Jason's Choice: Friends, Enemies, or Lovers?


I don't own Friday the 13th or any of the characters

And I'll probably make Jason talk

Tommy Jarvis has spent 4 years in a secret U.S. government facility, trained by numerous Special Forces agencies from different countries. He has one objective that he knows dangers he'll be in: Capture and/or Kill Jason Voorhees. Though his true enemy, Tommy will not be doing this alone, he'll joined by several others some of which have actually fought Jason, such as Ginny Field, Chris Higgins, and Tina Shepard. Including several other assigned Special Forces individuals to add some more muscle, but Freddy Krueger gives it away to Jason. Though Jason begins to think differently about killing people, since he'll always believed that if he killed it would bring his mother back to life, but wonders if all worth nothing, that maybe just kill them or just let himself be killed or captured with a fight or maybe…without a fight. Or maybe… just maybe find LOVE share feeling with some of the female survivors. It's time to choose a real happy life, one that he does not have to live with hate, but that's only if he chooses to live or he chooses accept his fate of imprisonment or death.

Authors notes: Not bad for a start. First story ever.