giving her blue-to-white light. The walls where filled with newspaper articles, all about Sotoba Village or the hunts on Vampires, even articles about certain deaths from citizens she knew as far as it reached a place outside Sotoba itself.

She putted the suitcase in a locker, or better said; one of the thousand lockers she keeps in one room. The phone in the other room ringed. She didn't pick up, she just waited until the ringing stops. The answering machine answered in her stead.

'I'll hear after the beep,'


'You have a new mission in your case, use the key hidden in the suitcase of locker XX304 at your right,'

There appeared a gape between her red coloured lips. 'I'll do it right away,' she said as if she was talking on the phone.