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Chapter One

All I saw was darkness and I'm sure I was floating. Then like a bad dream abruptly ending I fell on my ass. I looked around observing my surrounding which had come into focus. I was in a hallway of some sort, tiled sea blue, and leading to an ancient oak door. Getting up I rubbed my ass and walked towards the door, because really, where else was I supposed to go? My hand shook slightly as I reached for the door knob which was covered in dust, mold and cob webs.

Man, I shouldn't be taking Seroquel anymore. I thought to myself as my hand closed upon the doorknob, turning the handle and opening the door.

The door opened with an ominous creak, as if the hinges had not been oiled in centuries. The moment I swung the door open I was blinded by bright LED lights. On top of that my ears were assaulted with generic elevator music. Or was it lobby music? I wondered abstractly.

I realized that the door had opened into a waiting room. I rubbed my eyes and looked again. When this fact did not change, I walked in. The door slowly closed on its own behind me; the echoing thud of the door seeming to gain the attention of everyone in the room.

This fact made me extremely uncomfortable. Why? You ask, well for one it was like an icebox in here; two there were a bunch of dead people staring at me. Yeah, you heard me, dead. How did I know they were dead? Well, there was a head in a guy's lap as he sat on one of the many old, decaying red suede couches. There was also a man with a shrunken head, a woman with a knife protruding from her chest and what looked to be an entire football team. They all gave me an assessing glance and turned back to what they had been doing.

I saw all this and much more, yet I felt nothing but wonder. At the far end of the room there was a counter, clear safety glass protecting the woman behind it. As I walked to the counter I took in the lady's appearance.

Bright red hair clashed with sky blue skin. As she worked on her her paperwork I noticed big gaping gashes slashed horizontally across both of her wrists. I had the strong urge to explain the proper way to slit her wrists, but changed my mind when I saw the expression on her face.

She was an ex beauty pageant queen complete with crown, dress and sash. Her eyes were a cold calculating gray that looked down at me as every popular girl in high school ever looked down at anyone they thought to be inferior to themselves. I felt like crawling under a rock. She smiled condescendingly most likely knowing my inner thoughts and spoke with an uptight voice. "Grab a number and sit your ass down, if you have any complaints don't tell me."

Before I could gather myself to give her a piece of my mind, her eyes went wide and she convulsed a little. Pushing this aside she nodded and looked back at me. "Ma'am is your name Diana?" she asked

"Yes," I answered suspiciously.

She pressed her lips together in a tight line and she looked even prissier than before. "Well, it's your lucky day. Juno is ready to see ya. Just follow Ted here and you'll get there."

My shoulders slumped with relief, glad I was not going to have to wait in the waiting room with the other smucks. Thank God I'm leaving.

The man, Ted-if you could call him a man - was little more than road kill. He hung on a clothes line and swayed back and forth even though there was no wind.

He slid along the line that was hung from the ceiling while I followed behind. We went through a giant room filled with work cubicles. I did not get a good look at the working dead, eventually coming to a door that looked as if it came straight out of an old black and white mystery film.

"GET IN!" A high pitched dusty voice yelled from behind the distorted glass of the wooden door. Frowning I opened the door and entered a casual office with no particular color scheme, or maybe there was and I just couldn't make it out under the mounds of paper, file folders, and general clutter that covered every flat surface of the office, and somehow even floating in the air. In front of me was a large desk, behind which sat a very small withered woman, who sat forward in her leather arm chair as I entered. Two chairs were placed in front of the desk and one was currently occupied.

My attention however was not upon who occupied the other guest chair, but rather, it was fixated upon the aged woman in the beige power suit, behind the desk. I couldn't help but stare at the gruesome slash that bisected her neck, exposing the musculature, tendons, veins and arteries of her throat to my oddly fascinated gaze.

I moved my eyes up from her throat and studied her face. Curly, close cropped, wire white hair framed her face, which was deeply lined with both stress and frown lines. Her thin lips were covered a dark shade of fuchsia lipstick, and pulled into a disapproving frown. I could feel the stress and frustration radiating off her, and if the basilisk glare she was giving me at the moment was anything to go by, I was the cause of these negative emotions.

I swallowed nervously, frightened to take my gaze away from hers. Anger rose up within me in reaction to my sudden fear. I hated dealing with people who lashed out at people for no good reason.

"SIT DOWN!" She hollered.

The tone of her voice brooked no opposition and I sat in the only open chair left in the room.

I didn't glance at the person next to me, but I could see in my peripheral vision that it was a man. I continued staring at the woman in front of me. She was smoking a cigarette, the white mist like smoke drifting languidly up from her neck and nose. She took a puff from her cigarette and raked me up and down with her narrowed gaze. She finally sat back and chuckled, shaking her head back and forth.

I looked at the woman in front of me as if she were crazy. I didn't think I had done anything to cause her sudden, quicksilver change in mood. Looking me in the eye she finally spoke something besides an order.

"So here you are," She took another puff of her cigarette and her eyes shifted back and forth between her and the man in the chair beside her. "Now, I suppose both of you want to know what the hell's going on?" I heard a grunt come from beside me. I nodded slightly, but had the distinct feeling that the man beside me didn't give a rat's ass what was going on, only wanting to leave. "Well first off, Diana, do you know where you are?" I shrugged. Hell if I knew.

"You're dead and you're in the netherworld." Silence surrounded us and all I could hear was the wall clock ticking.

Looking down I sighed and replied "Ok."

One more awkward silence and then out of the blue, a crazy laugh filled the room. Looking next to me I finally took a good look at him. He looked like he stood around 5'7" and had the start of a beer gut, but gave the impression of hardened muscle underneath the awful black and white striped suit he wore. His hair was medium length, white-blonde, and stuck up at odd angles. There was dirt and moss smeared across the edges of his hairline. But what caught my attention as his scruffy face turned towards me, his laughter silenced as he raked me up and down, were his eyes. They were the most beautiful emerald-forest green eyes I'd ever seen.

He continued to stare at me to the point of being rude, verging on creepy. But his gaze was slightly arresting. It was weird, I'd never been looked at the way he was looking at me; as if he was wondering what flavor I was and how long I would last like a particularly good ice cream cone on a hot day. I was the first to look away but I heard him snicker at me.

"June Bug, I like this one." He rumbled, his voice pleasantly deep and gruff.

'June Bug' sighed and rubbed her eyes tiredly. "Diana, since it seems like you're not overwhelmed with what's going on, I'll make the introductions and explain what's going on."

I looked at her and sat back trying to get comfortable in the uncomfortable chair, because really, what else was I supposed to do?

"My name is Juno, your case worker. And this lazy good for nothing bastard is Betelgeuse." He laughed when she said this then winked at her and said 'Love you too June Bug'. She only rolled her eyes and continued. "You're a special case. If you haven't noticed most people who come to the netherworld show up as they were in life; scars, warts and all." She gave a wry smile and took another puff of her cigarette. The smoke drifted lazily out of her slit throat before she continued. "If you took a good look at yourself you'll notice that your physical appearance has changed. And that's not all. Lord knows what the extent of your changes will be."

I frowned in confusion and looked down at my hands. I was pale, almost as white as paper. But this was not the most noticeable or distressing change. My nails had become at least two inches long, were more like talons than nails, and blood red in color.

I wondered briefly if I could scrape it off like nail polish, but with further inspection, the color seemed permanent. My only consolation was that they weren't pink.

"Now," Juno began. "I hate to do this to you, but this asshole's the only one who can help you control your powers."

All of a sudden I felt an arm snake its way around my neck. I was only able to gasp slightly in shock at the contact before I was pulled from my chair, yanked against his chest and pulled into his lap.

"Well, Babes, whatcha think? Me and you, just one big happy family." I rolled my eyes and harrumphed my irritation. "Yay! I'm as happy as a pig in shit." He flung his head back and roared out in laughter, his crooked teeth gleaming in the fluorescent light.

"QUIET you oaf!" Juno snarled. "I have enough paperwork to deal with thanks to you, and I don't need any more from her! Now," Juno's tone of voice softened slightly, but still retained the sharp edge of irritation. "All we need to do is rename you. Because of the change of your status from ghost to poltergeist, we need a way to control you if you lose control.

"Like a muzzle for a dog, hey, June Bug?" Betelgeuse quipped.

Juno ignored the remark and continued. "Are you ready?"

I looked down at my hands that did not look like my own and nervously swallowed. I could feel Betelgeuse's breath on my neck, his breathing heavy. I knew that no matter what I did or said, that I couldn't change anything that was about to happen.

Sensing either my fear or discomfort, Betelgeuse chuckled evilly and whispered "Getting ants in your pants or are you scared?"

I looked up and over my shoulder at him and gave him my best sarcastic smile. The look on my face must have surprised him because he moved back, curiosity filling his face.

"No, not scared...mad. And no, I don't want to tell you why." He blinked, slightly stunned and cocked his head as if reassessing me. I turned my attention back towards Juno. "I know what my name will be, and I'm ready to sign on the dotted line, or whatever."

Juno shrugged, pulling out a single piece of paper and a pen. I took it and turned towards Betelgeuse. I smiled sweetly and slapped the paper on his chest. He made an oomph sound and before he was able to protest me using him as a writing surface, I signed my new name on the dotted line.

I felt power surge through me, and that was when I realized that Diana was dead. I was now Moirai.

With my new life, undead or not I felt kinda… free. I passed the paper back to Juno, who raised her eyebrow as she read my new name, but made no comment on it. Bully for me.

"Well, now that this mess is done, get the hell out my office the both of you. And you," Juno turned her irritated wrath towards Betelgeuse. "If you screw up anymore, I will personally feed your ass to a sand-worm, YOU GOT IT!"

Betelgeuse gave what was probably supposed to be an innocent and charming smile full of crooked teeth that Juno didn't buy for a minute. Her gimlet glare boring into his green eyes. Betelgeuse looked away first and cleared this throat uncomfortably, motioning to stand. I slid off his lap and walked towards the door. Betelgeuse followed, waving a negligent hand at Juno. "Yeah, yeah," he said recovering. "See you round you old hag."

Betelgeuse practically shoved her out into the hall, angry smoke following in our wake as the door slammed shut behind us.

I looked around the hallway, not having done so the first time around and looked into an adjoining room as we passed by. The room was filled with wooden desks, behind which skeletons were busily doing some sort of administrative paperwork. I frowned thoughtfully wondering how they had come to be skeletons, but gave a shrug, knowing that the reason probably didn't make any sense. Maybe it's some sort of punishment. I thought to myself. Stripped of your identity and stuck doing a never ending pile of paperwork for eternity. She shuddered a little at the thought and continued walking towards the waiting room.

Betelgeuse suddenly stopped in the middle of the waiting room, causing me to walk straight into his back. I stumbled back a step and glared at him. Before I was able to protest he turned, and in a flash, scooped me up in his arms. He leered down at me, eyes glittering with mischief as I looked up at him in shock, a strange frisson of awareness filling me.

We heard a snicker and turned to miss undead bitch. "Well, looks like Beetleguise has a new slut to fuck," she laughed nasally.

I slapped a hand over Betelgeuse's mouth, silencing him. I was perfectly able to fight my own battles. I wiggled, sliding from Betelgeuse's arms. I turned to the dead prom queen and gave her a winning smile. "Jealous much?" I asked sweetly. "I bet you had to die just to get a guy to even touch you, and even then, I bet even the dead have standards that you fall short of. ."

Miss Un-dead opened her mouth a few times to respond, but couldn't seem to come up with a rejoinder. The shocked silence was suddenly broken by Betelgeuse laughing out loud again.

"This is why I like you, Babes." He said.

The dead prom queen's face turned from shock to anger.

Suddenly it went dark and I became dizzy, almost disoriented until my vision snapped back into focus. I noticed that I was now in a different room. I looked around and noticed a coffin that was being used as a bed, as well as several other items and furniture. Looking up I saw that Betelgeuse was smiling down at me.

Leaning down towards me he said, "I think we're going to get along just fine...In fact, I just might enjoy this."

Then he kissed my forehead lightly before pulling away, leaving the room, and gently closing the door behind him. I blinked and took a deep breath, feeling my face break into a grin. Though why I was smiling after everything that had happened, I wasn't sure, but I felt damn good.